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-AdamsWAarea exposuresPliocenefish,reptile,mammal bonesWA0001|,
-ClallamWA55 km W of Port Angeles on N side of Olympic Peninsula in exposures from Twin Rivers to Neah Bay in Concretions in clayOligoceneTurricula,Aforia,Galodea,Nautiloidea,Acmaea,pelecypods,Pecten,MiopleionaWA0012|,
Agate BeachClallamWAOligocene??WA0002|,
Clallam BayClallamWATeredo Wood along seafront 8 to 30 km W?WA0003|,
Clallam BayClallamWAon Right side of bay neat navigation lightmarine vertebrates and invertebrates - PectenWA0004|,
Neah BayClallamWAOligocene??WA0005|,
Neah BayClallamWAin Limestone concretionsEoceneTwin RiverCrabs - BranchioplaxWA0006|,
Port AngelesClallamWAat Agate Beach Fossils. Fee in 1970sfossilsWA0007|,
Sequim BayClallamWAon N side of Olympia PeninsulaPleistocenevertebratesWA0008|,
Slip Point(Clallam Bay)ClallamWAMioceneClallamCetacean bonesWA0009|,
Twin Post OfficeClallamWA2.5 km W in bluffOligoceneTurricula,Aforia,Galodea,Nautiloidea,Acmaea,pelecypods,Pecten,MiopleionaWA0010|,
West Twin RiversClallamWAvertebrate fragments in concretions in sea cliffs to W.OligocenevertebratesWA0011|,
WileyClarkWA5 km S on Antanum RidgePetrified WoodWA0013|,
Castle RockCowlitzWA30 km NEPetrified drift woodWA0014|,
Castle RockCowlitzWA5 km W on Arkansas CreekEocenePectenWA0015|,
Cowlitz RiverCowlitzWAin mudstones at 'Big Bend'mollusks-Polinices,Turritella,Murex,Siphonalia,Galeodea,Ficopsis;cephalopods-AturiaWA0016|,
Inman[?]CowlitzWA2 km N of old Polson Logging Co. Store on Coal CreekEocene Uppertypical faunasWA0017Can't identify a town of Inman in Cowlitz County. Coal creek runs North from near Longview (46.1778N,123.0307W) for about 20km to 46.2800N,123.0857W. The only town shown by USGS is Coal Creek46.1778N,123.0307W,46.2800N,123.0857W approximate|,
PalisadesDouglasWA6 km SWPetrified WoodWA0018|,
CurlewFerryWAIn hills above Kettle River N or White Creek 6 km N on WA4A.Triassicfossils.WA0019|,
RepublicFerryWAEoceneKlondike Mountainplant fossilsWA0020|,
RepublicFerryWAat Stonerose center (Small fee. 3 specimen limit)Eocene-Oligoceneplant fossilsWA0021|,
-FranklinWAarea exposuresPliocenefish,reptile,mammal bonesWA0028|,
Lake KahlotusFranklinWANorth of Lake.PleistoceneRingoldDelight Fauna--Large mammal,fish,amphibian,and reptile fauna.WA0022|,
PascoFranklinWAin Columbia river bluffs upstreamPliocenefish,reptile,mammal bonesWA0023|,
PascoFranklinWAon Columbia River bluffs upstream.Pliocene-PleistoceneRingoldRingold-Delight faunasLarge mammal,fish,amphibian,and reptile fauna.WA0024|,
Ringold FlatFranklinWAPliocene (Blancan)Ringoldmammals:UrsusWA0025|,
White BluffsFranklinWARingoldMammal FossilsWA0026|,
White BluffsFranklinWAAt White Bluffs general fieldPliocene (Blancan)Ringoldmammals:UrsusWA0027|,
Blue LakeGrantWAIn lava flow near Coulee CityMioceneMold of a RhinocerasWA0029|,
MattawaGrantWAPetrified WoodWA0030|,
MazamaGrantWAabout half way between Mazama and WinthropFossil FernsWA0031|,
Saddle MountainsGrantWAMiocenePetrified walnutWA0032|,
SmyrnaGrant?WAAlong Saddle Mountain 15 km SE to 15 km SWPetrified WoodWA0033|,
AberdeenGrays HarborWAon E side of town on S side of 'Think-of-me Hill'Miocene Uppertypical faunasWA0034|,
AberdeenGrays HarborWAon bluff on Wishkah River in bluff on Grand Forks RoadMiocenepelecypods,gastropodsWA0035|,
Cape ElizabethGrays HarborWAMiocene Uppertypical faunasWA0036|,
HoquiamGrays HarborWA2 km ?N on road to Copalis in road cut on WMiocene Upperpelecypods,gastropodsWA0037|,
HoquiamGrays HarborWAin bluff in back of Lincoln SchoolMiocene UpperScutella (poorly preserved)WA0038|,
Lankner CreekGrays HarborWAalong creekOligocenetypical faunasWA0039Lankner is at 46d54.73mN,123d19.26mW. Lankner Creek might be the small,nameless creek to its West46d54.73mN,123d19.26mW. approximate|,
Lankner[?] CreekGrays HarborWAin several bluffs 5 km to 8 km upstream from RR crossingOligocenetypical faunasWA0040Lankner is at 46d54.73mN,123d19.26mW. Lankner Creek might be the small,nameless creek to its West46d54.73mN,123d19.26mW. approximate|,
MontesanoGrays HarborWA2 km W in bluff on Chehalis Logging Co roadMiocene Lowergood fossilsWA0041|,
MontesanoGrays HarborWAon E branch of Clemens in exposures along logging road in nw1/4 s28t17nr7wMiocene Lowerpelecypods,gastropodsWA0042s28t17nr7w|,
OakvilleGrays HarborWA16 km W in area streambeds and road cutssilicified clams and pelecypods.WA0043|,
Otter P.O.[?]Grays HarborWA11 km N in Wynoochee River banksMiocene UpperinvertebratesWA0044Otter doesn't have a ZIP code and doesn't show up on USGS Maps. The mouth of the Wynoochee River is at 46.9618N,123.6091W46.9618N,123.6091W conjecture|,
Point GrenvilleGrays HarborWA1.5 km N in area exposuresMiocene UpperfossilsWA0045|,
PorterGrays HarborWACliffs and cuts on WA12 in sandstone/mudstoneOligocenegastropods,crabs,invertebratesWA0046|,
PorterGrays HarborWAin cuts and cliffs in sandstone-mudstone beds along WA12Oligocenecrabs,mollusksWA0047|,
Silvia CreekGrays HarborWAin conglomerate along creek s32t18nr7wMiocene Upperpelecypods,gastropodsWA0048s32t18nr7w|,
South ElmaGrays HarborWA6.5 km W in Chehalis River bank at Milepost 37Miocene UpperTypical fossilsWA0049|,
South ElmaGrays HarborWA7 km W in RR cut at culvert 38EMiocene UpperTypical fossilsWA0050|,
Whidbey Island in Puget SoundIslandWAon W sidePleistocenevertebrate remainsWA0051|,
Oak BayJeffersonWAN half in cliffOligocenetypical faunasWA0052|,
Columbia City-SeattleKingWA6 blocks W of city hallOligocenetypical faunasWA0053|,
Georgetown-South SeattleKingWAin RR cut S of Seattle Brewing CoOligocenefossilsWA0054|,
IssaquahKingWATiger Mountain Claim-Bob Jacksonsmall pieces of amberWA0055|,
Lake SammamishKingWA2 km WOligocenefossilsWA0056|,
SeattleKingWA300 meters S of Alki Point in shalesOligocenepelecypods,gastropodsWA0057|,
Restoration PointKitsapWAon N sideOligocenetypical fossilsWA0058|,
EllensburgKittitasWANW on Middle fork of Teanaway River in sandstone cliffsoak and ash fossilsWA0059|,
EllensburgKittitasWAin large area half way between Ellensburg and NachesPetrified WoodWA0060|,
VantageKittitasWAPlants CeltisWA0061|,
VantageKittitasWAAt Gingko Petrified Forest State ParkPetrified Gingko,Redwood,Maple,Douglas Fir,Oak logs|,
BickletonKlickitatWARegional exposures 10 km W and to NPetrified WoodWA0062|,
-LewisWAMioceneWilkesMammalian coprolitesWA0070|,
Gries RanchLewisWAtype locality of Gries Ranch bedsOligoceneGries Ranchmarine fossilsWA0063|,
Lincoln Creek StationLewisWAat bridge over Lincoln CreekOligocenefossilsWA0064|,
Lincoln Creek StationLewisWAin RR cut 1 km WOligocenefossilsWA0065|,
Pe Ell StationLewisWANW at Chehalis River bridge NE of power stationTertiaryfossilsWA0066|,
VaderLewisWAIn sandy shales 2 km E in sandy shales along Cowlitz RiverEocene UpperfossilsWA0067|,
VaderLewisWAat ledge above junction of Olequa and Stillwater Creeks s32t11nr3wEocene UpperfossilsWA0068s32t11nr3w|,
VaderLewisWAin banks of Olequa and Stillwater CreeksTertiaryfossils in sandstones and shales.WA0069|,
TwispOkanoganWAN of road junction about 6 km EAmmonitesWA0071|,
Gray's RiverPacificWA4 km up Hull CreekOligocenetypical faunasWA0072|,
Gray's RiverPacificWA4.8km below(?) junction with Blaney Creek in dark tuffaceous shaleOligocenetypical faunasWA0073|,
Green CreekPacificWAin exposures 1 km up from Willapa RiverOligocenefossilsWA0074|,
KnapptonPacificWAin bluff on N bank of Columbia River behind Knappton Lumber Co millOligocenefossilsWA0075|,
Leban StationPacificWAat Northern Pacific RR bridgeOligoceneinvertebratesWA0076|,
NasellePacificWA4 km E in bank of Naselle RiverOligocenefossils.WA0077|,
Nemah P.O.PacificWA6.5 km E at bridge over Nemah River in shales interbedded with basaltfossilsWA0078|,
RaymondPacificWAalong Willapa River E and W of LebanSilicified clam fossilsWA0079|,
Willipa HillsPacificWAin road cuts on old logging roads and other area exposures in shales,siltstones and concretionsOligoceneLincoln Creekplants,crustacea,petrified woodWA0080|,
-Pend OreilleWAIn Middle Cambrian limestoneCambrianMetaline LimestoneTrilobites-Bathyuriscus,Elrathia,Elrathina,Kootenia,Ogygopsis,Olenoides,Pagetia,Poliella,Ptychoparella,Albertella?WA0081|,
Metaline FallsPend OreilleWAdistorted trilobites in Limestone.WA0082|,
Metaline FallsPend OreilleWAin quarries of Lehigh Portland Cement Co 1 km SE.Cambriantrilobites and brachiopods.WA0083|,
Sucia IslandSan JuanWACretaceousCedar DistrictCephalopods DesmophyllitesWA0084|,
Clear LakeSkagitWA9 km W of Eastern Washington University at USAF Recreation AreaCambrian MiddletrilobitesWA0085|,
Cathcart StationSnohomishWA1 km N in RR cutOligocenefossilsWA0086|,
Clear Lake Military Recreation AreaSpokaneWACambrian MiddleTrilobites-Amecephalus,Glossopleura,ZacanthoidesWA0087|,
OpportunitySpokaneWAto SMioceneLatahFossil plantsWA0088|,
SpokaneSpokaneWAarea road cutsMioceneLatahFossil plantsWA0089|,
AddyStevensWAnearby in type section of Addy QuartziteCambrian LowerAddy QuartziteNevadia,OlenellusWA0090|,
RiceStevensWA4 km E of McKern Road on King Road.Ordoviciangraptolites - Phyllograptus,DidymograptusWA0091|,
Helsing JunctionThurstonWA2 km EEoceneChuckanutfossilsWA0092|,
TonoThurstonWA16 km NE of Centralia. Area deposits to EPetrified WoodWA0093|,
Elochoman RiverWahkiakumWAin W bank of River s35t10Nr5w and 100 meters S in nodulesMiocene LowerArcaWA0094s35t10Nr5w|,
Fossil CreekWahkiakumWAin S10t6wr10N,s11t6wr10n near a log damOligocenefossilsWA0095S10t6wr10N,s11t6wr10n|,
Lewis-CowlitzWahkiakumWAin Lower Cowlitz River-Willapa Hills region. Cowlitz Fm (Olequa creek member).EoceneCowlitzWell known megafaunas mollusksWA0096|,
McDonald CreekWahkiakumWA3 km above Middle fork of Wilson CreekOligocenefossils.WA0097|,
Skamokawa RiverWahkiakumWA3 km up Middle fork from junction with main riverOligocenefossilsWA0098|,
Wilson CreekWahkiakumWAin bluff on branch in s36t10nr6wOligocenetypical faunasWA0099s36t10nr6w|,
BellinghamWhatcomWA11 km S on WA11 in sandstone,mudstone,shaleEoceneChuckanutgood plant fossils -- palm,horsetail,deciduous trees,sequoia.WA0100|,
BellinghamWhatcomWA12.5lm S of Bellingham on WA11Eoceneplants-palms,horsetails,leaves,Sequoia needles,petrified woodWA0101|,
BellinghamWhatcomWAAlong Chuckanut Drive S of Bellingham about 1-3 km N of Oyster Bar Restaurant in road cutsEoceneChuckanut?palms,ferns,leavesWA0102|,
BellinghamWhatcomWABurrard,Kitsilano to N and contemporaneous Chuckanut Formation to S.Cretaceous-EoceneBurrard|ChuckanutCretaceous and Eocene plants. Chuckanut floras include palms,Metasequoia,Glyptostrobus,Willow,Planatus,and many ferns,horsetailsWA0103Planatus is a species name,not a genus?|,
BellinghamWhatcomWAin banks of Olequa and Stillwater CreeksTertiaryfossils in sandstones and shales.WA0104|,
Maple FallsWhatcomWABurrard,Kitsilano to N and contemporaneous Chuckanut Formation to S.Cretaceous-EoceneBurrard|ChuckanutCretaceous and Eocene plantsWA0105|,
Maple FallsWhatcomWASilurian- Lower Devonian corals in Doaks[?] Quarry N of border in BCSilurian-Devonianbryozoa,brachiopodsWA0106This possibly should to be listed as British Columbia,but Maple Falls is some distance from the border?|,
Nooksack RiverWhatcomWAOn Middle Fork,Excellent Fossil Plants fromEoceneChuckanut?WA0107|,
Racehorse CreekWhatcomWAExcellent Fossil Plants fromEoceneChuckanut?WA0108|,
BelmontWhitmanWAIn old quarryPetrified woodWA0109|,
SunnysideYakimaWAPetrified WoodWA0110|,
SunnysideYakimaWA20 km N at Anderson RanchPetrified WoodWA0111|,
YakimaYakimaWAAlong Yakima Ridge 10 km to 60 km E of townPetrified woodWA0112|,
Murks Bay[?][?]WAOn beach accessible via Forest Service trailsmollusks,vertebrate bones,cephalopods-AturiaWA0113Can't identify a Murks Bay in Washington|,
Warwick[?][?]WA10 km WPetrified woodWA0114Can't identify a town of Warwick,Washington|,

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