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HamburgAikenSCclassic locality from early 20th centuryCretaceous UpperTuscaloosa?SC0001|,
Tinker CreekAikenSCon S side 500 meters below Cix's[?] bridgeEoceneMcBean|BarnwellVolutocorbis,Nucula,Leda,Ostrea,Pecten,Corbula,Tellina,Cytherea,Venericardia,Pteropsis,SpisulaSC0003Tinker Creek runs along the Aiken-Barnwell line mostly in Aiken County and largely within the DOE Savannah River Plant. There aren't many bridges. Most likely locality looks to be around 33.3997N,81.5084W,but that's just a guess.33.3997N,81.5084W|,
Upper Three RunsAikenSC4 km S of SC781EoceneCongaree?SC0004|,
BaldockBarnwellSC6.5 km NW at Lower Three RunsEoceneOstreaSC0005|,
EllentonBarnwellSC2 km S in excavationEoceneBarnwellOstreaSC0006|,
Shell BluffBarnwellSCon Savannah RiverEoceneOstreaSC0007|,
-Beaufort,CharlestonSCShark teeth - ProCarcharodonSC0009|,
CrossBerkeleySCCross Quarry,Exposures of the Oligocene Cooper Marl + the Pliocene Duplin Marl.OligoceneCooperFossils include sharks and rays from each unit,echinoids,shells.SC0010|,
CrossBerkeleySCCross Quarry,Exposures of the Oligocene Cooper Marl + the Pliocene Duplin Marl.Oligocene-PlioceneCooper Marl|Duplin MarlFossils include sharks and rays from each unit,echinoids,shells.SC0011|,
CrossBerkeleySCCross Quarry,Exposures of the Oligocene Cooper Marl + the Pliocene Duplin Marl.PlioceneDuplinFossils include sharks and rays from each unit,echinoids,shells.SC0012|,
CrossBerkeleySCin Martin-Marietta Quarry in depositsEocene-PleistoceneEchinoids,mollusks,bryozoaSC0013|,
CrossBerkeleySCin Martin-Marietta gravel quarries (Berkeley and Orangeburg) accessible with permission on weekends. 11 km N of SC176 on SC311 then 10 km W on County Line RoadEocene-PlioceneMoultrie|Cross|Cooperwide variety of vertebrates and invertebrates. Ecphora,vertebrates,echinoids,echinoderms,CrabsSC0014|,
CrossBerkeleySCin quarryEocene?Duplin?|Yorktown?echinoids,bryozoa,mollusksSC0015|,
EadytownBerkeleySCon spoil banks of Santee-Cooper diversion CanalEoceneSanteefossilsSC0016|,
Goose CreekBerkeleySCon S side of creekPlioceneWaccamawfossilsSC0017|,
Cave HallCalhounSCEoceneWarley HillOstreaSC0018|,
CrestonCalhounSC1 km E in road cut on SC33, type localityEoceneCongareemarine fossilsSC0019|,
Lone StarCalhounSC5 km N on abandoned road W of SC237 and S of Warley Creek - Type localityEoceneWarley HillVenericardia,othersSC0020|,
Poplar CreekCalhounSCEoceneWarley HillOstreaSC0021|,
Ashley RiverCharlestonSCin feeder creek and area exposuresshark teethSC0022|,
CharlestonCharlestonSC15 km S on NC17 in spoil pits of Bolton mineOligoceneCooperbryozoa,bivalves,shark teeth,mammal bonesSC0023|,
CharlestonCharlestonSC16 km SE on SC17 in spoil pitsOligoceneshark teeth,bones,invertebratesSC0024|,
CharlestonCharlestonSCIn fill on Hwy 7 at Ashley River BridgebrachiopodsSC0025|,
CharlestonCharlestonSCin area marl pits along Ashley RiverEoceneCoopershark teeth,foramsSC0026|,
James Island RR StationCharlestonSC600 meters S,18 km SW of Charleston on Spoil banks of old Bolton mine on Rt 17OligoceneCooper MarlBryozoa,bivalves,cirripedes,bone fragments,shark teethSC0028|,
North CharlestonCharlestonSCAshley River Phosphate beds - sharks Alopecias,ProCarcharodonMioceneHawthorn?SC0029|,
-Charleston,ColletonSCS of Charleston along beachPleistocenefossilsSC0030|,
CherawChesterfieldSCat bridge over PeeDee River. In borrow pit 100 meters S of US1CretaceousTuscaloosa?forams some plant fossilsSC0032|,
CherawChesterfieldSCclassic locality from early 20th centuryCretaceous UpperTuscaloosa?SC0033|,
MiddendorfChesterfieldSCclassic locality from early 20th centuryCretaceous UpperTuscaloosa41 plant speciesSC0034|,
MiddendorfChesterfieldSCin RR cut 3 km N on Hartsville-Ruby RoadCretaceousMiddendorfplants - good leaf impressionsSC0035|,
PeeDee RiverChesterfieldSCin outcrops between Burches Ferry[?] and Yauhannah FerryCretaceous UpperPeeDeemarine fossilsSC0036Can't locate either Burches or Yahannah Ferry on USGS maps. These are said to be River Bluff exposures East of Florence,SC|,
RiminiClarendonSC2 km S on Spring Grove CreekEoceneBlack MingoFossiliferous chertSC0037|,
Tindall's MillClarendonSCon Manning-Paxville Road in bed of Sammy Swamp in Sandstone and chert on Clay bedEoceneBlack MingoPseudoliva,Calyptraphorus,Miterella,Turritella,Natica,Ostrea,Venericardia.SC0038|,
Raysor BridgeColletonSCin small marl exposure on Edisto RiverMioceneDuplin?SC0039|,
St GeorgeColletonSC13 km SW near Raysor Bridge on Edisto RiverMioceneRaysor MarlParacyathus,Epitonium,Turritella,Fissuridea,Cadulus,Nucula,Leda,Yoldia,Glycymeris,Arca,Ostrea,Pecten,Plicatula,Crassatellites,Astarte,othersSC0040|,
Black CreekDarlingtonSCCretaceous UpperBlack Creek15 species plants,a few mollusksSC0041|,
DarlingtonDarlingtonSCalong Black creek above townCretaceous UpperBlack Creekplants - Algites,Cephalotaxospermum[?],Auricaria,Strobilites,Myrica,Salix,Ficus,Proteoides,Magnolia,Rhus,OthersSC0042No citations for Cephalotaxospermum,but Cephalotaxus is a valid genus that might well be found in a Cretaceous plant collection.|,
MechanicsvilleDarlingtonSC2 km NE on SC34CretaceousBlack Creek|Tuscaloosa?SC0043There is also a Mechanicsville in Lee County|,
DorchesterDorchesterSC4.3 km E at Four Hole Swamp on W bank of Orangeburg-Summerville Rd in marlEoceneshark teeth,corals,mollusk castsSC0044|,
Four Hole SwampDorchesterSCin dredging.CarcharoclesSC0045|,
Givhans BridgeDorchesterSCon Edisto River 3 km S of Four Hole swamp in marl in river bluff 300 meters above bridgeEoceneCooperPecten,Amusium,Arca,Ostrea,bryozoaSC0046|,
Givhans BridgeDorchesterSCon Edisto River 3 km S of Four Hole swamp in marl in stream bed on approachEoceneCooperPecten,Amusium,Arca,Ostrea,bryozoaSC0047|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSCEoceneSantee Limestoneinvertebrates,vertebrates-Basilosaurus,ZygorhizaSC0048|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSC3 km E in quarryEocene-OligoceneBasilosaurus,Zygorhiza teeth,Invertebrates,shark teeth.SC0049|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSC3 km N in quarryEocene-Miocene -- Castle Hayne-Cooper -- fossilsSC0050Original says NC|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSCBlue Circle Cement,This is an active Limestone mine that cuts 80' through the Harleyville Formation (Late Marine Eocene) and the Cross Formation (Middle Marine Eocene). This is the deepest mine in Eastern SC. The plant schedules one trip per quarter andDevonian Middle and UpperHarleyville|CrossHas produced a large quantity of undescribed archeocete material. Basilosaurus material shows up regularly along with shark,dugong,fish,and turtle.SC0051|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSCBlue Circle QuarryEoceneSantee LimestoneFossils include shark and ray fauna,Archaeocetes.SC0052|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSCBlue Circle QuarryOligoceneCooper MarlFossils include shark and ray fauna,Archaeocetes.SC0053|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSCGiant Portland Cement Co. Quarry?SC0054|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSCIn pit of Giant Portland Cement Co 4 km NNE. Oligocene Cooper MarlEoceneSantee LimestoneBasilosaurs vertebra,Zygorhiza teeth,invertebrates,oysters,shark teeth,Chlamys,foramsSC0055|,
HarleyvilleDorchesterSCThis is an active Limestone plant that has a good reputation for providing access for fossil hunting. The main mine is approx. 60' deep and cuts through the Harleyville Formation (Late Marine Eocene) and Cross Formation (Middle Marine Eocene).Eocene Middle-Eocene UpperHarleyville|CrossThis mine is a great place for all types of Eocene shark teeth. Archeocete material is a common find. Several complete skeletons of undescribed Durodon species have been recovered by the SC state museum.SC0056|,
SummervilleDorchesterSCEoceneCooperShark Teeth-Hemipristis,Isurus,OdontapsisSC0057There is a second Summerville in Richland County|,
Ashley RiverDorchester?SC35.2km above CharlestonEoceneShark Teeth-CarcharodonSC0058|,
Burches FerryFlorenceSC14 km S of Mars Bluff (141 km above Georgetown).Cretaceous UpperPeeDeeBelemnitella,Exogyra. Anomia. Ostrea,Liopistha,Aphrodina,Turritella,BelemnitellaSC0059Can't locate either Burches or Yahannah Ferry on USGS maps. These are said to be River Bluff exposures East of Florence,SC|,
Davis LandingFlorenceSCCretaceous UpperPeeDeeOstrea,Gryphaea,Exogyra,Pecten,Lima,Anomia,Crenella,Veniella,SphenodiscusSC0060|,
ElimFlorenceSC500 meters SE on US391 at junction of Sparrow swamp and PeeDee RiverCretaceous UpperPeeDeemollusks,foramsSC0061|,
FlorenceFlorenceSC16 km E at Mars Bluff at base of sequenceCretaceous UpperTellina with sponge borings;coral,bryozoa,pelecypods-Leda,Breviarca,Glycymeris,Arca,Ostrea,Anomia,Veniella,Crassatellites,Lucina,Cardium,Corbula,Dentalium,Nerita,Epitonium,Lunatia,Gyrates,Turritella,Pugnellus,Odontapsis,vertebraSC0062|,
FlorenceFlorenceSC19 km E on old US76 at Mars Bluff on PeeDee RiverCretaceousBlack Creekmollusks,fish vertebraSC0063|,
FlorenceFlorenceSCalong Willow CreekCretaceousPeeDeeExogyra,etcSC0064|,
OrumFlorenceSC500 meters NExogyraSC0065|,
Black RiverGeorgetownSCCretaceous UpperPeeDeemarine fossilsSC0066|,
Choppee CreekGeorgetownSCon N bank of Black River about 19 km N10degW of GeorgetownEoceneBlack MingoOstrea,Modiolus,Venericardia,Melina,LiotiaSC0067|,
GeorgetownGeorgetownSC5 km NW near source of Whites Creek on Smpit Road in red sandEocenepoorly preserved marine fossil castsSC0068|,
Litchfield BeachGeorgetownSCalong BeachPleistocenefossilsSC0069|,
Pawleys IslandGeorgetownSCFossils at S End?SC0070|,
Perkins BluffGeorgetownSCon W bank of Black River 5 km above Black Mingo Creek in fossiliferous Limestone (type locality)EoceneBlack MingoEutrephocerasSC0071|,
Waccamaw RiverGeorgetownSCCretaceous UpperPeeDeemarine fossilsSC0072|,
-HorrySCon Atlantic Ocean beaches from Winyah Bay to NC lineExogyra,shark teeth,gastropodsSC0086|,
-HorrySCon beachesCretaceousPeeDeeExogyraSC0087|,
Bears BluffHorrySCPlioceneWaccamawabout a dozen species of mollusksSC0073|,
ConwayHorrySC15 km E at mouth of Tilly Lake on Waccamaw RiverCretaceousExogyraSC0074Original reference said North Carolina|,
Myrtle BeachHorrySC1 km N along Intercoastal waterwayPleistocenePolinices,Terebra,Rangia,Turritella,Conus,BusyconSC0075|,
Myrtle BeachHorrySCN along Hwy 17PleistocenePolinices,Terebra,Rangia,Turritella,Conus,BusyconSC0076|,
Myrtle BeachHorrySCN along Intercoastal waterway at NC51 bridgePleistocenePolinices,Terebra,Rangia,Turritella,Conus,BusyconSC0077|,
Myrtle BeachHorrySCNorth Bank of Intercoastal Canal in back of Shrine club on US17PleistoceneCanepatchPolynices,Terebra,Rangia,Turritella,Noetia,Busycon,Conus,AstrangiaSC0078'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices,the modern 'moon snail'|,
Myrtle BeachHorrySCS along coast?SC0079|,
Myrtle BeachHorrySCin bank of Intercoastal Waterway in back of Shrine Club on NC17bivalvesSC0080|,
Myrtle BeachHorrySCin dredged materials along beachshark teeth and other fossilsSC0081|,
Myrtle Beach--Windy HillHorrySCCassidulusSC0082|,
North Myrtle BeachHorrySC8 km S on W Side NC17CretaceousPeeDeeabundant fossilsSC0083|,
North Myrtle BeachHorrySC9 km N in spoil bank along SC17CretaceousPeeDeeinvertebratesSC0084|,
North Myrtle BeachHorrySCalong SC17 10 km S in spoil bank ofCretaceous UpperPeeDeeCucullaea,Trigonarca,Exogyra,Placenticeras,EutrephocerasSC0085|,
Savannah RiverJasperSCarea exposuresMioceneHawthorna few mollusk shellsSC0088|,
BatesburgLexingtonSCnearbyCambrian Middle?Asbill PondAvalonian trilobites-Skehanos,Paradoxides,Hypagnostus,Peronopsis,Ptychagnostus,Tomagnostus,Agraulos,Skreiaspis?SC0090|,
GastonLexingtonSC1.3 km W at head of First Creek (type locality)EoceneCongaree ShaleVenericardia,Shark TeethSC0091|,
GastonLexingtonSC3 km SEoceneCongaree?SC0092|,
GastonLexingtonSC3 km S 600 meters E of RREoceneMcBeanVenericardiaSC0093|,
Hodges MillMarionSC(Snow Hill member) 70 meters W of Nichols-Galivants Ferry road 1 km N of Sandy Bluff roadCretaceous UpperBlack CreekOstrea,Exogyra,Trigonia,Veniella,Crassatellites,Cardium,Cyprimeria. Aphrodina,Legumen,Leptosolen,PholadidaeSC0094|,
Lynches RiverMarionSCCretaceous UpperPeeDeemarine fossilsSC0095|,
SmithboroMarionSC5 km SE in bed of branch of Buck Swamp on Mullins roadCretaceous UpperSnow HillOstrea,Exogyra,Trigonia,Veniella,Crassatellites,Cardium,Cyprimeria. Aphrodina,Legumen,Leptosolen,PholadidaeSC0096|,
EutawvilleOrangeburgSC5.5cm ENE at Eutaw Springs in LimestoneEoceneSanteefossilsSC0097|,
OrangeburgOrangeburgSC8 km N at Pooser's[?] HillEocenemany generaSC0098Couldn't identify Pooser's Hill|,
OrangeburgOrangeburgSC9 km N to the S of Early Branch on the Columbia roadEoceneMcBeanCancellaria,Turricula,Phos,Crepidula,Leda,Yoldia. Trigonarca,Pinna,Pteropsis,MactraSC0099|,
OrangeburgOrangeburgSCIn area Limestone deposits?SC0100|,
OrangeburgOrangeburgSCon Bull Swamp Rd E of CawCaw roadEoceneMcBeanActaeon,Bullinella,Terbra,Conus,Pleurotoma,Cancellaria,Oliva,Curricula,Conomitra,Ficus,Murex,Turritella,Tuba,Crepidula,Lunatia,Natica,Leda,Yoldia,Trigonarca,othersSC0101|,
SanteeOrangeburgSCon S shore of Lake Marion near US391 bridge in Limestone and sandEoceneSanteea few mollusksSC0102|,
SpringfieldOrangeburgSC3 km downstream at Stroman's Millwhite silicified shellsSC0103|,
SpringfieldOrangeburgSC6.2 km E at bluff E of Rocky Swamp on Norway road in sandy chert ledgesEoceneVenericardiaSC0104|,
Youngs IslandOrangeburgSCIn Pleistocene fossil beds in mud bed at low tide with a lower,richer bed available at very low tide.PleistoceneCanepatchYounges Island in original Polynices,Terebra,Rangia,Turritella,Noetia,Busycon,Conus,AstrangiaSC0105'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices,the modern 'moon snail'|,
Youngs IslandOrangeburgSCin mud flatsPleistoceneinvertebratesSC0106|,
CatchallSumterSC3 km NE in red roadside sandEoceneMadrepora,Mesalia?,Turritella,Venericardia,Crassatella,echinoid fragmentsSC0107|,
MayesvilleSumterSC8 km NE on Black River Road 1 km NE of Brick ChurchMioceneDuplin250 species of mollusksSC0108|,
PinewoodSumterSC6.5 km NNW at river road crossing of Fuller's Earth CreekEoceneOstrea,Venericardia,Turritella,corals,mollusksSC0109|,
WedgefieldSumterSC3.5 km N at Moore's Spring 70 meters W of Stateburg Hwy (Camden Hwy)EoceneVenericardiaSC0110|,
Black Mingo CreekWilliamsburgSCCretaceous UpperPeeDeemarine fossilsSC0111|,
KingstreeWilliamsburgSC10 km S at Lower Bridge on Black RiverEoceneBlack Mingoa few fossilsSC0112|,
KingstreeWilliamsburgSC9.3 km SW on Murray's Ferry Road to HeinemannEoceneBlack Mingocoral,Murex,Natica,Gervillia? PernaSC0113|,
KingstreeWilliamsburgSCAt Black River Highway bridgeEoceneBlack Mingocoral,Murex,Natica,Gervillia? PernaSC0114|,
KingstreeWilliamsburgSCOn Main StreetEoceneBlack Mingocoral,Murex,Natica,Gervillia? PernaSC0115|,
KingstreeWilliamsburgSCin spoil piles of area irrigation pondsEocenemollusksSC0116|,
SaltersWilliamsburgSC2 km E in roadside exposuresEocenesilicified Coelohelia,Haimesiastraea,Cucullaea,Ostrea,etc.SC0117per HA Coelohelia=Oculina|,
SaltersWilliamsburgSC2 km E on unpaved road in coarse red sandEoceneBlack MingomollusksSC0118|,
SuttonsWilliamsburgSC3 km E in roadside exposuresEoceneBlack Mingobryozoa,Ostrea,Anomia,PectenSC0119|,
-[?]SCIn dry beach sands dredged during reclamation projects, screen with fine tooth sieve then manually examine screened materialPleistocene?microfossils, small vertebrate teeth, tiny conical bryozoaPaleolist - 02/04/2008 01:24 AM36.86389 -89.86083|,
Ashley River[?]SCMioceneHawthornVertebrates-turtles-ChrysemysSC0120Could be an any of several counties|,
Harbyville[?][?]SCEoceneCastle HayneRay teeth-MyliobatisSC0121Can't find a Harbyville in South Carolina. There is a Hardeeville in Jasper County|,
Intercoastal Canal[?]SCHwy 51 bridge over canalPleistoceneCanepatchPolynices,Terebra,Rangia,Turritella,Noetia,Busycon,Conus,AstrangiaSC0122'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices,the modern 'moon snail'|,
Intercoastal Waterway[?]SCCretaceous UpperPeeDeemarine fossilsSC0123|,
Lower Three Runs Creek[?][?]SCin Allendale quadrangleEoceneBarnwellOstreaSC0124Couldn't identify a three runs creek|,
Red Bluff[?]SCOligoceneCooperfossilsSC0125USGS shows Red Bluffs in Horry,Marlboro,and Marion Counties|,
Santee Falls[?][?]SCnearby in LimestoneEoceneCastle Hayne?foramsSC0126There apparently is a Santee Falls with limestone exposures nearby,but I have been unable to find the exact location.|,

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