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Prince Edward Island-PEPermian?CycadsPE0001|,
Prince Edward Island-PETriassic?A reptile,BathygnathusPE0002|,
Governors IslandKingsPEPermianKildare CapesPlants-Walchia,|,
Murray HarbourKingsPEPermianHillsborough BayPlants?|,
French RiverPrincePEPermianOrby HeadPlants?|,
Hillsborough BayPrincePEPermianKildare CapesPlants?|,
Indian RiverPrincePEPermianHillsborough BayPlants?|,
MiminegashPrincePEPennsylvanian Upper?MiminegashPlants - 10 or more|,
North PointPrincePETo South along West CoastPermianEgmont BayPlants?|,
Spring ValleyPrincePEPermianHillsborough RiverPlants?|,
Gallas PointQueensPEHillsborough Bay (Gallas Point is also known as Gallows Point)Permian LowerKildare CapesPlants-Walchia,|,
Orby Head/Cape TurnerQueensPEPermianOrby HeadPlants-Walchia,|,
Prim PointQueensPEPermianKildare CapesPlants?|,
Rice PointQueensPEPermianKildare CapesPlants?|,

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