US And Canadian Fossil Sites -- Data for PENNSYLVANIA

Version 0810 current as of OCT 2008.

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TroxelvilleAdamsPA2 km SW of boat launch on spillway hillside N of Dam. No excavatingDevonianOnondagawell preserved brachiopods - Pacificoella[?],Orbiculoidea,EodevonariaPA0001'Pacificoella' is almost certainly 'Pacificocoelia'|,
Little Conewago CreekAdams?PAnear junction of Little and Big Conewago Creeks. Visited by Wanner 1921TriassicNew OxfordPhytosaur teeth,fish scalesPA0002 Site may be in York Cy|,
BakerstownAlleghenyPAon PA8 near Upper Talley[?] Cave 3 km S on E side of roadPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0003Can't locate Upper Talley Cave (or any other cave) in the area.|,
CreightonAlleghenyPAIn area quarriesPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestone?PA0004|,
CreightonAlleghenyPAbetween red and gray claystones in roadcutPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0005|,
EmsworthAlleghenyPAN 2 km on Camp Horne RoadPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0006|,
EtnaAlleghenyPAN along B and O RR at UndercliffPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0007|,
GlassmereAlleghenyPAIn brickyard quarryPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestone?PA0008|,
HarmarvilleAlleghenyPAIn cliffs at brickyard quarryPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0009|,
HomesteadAlleghenyPAon N side of Monongahela River along RR from just underneath Browns High Level Bridge to Glenwood Bridge near Hays.PennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0010|,
NadineAlleghenyPAnear bridge crossing gully near Nadine Pumping station on Allegheny RiverPennsylvanianWoods Run?PA0011|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAPennsylvanian[?]vertebrates-LepidosirenidaePA0012There is no USGS data for a Pennsylvanian Duchesne formation|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAAlong Baltimore and Ohio RR along 2nd Ave underneath Brady Street Bridge to near 10th Street tubesPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0013|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAAt Camp Horn Rd exit from I279SPennsylvanianAmes Limestonemarine fossilsPA0014|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAAt Camp Horn exit from PA279SPennsylvanianmarine fossilsPA0015|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAAt Soho Street QuarryPennsylvanianPittsburgh Limestonevertebrates-DiploceraspisPA0016|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAIn Frick Park E of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill District along the streamPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0017|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAIn Frick Park E of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill District near S end of park near Forward AvePennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0018|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAN and S along Ohio Street at N end of 40th St - Washington Crossing Bridge,North SidePennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0019|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAalong Pennsylvania RR above West Carolina St from Corliss St tunnel to E of West End BridgePennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0020|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAalong Pennsylvania RR in Brilliant Cut-off above Washington Blvd in East EndPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0021|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAalong RR in Panther Hollow underneath the Wilmot Street Bridge in Schenley ParkPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0022|,
PittsburghAlleghenyPAalong Route 28 in Limestone blocks in rockslidesPennsylvanianAmes Limestone?PA0023|,
SewickelyAlleghenyPANE,on the S side of Shousetown Rd (PA930) near Flaugherty Run Road junctionPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0024|,
SewickelyAlleghenyPANW of Sewickely Bridge along Narrows Run Road NW toward Stoops,FerryPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestone?PA0025|,
SewickelyAlleghenyPAin road cut On PA51 at far end of Sewickely Bridge over Ohio River in Limestone and black shalesPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestone|Pine Creek Limestone|Ames Limestoneabundant diverse fossils. Corals,brachiopods,mollusks,shark teeth - Petalodus,Trilobites-Ditomopyge,etcPA0026|,
SharpsburgAlleghenyPAIn old brickyard quarryPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0027There is a Sharpsburg in Huntingdon County|,
SpringdaleAlleghenyPAAt mouth of Powers RunPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0028|,
VersaillesAlleghenyPAIn old quarry in Deadman's HollowPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0029|,
WilkinsburgAlleghenyPA13 km E along Abers CreekPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0030|,
WilkinsburgAlleghenyPAalong US22 near Burkes Glen Pool and ParkPennsylvanianAmes LimestonefossilsPA0031|,
WilkinsburgAlleghenyPAalong Wm Penn Hwy and along dirt road near riding academy near Abers CreekPennsylvanianWoods Run?PA0032|,
WilmerdingAlleghenyPAalong street car line toward Pitcairn on N side of Turtle CreekPennsylvanianAmes Limestonefossils (a few vertebrates found here in red clays 10m below the Ames)PA0033|,
BellevueAllegheny?PAunder Jacks Run Bridge in hollow below Ohio River BlvdPennsylvanianAmes|Woods RunfossilsPA0034There are Bellevues in Lackawanna,Washington and York counties|,
BellevueAllegheny?PAunder the Jacks Run Bridge in hollow near RR tracks below Ohio River BlvdPennsylvanianWoods Run?PA0035There are Bellevues in Lackawanna,Washington and York counties|,
ApolloArmstrongPAE in roadcut in top of hillPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0036|,
KittanningArmstrongPA15 km W of Kittanning 1 km N of hwy 422 in quarries and old coal mineVanportbrachiopods,corals,crinoids,gastropodsPA0037|,
KittanningArmstrongPAOn PA422 1 km E of PA28/66 in cut behind restaurantPennsylvanianBrush Creek LimestoneAbundant diverse fossilsPA0038|,
ParkerArmstrongPAin Limestone outcrop S of PA268 about 2 km WSW of Parker and in underlying shalesPennsylvanianVanportBrachiopods,Crinoid columnals,CoralsPA0039|,
AmbridgeBeaverPAHillside above PA51 at West end of Ambridge-Woodlawn Bridge in black shales on upper benchPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestonediverse marine fossilsPA0040Benches were reported removed in 2004 to remove rockfall hazard|,
AmbridgeBeaverPAHillside above PA51 at West end of Ambridge-Woodlawn Bridge in shales and sandstones on lower benchPennsylvanianMahoningplants and ichnofossilsPA0041|,
AmbridgeBeaverPARoad Cut on W side of PA51 2.5km N of PA51-551 Jct opposite Ambridge-Woodlawn bridge. Parking S of bridge on W side of Hwy.PennsylvanianMahoning|Brush Creekinvertebrates,vertebrates,shark teeth-PetalodusPA0042|,
CanneltonBeaverPAPlants CordaitesPA0043|,
CanneltonBeaverPABelow Kittanning CoalPennsylvanianKittanningvertebrates-ErpetosaurusPA0044|,
CanneltonBeaverPAIn shale below Upper Kittanning CoalPennsylvanianKittanningvertebrate-TuditanusPA0045|,
-BedfordPAin old ore pits throughout county along lines of exposure of the Rose Hill Formation,hematitic sandstoneSilurian LowerRose HillBrachiopodsPA0054|,
Bedford SpringsBedfordPAalong W side of Knobbly Mountain in SandstonesDevonian LowerOriskanyabundant Spirifer,Merista,Streptorhynchus,Platystoma,Megambonia,PlatycerasPA0046Couldn't identify Knobbly Mountain -- Possibly it's the unnamed (on USGS maps) ridge immediately W of Bedford Springs between the Cumberland Valley and Stillers Run|,
Bedford TownshipBedfordPAAt County Farm,In shales above iron ore pitSpirifer,Strophomena,Orthis,Rhynchonella,Streptorhynchus;Trilobite-DalmanitesPA0047Dalmanites is Delmania in original source|,
CessnaBedfordPA1 km W of old US220 on Local road 05100 in pit on N side in hematitic sandstone (Get permission)Silurian LowerRose HillBrachiopodsPA0048|,
Hopewell TownshipBedfordPA1 km from Methodist church on Yellow Creek Road in shaleDevonianOrthis,Leptocoelia,StreptorhynchusPA0049|,
HyndmanBedfordPAOn RR at Willis Creek at junction of RRs from Pittsburg and Huntingdon. in SandstoneDevonian LowerOriskanySpirifer,Rensselaeria,StrophomenaPA0050|,
HyndmanBedfordPAin quarry on SE side of PA96.Silurian UpperKeyserFossils including Edrioasteroid FoerstediscusPA0051|,
Kemble[?]BedfordPAIn shales at Wolfsberg-Kemble minesCaninia,Spirifer,Strophomena,Streptorhynchus,Rynchonella,Orthis,Trematospira,Aviculopecten,Bellerophon,Dalmanites,BumastusPA0052There is no indication that there is or was a Town of 'Kemble'. There was a Kemble Coal and Iron Company that had mines at Riddlesburg and near Tatesville. Wolfsburg is a town at 40.0465N,78.5297W40.0465N,78.5297W Conjecture|,
Kemble[?]BedfordPAIn shales in area ore minesabundant fossilsPA0053|,
BirdsboroBerksPAAt Incinerator ('Furnace Hill Site')TriassicNewarkReptile footprintsPA0055|,
JacksonwaldBerksPAJurassicDinosaur tracksPA0056|,
HollidaysburgBlairPAon US20,1 km E of US220 in stripped area on S sideSilurianMifflintownabundant brachiopods and Ostracods. A few other phylaPA0059|,
TyroneBlairPApelecypod ModiolopsisPA0060|,
BurlingtonBradfordPAQuarry off US6 1 km E of BurlingtonDevonianLock HavenAbundant brachiopods of several SpeciesPA0061|,
LeRoyBradfordPADevonianChemungVertebrates-Bothriolepis,Sterropterygion,Cladodus,Coccosteus,Holonema,Holoptychius,Phyllolepis,Sauripteris?,Sphenophorus[?]PA0062'Sphenophorus' does not seem to be a legitimate Devonian vertebrate. Probably a misspelling Of what?|,
MonroetonBradfordPARoadcut on Township Road 398,1 km WNW of US220 1.3 km N of MonroetonDevonianLock HavenAbundant brachiopods of several SpeciesPA0063|,
MonroetonBradfordPARoadcuts on PA444,7 km W of US220DevonianLock HavenAbundant brachiopods of several SpeciesPA0064|,
TowandaBradfordPAin quarry on Right side of Rd near HobletDevonianChemungvertebrates-EastmanosteusPA0065Hoblet appears to be in Bradford County|,
Towanda CreekBradfordPAIn Gulf Brook AreaDevonianChemung, UpperBothriolepis,Holoptychius,PterichthysPA0066|,
TroyBradfordPAin sandstonesDevonian UpperCatskillfish teeth-CtenodusPA0067|,
Center BridgeBucksPAThe Cambrian trilobite Welleraspis and linguloid brachiopods are reported from old quarries. about 1.2km SSE of the PA32 and PA263 intersection. At one time there were oil tanks on PA32 500m North of the locality.Cambrian Middle-UpperConococheague Limestone?PA0068|,
LahaskaBucksPA1 km E in Limestone quarryCambrianConococheagueCryptozoon,ripple marksPA0069|,
RiegelsvilleBucksPAAlong base of high cliffs along Delaware RiverTriassicTracksPA0070|,
CambriaCambriaPA1 km N of junction PA22 and PA219 in shales in roadcut on 219PennsylvanianAmes LimestoneOstracods,trilobites-KaskiaPA0071|,
GeistownCambriaPAin Limestone and limey shales above coal layer in parking lot of slope behind GeeBee Department store SE of Intersection of US219 and PA56PennsylvanianBrush Creek LimestoneAbundant excellent pelecypods and gastropods as well as brachiopods and other taxa.PA0072|,
EmporiumCameronPAAt base of hill on N side of PA120 opposite airportDevonianLock HavenBrachiopods,Sponges-Dictyospongia,bryozoa,other fossilsPA0073|,
EmporiumCameronPAOn E side of PA46 in 1.3 km N of McKean County lineDevonian UpperOswayoabundant Crossopterygian fishes -- Eusthenopteron,HyneriaPA0074|,
Beltzville State ParkCarbonPAfossilsPA0075|,
Beltzville State ParkCarbonPAAlong shoreline near pavilion 2fossilsPA0076|,
LeightonCarbonPAat Beltsville Dambrachiopods,bryozoa,coelenterates,trilobites,cephalopods,ostracods,crinoidsPA0077|,
WeissportCarbonPA1 km N adjacent to canal towpath in excavated area to EDevonianMahantango|Centerfieldblastoids,corals,molds of many other kinds of fossilsPA0078|,
WeissportCarbonPA1.3km N Along old Lehigh Canal in area E of canalInvertebratesPA0079|,
AlexanderCentrePAIn area quarriesDevonian LowerOriskany sandstoneabundant typical faunasPA0080|,
AxemannCentrePAalong PA53 to Bellefonte.Ordovician LowerStonehenge LimestonePelmatazoa,algae,gastropods,Orthoceras,trilobites,brachiopods,-- Palaelophacmaea (a rare patelliform gastropod)PA0081|,
BellefonteCentrePAOn PA144 1 km N of Bellefonte line in parking lot cutbankOrdovicianCoburnBryozoa,brachiopods,trilobites,etcPA0082|,
BellefonteCentrePAOn PA144 400 meters N of Bellefonte line in highway cutOrdovicianCoburn Limestonebryozoa,brachiopods,trilobites-CryptolithusPA0083|,
BellefonteCentrePAOn PA144 600 meters N of Bellefonte line in road cutOrdovicianAntes ShaleTriarthusPA0084|,
PhoenixvilleChesterPAAt Black Rock Tunnel and NW of the tunnel at Buckwalter's FarmTriassicLockatongDinosaur-Rutiodon bones;reptile bonesPA0086|,
PhoenixvilleChesterPAAt Black Rock Tunnel. Active RR Cut-reported to be dangerous and unproductiveTriassicLockatongamphibian bones;Rutiodon teeth;TurseodusPA0087|,
RimersburgClarionPA2 km N in concretions in dump of abandoned strip mine 300 meters W of PA68PennsylvanianKittanning, Middle CoalBrachiopods-Juresania,Mesolobus; a few other taxaPA0088|,
ClearfieldClearfieldPAIn strip mine17cm EurypteridPA0089|,
DuboisClearfieldPA2.5 km S of Dubois line in barrow pit on US119PennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestonegastropods and coralPA0090|,
DuboisClearfieldPAOn RR tracks S of tunnel under S Highland StreetPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestonegastropods and coralPA0091|,
DuboisClearfieldPAOn US119 in Jefferson County 6 km WSW of DuboisPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestonegastropods and coralPA0092|,
PenfieldClearfieldPA7 km NW on PA153 on Boone Mountain in borrow pit on SW in shalesMississippianPlants -Adrianites,Lepidodendropsis,brachiopods,bivalves (Cypricardinia),crinoids columnals. Bryozoa.PA0093|,
CastaneaClintonPA1.3 km E in road cuts E and W of parking area in Limestones and shalesSilurianMifflintownCorals,Bryozoa,BrachiopodsPA0094|,
Red HillClintonPAin 1 km long road cut near Hyner,PA in red mudstones and siltstones in lake and river depositsDevonianDuncannondiverse plants,fish,a few arthropods and TetrapodsPA0095|,
RenovoClintonPARed Hill bed off PA120 N of Lock Haven -- Collecting discouraged? This is a scientifically important site and is said to be a difficult place to collect in any case because of the physical layoutDevonianvertebratesPA0096|,
-ColumbiaPAat Mench's[?] Quarry 500 meters E of old schoolhousecrinoid fragments,Atrypa,Strophomena,Rhynchonella,BeyrichiaPA0099|,
Center TownshipColumbiaPAIn quarry opposite Lime Ridge StationAtrypa,Orthis,Cladopora,Dalmanites,Favosites,Zaphrentis,Rhynchonella,StrophomenaPA0097|,
JerseytownColumbiaPA2 km NE on PA249 with additional exposures on county Rd running NWDevonianMahantangocorals,brachiopods,trilobites-Phacops,GreenopsPA0098|,
MeadvilleCrawfordPA2 km SW at on ramp from PA322 to I79Devonian-MississippianRiceville|Cussewagotrace fossils,brachiopods,mollusksPA0100|,
MeadvilleCrawfordPAin hillside near Liberty StreetDevonian-MississippianRiceville|Cussewagotrace fossils,brachiopods,mollusksPA0101|,
Fort HunterDauphinPARockville Quarry,4.8km North of Harrisburg. Rockville is known for the beautiful stone arch RR bridge - longest such in the world. In abandoned quarry at the north end of a deep rock cut on US22-322 @17m above road level. Park on dirt road next to trackCoral,bryozoa,brachiopods,cephalopods,crinoids,trilobites,and trace fossilsPA0102USGS Topo maps do not show the quarry which may have been removed when US22/322 was widened,If it exists,it may be around 40.3359N,76.9017W--good map of local roads recommended|,
HarrisburgDauphinPAIn abandoned quarry 17m above US22-322 4.8km N of Harrisburg. There is access and parking on dirt R next to RR tracks. Do not park on RR bridgetrilobites,coral,bryozoa,brachiopods,cephalopods,crinoidsPA0103See entry for Fort Hunter-Rockville Quarry which is probably the same site|,
RockvilleDauphinPAin quarry above US22/322 about 70 meters N of BridgeDevonianMahantangodiverse fossils. Many brachiopodsPA0104See entry for Fort Hunter-Rockville Quarry which is probably the same site|,
BrockportElkPA1 km N in black shales exposed in abandoned strip mineColumbiana (OH) ShaleBrachiopods,mollusksPA0105|,
EdinboroEriePAIn bed of Howard Run near Howard FallsDevonianChadakoina few fish bone and spine fragmentsPA0106|,
McKeanEriePAAt I79, PA174 interchange in cut and in bed of Elk Creek and in road cut 2 km S on E side of I79Devonian UpperChadakoinBrachiopod molds,mollusk molds,ichnofossilsPA0108|,
Chestnut RidgeFayettePADevonianLingula,Discina,Spirifer,Rhynchonella,Streptorhynchus,Paleoneilo,Sanguinolites,Mytilarca,Pteronites,Actinodesma,OrthocerasPA0109|,
Middle Smithfield TownshipFayettePAin Limestone cliff on Delaware RiverDevonian LowerStormvilleStromatopora,PentamerusPA0110|,
UniontownFayettePA13 km W in Limestone exposures in back of Dept Of Highways Storage dump on N side of US40Mississippian UpperMauch Chunkbryozoa,brachiopods,mollusks,trilobites - Kaskia,crinoids,blastoidsPA0111|,
UniontownFayettePA13 km W in area Limestone exposures along Chestnut RidgeMississippian UpperMauch Chunkbryozoa,brachiopods,mollusks,trilobites - Kaskia,crinoids,blastoidsPA0112|,
UniontownFayettePA13km E on US 40 1.7km W of Chalk Hill. on W side of quarry storage area on N side of roadMississippian UpperMauch Chunkbrachiopods,corals,crinoids,trilobitesPA0113|,
UniontownFayettePAto E along National Pike in road cutsDevonianChemung, Lowerworm trails,crinoid columns,bryozoa,Stropheodonta,Productus,Dalmanella,Camarotoechia,Leiorhynchus,brachiopods,pelecypods,Protoceras,plant partsPA0114|,
DoylesburgFranklinPA4.3km NE in roadcut on SE slope of Conococheague MountainSilurianOswegoBrachiopods,Bivalves,plant fossils,77d40m22sW|,
RoxburyFranklinPA1 km NW in cut through Blue Mountain on PA641OrdovicianMartinsburgbrachiopods,mollusks,trilobites -= CryptolithusPA0115|,
Scotland StationFranklinPANWCambrian UpperConococheague LimestoneCambrian Upper trilobites,SaukiaPA0116|,
Scotland StationFranklinPAa Limestone Northwest oftrilobites - SaukiaPA0117|,
Burnt CabinsFultonPA1 km E in road cut near Huntingdon County line.SilurianRose Hillsmall ostracods,Tentaculites,a few larger invertebratesPA0118|,
Fort LittletonFultonPA500 meters N on LR29046 in barrow pit at bridgeSilurianRose Hillsmall ostracods,Tentaculites,a few larger invertebratesPA0119|,
CarmichaelsGreenePAin bank of Muddy Creek below cemetery N on Market StreetPennsylvanianCassville Shalea number of species of plantsPA0120|,
Mount Morris[?]GreenePAin strip mine of Dippel and Dippel Coal mine inPermianWashingtonplantsPA0121Original indicated Mt Morris,WV,actual site could be in WV|,
HuntingdonHuntingdonPABryozoa CeramoporaPA0122|,
MapletonHuntingdonPA1 km N in E side of Juniata River gorgeSilurianKeyser|Tonolowaydiverse invertebrates,many brachiopod species,ostracodsPA0123|,
Tussey's MountainHuntingdonPAarea Limestone exposuresPennsylvanian?FavositesPA0124No citations for a 'Barre formation'|,
Union FurnaceHuntingdonPAOn PA473 between Tyrone and Water Street in 1.6km long sequence of road cutsOrdovicianTrenton|Black Rivertypical fossilsPA0125Do not disturb markers left by geologists to mark various beds and features|,
SheloctaIndianaPA1 km N on old US422 just N of US422 in cliffs in Pennsylvanian Conemaugh Formation in limestones and shales.PennsylvanianConemaughGastropods - Shansiella,Worthenia,Coral Lophophyllidium,brachiopods - Juresania. pelecypods. Mineral -WurtzitePA0126|,
SheloctaIndianaPA1 km NW about 200 meters up Armstrong Township Rd 363 from US422 in Roadcut in marine shales above and below thin LimestonePennsylvanianBrush Creek LimestoneGastropods,other invertebratesPA0127|,
WorthvilleJeffersonPAN and E on Local Road 33017 in weathered shales in road cutPennsylvanianColumbiana (OH) Shalebrachiopod - Mesolobus,other invertebratesPA0128|,
Seven StarsJuniataPA1.2 km W on PA235 in barrow pitDevonian MiddleMahantangopelecypods,other invertebratesPA0129|,
CarbondaleLackawannaPAE on US6 from I81 to PA107 onto US6 Business. E 3.12km Past Carbondale High School. Left on unmarked Rd,Left at End and up hill to Apt complex. Left in middle of complex to shale dumpsPennsylvanianFern fossilsPA0130|,
CarbondaleLackawannaPAIn strip mine exposures S along PA6PennsylvanianNeuropteris,Pecopteris,Alethopteris,Ptychocarpus,Sphenophyllum.PA0131|,
East PetersburgLancasterPACambrian LowerKinzersOlenellus very well preservedPA0133|,
FruitvilleLancasterPACambrianKinzersTrilobites - Holmia,Paedeumias(Olenellus). Hyolithes. Owned by Franklin and Marshall CollegePA0134|,
LancasterLancasterPAat Getz quarry excavated for building stone in early 20th CenturyCambrianKinzersOlenellus getzita 17cm. Quarry inactive for many decades.PA0135|,
RohrerstownLancasterPAGetz farm and road metal quarry. 19th Century about 500 specimens at YaleCambrian LowerKinzersOlenellus (one specimen with antennae),Anomalocaris,TuzoiaPA0136|,
WampumLawrencePAin Limestone quarries to W accessible via concrete bridgePennsylvanianVanportabundant diverse fossilsPA0137|,
West PittsburgLawrencePAArea quarries in limestone and shalesPennsylvanianVanportbrachiopods,crinoidsPA0138|,
West PittsburgLawrencePAIn area quarries S of NewcastlePennsylvanianVanportbrachiopods,crinoids.PA0139|,
Swatara GapLebanonPAAbout 8km from Swatara Gap using road on N side of Swatara Creek (Old State Rd) in hillside exposure where road swings away from the creek.DevonianMahantango?PA0140|,
Swatara GapLebanonPAArea around Freeway footing was closed to collecting in 1990OrdovicianMartinsburgTrilobites-Cryptolithus(complete)-8 least 8 other genera,brachiopods,starfish,conularia,othersPA0141See Suedberg site -- Note: additional outcrops might be present along creek or on the ridges SW and NE of the old site. Has anyone looked?|,
Swatara GapLebanonPARoad cut on I-81 on S(Westbound) side of Swatara Creek bridge. Collecting prohibited due to laws about pedestrians on Interstates as well as (probably) safety concernsOrdovicianMartinsburgTrilobites-Cryptolithus(complete)-8 least 8 other genera,brachiopods,starfish,conularia,othersPA0142See other Swatara Gap entries|,
Pleasant HillLebanon?PARoad cuts 160m North of Pleasant Hill (Adams County,PA) in yellow Brunswick shalesTriassic-JurassicBrunswickPseudoestheria (small arthropods similar to ostracods)PA0143There are no less than nine towns called Pleasant Hill in PA. The Lebanon County version seems most likely|,
FriedensvilleLehighPAnear NJ Zinc Co Zinc MineCephalopodsPA0145|,
Beach HavenLuzernePA2 km N in quarry on hillside 100 meters W of PA436DevonianMahantangocorals,brachiopods,etcPA0146|,
LarksvilleLuzernePANortheast. Plant fossils in excavations associated with extinguishing a mine fire in theCarboniferous UpperRoss (PA) CoalPlant fossilsPA0147|,
LarksvilleLuzernePAOn dumps associated with extinguishing 1970s fire in Ross coal seamPennsylvanianLlewellyn30 species of plant fossilsPA0148|,
SalemLuzernePAin area exposures Northeast to DorranceDevonianMahantangodiverse fossilsPA0149|,
WanamieLuzernePAIn Middle Pennsylvanian Llewellyn Formation in strip mine dump 35.2km S of Wilkes-Barre.Pennsylvanian MiddleLlewellynplant fossils.PA0150|,
Wilkes-BarreLuzernePAPennsylvanianPottsvillePlants - LepidostrobusPA0151|,
Wilkes-BarreLuzernePARegional exposures of thin marine Limestone above the Northern Anthracite bedPennsylvanianMill Creekmolds of about 50 taxa -- brachiopods,gastropods Brush Creek Limestone -- Pennsylvanian A Limestone within the Conemaugh group in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. It is older than the Ames Limestone and is separated from the Ames by several beds inPA0152|,
Antes GapLycomingPA3 km S of Antes Fort on PA44OrdovicianReedsvillegraptolites,a few brachiopodsPA0153|,
Antes GapLycomingPA3 km S of Antes Fort on PA44 in abandoned barrow pitOrdovicianAntes Shalegraptolites,TriarthusPA0154|,
Antes GapLycomingPA3 km S of Antes Fort on PA44 in banks of Antes CreekOrdovicianCoburnCryptolithus,etcPA0155|,
Antes GapLycomingPAOn PA880 700 meters S of PA44 JunctionOrdovicianSalonaCryptolithus,etcPA0156|,
HughesvilleLycomingPAIn Upper Devonian Brallier Formation. 5 km E in road cut on PA118 at intersection with road into Miller HollowDevonian UpperBralliermolds and casts of corals,mollusks,brachiopods.PA0157|,
Jersey ShoreLycomingPAto E in slates interbedded in limestonestrilobites,shells,corals,encrinal disks,etcPA0158|,
PowysLycomingPAAt Powys curve (on RR) in talus below US15 probably in red mudstonesDevonian UpperCatskillfish fragments-SauripterisPA0159|,
WilliamsportLycomingPAAt Fry's Park behind Ward L Myers elementary schoolAbundant fossilsPA0160|,
WilliamsportLycomingPAIn area exposures of reddish rockAmmonitesPA0161|,
BradfordMcKeanPAin area quarries and roadcuts along valley of Tunungwant Creek in sandstones and shalesDevonian MiddleChadakoinabundant brachiopods and trace fossilsPA0162|,
Grove CityMercerPAE in abandoned strip mine West of Centertown Rd just S of I80PennsylvanianVanportdiverse fossils - forams,crinoids,echinoid plates,mollusks,brachiopodsPA0163|,
LewistonMifflinPAAlong US22/322 at Lewiston Narrows during construction of Northern Lewiston BypassAbundant brachiopods,sponges,corals,etcPA0164Not clear that there is a Rangely Sandstone in Pennsylvania|,
LewistownMifflinPA11 km away in Ferguson Valley at McKees Ore Bank in shale above the hematite bedsAvicula,Actinopteria,Beyrichia,crinoid columnals,Dalmanites,Homalonotus,Lyrodesma,Leptaena,etcPA0165|,
LewistownMifflinPAMatilda Furnace in shale above the hematite bedsAvicula,Actinopteria,Beyrichia,crinoid columnals,Dalmanites,Homalonotus,Lyrodesma,Leptaena,etcPA0166|,
LewistownMifflinPAW of McKees Ore Bank in shale above the hematite bedsAvicula,Actinopteria,Beyrichia,crinoid columnals,Dalmanites,Homalonotus,Lyrodesma,Leptaena,etcPA0167|,
Newton HamiltonMifflinPA2 km NE in long RR cut exposing full thickness of shales and limestones of the Onondaga FormationDevonianOnondagadiverse fossilsPA0168|,
Decker's FerryMonroePAIn river bluffs to WDevonian LowerStormvilleLeperditiaPA0169|,
Delaware RiverMonroePAIn banksDevonian LowerStormvillePentamerus,Stromatopora,ReceptaculitesPA0170|,
Hartman's CaveMonroePAat Crystal Hill CavePleistocenemammals,human artifactsPA0171|,
SaylorsburgMonroePA1 km NW on Local Road 930 in Road cutDevonianCenterfieldcorals,brachiopods,bryozoa,other fossilsPA0172|,
SaylorsburgMonroePA1km NW on Rt side of Rd 930DevonianCenterfieldFossilsPA0173|,
SaylorsburgMonroePAin area exposuresDevonianCenterfieldcorals,brachiopods,bryozoa,other fossilsPA0174|,
StroudsburgMonroePA'Centerfield Coral Reef' Colorful marine fossils in a road cut on PA191. Once a popular collecting area. Owned by Pinebrook Junior College. Closed to collecting in 1978 due to fears of legal liability. Reported in 2007 to be accessible with permissionDevonian?PA0176|,
StroudsburgMonroePA1km S of PA447 on W side on PA191 in road cut-Reported to be closed as of 2004, but there are other unposted similar exposures nearby on PA191DevonianTrilobites-PhacopsPA0177|,
StroudsburgMonroePANorth at Centerfield Coral ReefDevonianMahantangoTrilobites,ProetusPA0178On PA 191|,
StroudsburgMonroePASmall outcrop on PA209N adjacent to shopping center?PA0179|,
StroudsburgMonroePAW on Hwy 80CoelenteratesPA0180|,
ArcolaMontgomeryPAIn abandoned RR Cut--reportedly now a rails to trails park-collecting discouragedTriassicLockatongphytosaurs,fish-OsteopleurusPA0182|,
Blue BellMontgomeryPATriassicLockatongreptile jaws - RutiodonPA0183|,
CooperstownMontgomeryPAIn quarry 19.2km (or less?)S. Probably the Kibblehouse Quarry in PerkiomenvilleTriassicNewarkreptile footprints,fishPA0184Cooperstown is in Venango Cy|,
East GranvilleMontgomeryPAArea exposures when excavations are in progressTriassicNewarkReptiles-bones,tracksPA0185|,
Evansburg ParkMontgomeryPAIn exposures on Skippack Creek below the QuarryTriassic?dinosaur tracksPA0186|,
GwynnedMontgomeryPAactive RR Cut-reported to be dangerous and unproductiveTriassic?PA0188|,
North WalesMontgomeryPA1.2km S in RR cutTriassicLockatongfish-Carinacanthus,CoelacanthusPA0189|,
ComlyMontourPA2 km N in barrow pits on local road 47032DevonianMahantangodiverse fossilsPA0192|,
DanvilleMontourPA3 km SE on Local Road 47005Devonian UpperTrimmers RockAbundant brachiopodsPA0193|,
DanvilleMontourPAEast on River Road near RR tracks on N side of roadbrachiopodsPA0194|,
Grove TunnelMontourPA1 km W in quarry on Ridge in coral reef above shaley LimestoneStromatopora,Favosites,Zaphrentis,Cladopora,ConophyllumPA0195|,
TurbotsvilleMontourPAAt Swopes FarmDevonianMahantangoabundant fossils:coral-Heterophrentis,Trachypora;Brachiopods-Athyris,Protoleptostrophia,MucrospiriferPA0196|,
WashingtonvilleMontourPAin area exposuresDevonianMahantangodiverse fossilsPA0197|,
-Montour,ColumbiaPA1 km E at quarries and along RR at Montour-Columbia county linecorals Stromatopora,Favosites,Zaphrentis,crinoid fragments,Cladopora,AtrypaPA0198|,
Martins CreekNorthamptonPA2 km E on stripped hillside adjacent to abandoned quarry Permission reqd from Alpha Cement CoOrdovicianJacksonburgbryozoa,Cryptolithus,DalmanellaPA0199|,
Nancy RunNorthamptonPACambrianAllentownCryptozoonPA0200|,
DalmatiaNorthumberlandPANE 3 km W of intersection of PA147 and PA225 in barrow pitDevonianMahantangodiverse fossils,Brachiopods,etc. Trilobites - Greenops,TrimerusPA0201|,
LewisburgNorthumberlandPA1 km N on river at base of Dale's Hill in LimestoneSpongesPA0202|,
LewisburgNorthumberlandPA2 km S in red ore bedDevonian [Silurian?]ClintonIchnophycus,Graptolithus,Helopora,Athyris,Leptocoelia,Triplesia,Cyclonema,CornulitesPA0203|,
SunburyNorthumberlandPAS -- 'Selinsgrove Junction Section',an extensive succession of Devonian strata in RR cuts along Susquehanna RiverDevonianfossilsPA0204|,
UniontownNorthumberlandPA1200 meters above on E bank of riverSalina, Uppercrinoid fragments,large shellsPA0205Uniontown is in Fayette County?|,
Buffalo MillPerryPA1 km E in red shalesDevonian [Silurian?]ClintonFish ScalesPA0206|,
Buffalo MillPerryPAIn area red shalesDevonian [Silurian?]ClintonFish ScalesPA0207|,
KistlerPerryPA2 km SW on LR50008 in road cut and quarry in limestones opposite DeLancy historical markerSilurianKeyser|TonolowayAbundant diverse fossilsPA0208|,
LandisburgPerryPASilurianfish-AmericaspisPA0209No Silurian Bloomfield Formation in GEOLEX|,
MillerstownPerryPAarea red hematite depositsDevonian [Silurian?]ClintonBeyrichia,Calymene,OrmocerasPA0210|,
New BloomfieldPerryPA1 km E on Newport RdSilurianLandisburg sandstoneLeperditia,many shells,fish remainsPA0211|,
NewportPerryPA2 km S in barrow pitDevonianMahantango40 species of fossils. Many species of brachiopods. Several species of trilobites - Phacops,Greenops,DechenellaPA0212|,
Saville TownshipPerryPAIn Raccoon Valley in red shalesSilurianClintonfish scalesPA0213|,
Saville TownshipPerryPAon 5 km N of junction of PA74 and PA174. in barrow piton PA74 behind Township buildingDevonianexcellent marine fossils -- Phacops,BryozoaPA0214|,
Dingman's FerryPikePAat Indian Ladder Fallsbrachiopods,crinoids,cephalopods,trilobitesPA0215|,
MilfordPikePAIN barrow pits on W side of PA209 between Raymondskill Creek and MilfordDevonianDiverse Devonian fossilsPA0216|,
MilfordPikePAin area exposures in valleys of Delaware River and Raymondskill CreekDevonianMahantangoAbundant,diverse fossilsPA0217|,
CoudersportPotterPAAt Lamont Summit 8 km N in greenish sandy flagstonefish bonesPA0218|,
Pulpit HillPotterPAjust W of McKean County line on N side of Allegheny River in green sandstone 150 meters below summitfish plates,fossil plantsPA0219|,
ShinglehousePotterPA5 km E on local road 52014Devonian UpperChadakoinfish scales,brachiopods,plants,bryozoaPA0220|,
ShinglehousePotterPAat SW end of town in barrow pit on PA44Devonian UpperChadakoinfish scales,brachiopods,plants,bryozoaPA0221|,
Deer LakeSchuylkillPAIn gravel pit on hwy 61Carboniferousbrachiopods,cephalopods,trilobitesPA0222|,
Deer LakeSchuylkillPAOff PA61S Near Michael Bros RestaurantPennsylvanianFern fossilsPA0223|,
Deer LakeSchuylkillPAin barrow pits on PA61DevonianMahantangoabundant mollusks,brachiopods,trilobitesPA0224|,
Deer LakeSchuylkillPAon W side of PA61 500 meters N of PA895 junctionDevonianMahantango?PA0225|,
JolietSchuylkillPAin area anthracite coal seams and spoil piles accessible form PA209Pennsylvanianferns,petrified woodPA0226|,
PottsvilleSchuylkillPAMississippianMauch ChunkFootprints-amphibians,insects;Plant fossils|,
St ClairSchuylkillPAAt old St Claire Coal Co mine -- Now the WalMart parking lotPennsylvanianplant materialPA0227Original says 'St Clarie'|,
St ClairSchuylkillPAIn old strip mines on hwy 61plant fossilsPA0229|,
St ClairSchuylkillPAin abandoned strip mines in area. Some areas are posted,some aren't. Cuts in the parking lot of the WalMart have a few fossils.Pennsylvaniandiverse,well preserved,plantsPA0233|,
SuedbergSchuylkillPA1.5 km SW on the S side of Township road 365.DevonianMahantangodiverse fossilsPA0235|,
SuedbergSchuylkillPAS from Suedberg,cross creek. Immediate left. W about 600m. Dump site is on Left just past road on left near Lebanon County line roughly 40.52165N-76.47895W In spoil pile material removed from Swatara Gap during construction work on I81 in 2004 -- reported (2006)to be completely worked over although a few Devonian Mahantango Fm fossils may be found in the bedrockOrdovicianMartinsburgTrilobites,brachiopods,starfish,etcPA0234; 42.384N,110.618W; 61.824N,111.053W approximate,conjecture|,
SuedbergSchuylkillPAin barrow pit on side road S from PA72 about 1 km W of Suedberg near the Lebanon County lineDevonianMahantango?PA0236|,
SuedbergSchuylkillPAwithin Swatara Gap State Park -- collecting permittedDevonianMahantangoDiverse fossilsPA0237|,
TremontSchuylkillPAin long road cut on I81 NW of parking area at PA209 I81 overpassPennsylvanianLlewellynplant fossils in coal seams and adjacent rocksPA0238|,
SelinsgroveSnyderPA7.2km W in red claystones interbedded with graywacke sandstonesSilurian UpperBloomsburgA few brachiopods and ostracods. Trilobite ichnofossils -- Cruziana,Rusophycus -- near top of bedsPA0239|,
Shadle[?]SnyderPAE side of Mahantango creek NE of PA104DevonianMahantango?PA0240Couldn't identify a Shadle PA,PA104 is on the West side of the Susquehanna River running from a point opposite the mouth of Mahantango Creek for about 35km to Mifflinburg|,
Deer Valley LakeSomersetPAabout 1 km W of Mt Davis in Quarry 200 meters E of LR50008MississippianWymps GapBrachiopods,Bryozoa,trilobites-KaskiaPA0241|,
AuburnSusquehannaPA2.4km W at Township Maintenance facility at Woodward Drive on PA895Trilobite fragmentsPA0242|,
LanesboroSusquehannaPAAt Cascade Creek E from PA171 5 km N of Lanesboro E of RR tracksDevonian UpperWest HillBrachiopods,crinoid columnals,plantsPA0243|,
MontroseSusquehannaPA19 km SE along Butter Creek in Chemung micaceous shales and sandstonesDevonianNew Milford?PA0244|,
MontroseSusquehannaPA8 km E in RR cuts in Chemung micaceous shales and sandstonesDevonianNew Milford?PA0245|,
Rush TownshipSusquehannaPADevonianLock Havenfish-HolonemaPA0246|,
SmileySusquehannaPAat Tunkhannock Creek in Chemung micaceous shales and sandstonesDevonianNew MilfordMansfield,Tioga County,PA,6 km NW at Seeley's Creek off Lambs Creek -- -- Chemung -- Holoptychius,fish beds,plants,shells,Bothriolepis,DipterusPA0247|,
-TiogaPARegional exposures along tributaries of Tioga RiverDevonian UpperWest Fallsbrachiopods,pelecypods,crinoids,bryozoa,plantsPA0259|,
BlossburgTiogaPA3.6 km toward Covington on RRfish conglomerate,Holoptychius scales and teethPA0248|,
BlossburgTiogaPAArea exposures of sands associated with coal seamsFish teethPA0249|,
BlossburgTiogaPABetween Blossburg and Covington on bank of Tioga River in red mudstonesDevonian UpperCatskillfish parts,fins,spines,scales-Bothriolepis,Holoptychius,SauripterisPA0250Original says 'Blassburg'|,
BlossburgTiogaPAin sandstonesDevonian UpperCatskillfish parts,fins,spines,scales-Bothriolepis,Holoptychius,Sauripteris,SterropterygionPA0251|,
Lamb's CreekTiogaPADevonian UpperCatskillfish teeth,spines,scales-Dipterus,Gyracanthus,HoloptychiusPA0252|,
LawrencevilleTiogaPAnear State LineDevonianChemungvertebrates-HolonemaPA0253|,
MansfieldTiogaPADevonian UpperCatskillfish parts,fins,spines,scales-Bothriolepis,Ganorhynchus,Holoptychius,SterropterygionPA0254|,
MansfieldTiogaPA6 km NW at Seeley's Creek off Lambs CreekSilurian [Devonian?]ChemungHoloptychius,fish beds,plants,shells,Bothriolepis,DipterusPA0255|,
Mill CreekTiogaPAin sandstonesDevonian UpperCatskillfish parts-BothriolepisPA0256|,
Sullivan TownshipTiogaPAin sandstonesDevonian UpperCatskillfish scales-HoloptychiusPA0257|,
Tioga JunctionTiogaPA2 km E on PA238 in road cut and bed of Mutton CreekDevonian UpperWest Fallsbrachiopods,pelecypods,crinoids,bryozoa,plantsPA0258|,
WinfieldUnionPA5 km W in outcrops on roads leading N from PA304 in sandstones and shalesSilurianRose Hill|Keeferdiverse fossilsPA0260|,
PleasantvilleVenangoPA6.4km S in sandstonesDevonian UpperCatskillfish spines-CtenacanthusPA0261|,
WesleyVenangoPAN in limestones in abandoned strip minesPennsylvanianVanportfossilsPA0262|,
TidiouteWarrenPA2 km W on PA127Devonian-MississippianCorry|OswayoAbundant and diverse brachiopodsPA0263|,
WarrenWarrenPA3.2km NEPennsylvanianOlean Conglomeratefish-CtenacanthusPA0264|,
CanonsburgWashingtonPAShark coprolitesPA0265|,
VanceWashingtonPAIn Permian Washington and Dunkard formations of PA186 in Washington Stone Co Quarry,FishPermianWashington|DunkardSharks-Xenacanthus,Hybodus,Ectosteorhachis;Lungfish-Sagenodus,Monongahela;Amphibia-Diploceraspis,LysorophusPA0266|,
HonesdaleWaynePAOn PA,191 700 meters N of PA670 junctionDevonianCatskillcarbonized tree trunksPA0267|,
BlackburnWestmorelandPANE in cliffs above quarryPennsylvanianAmes LimestoneThere is also a Blackburn in Clearfield CountyPA0268|,
BlackburnWestmorelandPANE,in quarryPennsylvanianPine CreekThere is also a Blackburn in Clearfield CountyPA0269|,
LigonierWestmorelandPAPennsylvanianPetrified woodPA0270Original says 'Ligoneer|,
MurrysvilleWestmorelandPAIn first cliff west on Wm Penn HwyPennsylvanianBrush Creek Limestone?PA0271|,
New KensingtonWestmorelandPAAt foot of Logans Ferry HillPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0272|,
TraffordWestmorelandPAS along RR tracksPennsylvanianPine Creek?PA0273|,
LaceyvilleWyomingPAon PA367 500 meters N of US6Devonian MiddleCyrtospirifer,a few plantsPA0274|,
OccanaWyomingPAin hillside to SW and along Cedar Creek above Eagle Creek Coal bedPennsylvanianPottsville, UpperAviculopectenPA0275|,
EmigsvilleYorkPAAt LeCron's Copper Mine. 19th Century site visited by Cope and,later,WannerTriassicNew OxfordGaltoniaPA0276|,
EmigsvilleYorkPAAt Wheatley's Copper Mines about 3.2km WTriassicNew OxfordReptile teeth and bones-Clepsysaurus,Eupelor,Palaeoctonus,Rutiodon,Suchoprion,ThecodontosaurusPA0277|,
Goldsboro QuarryYorkPAFirst reported 1889. on hill side W of Goldsboro Rd. Reported visible,but on private property in 2005TriassicGettysburgfootprints-Grallator,AtreipusPA0278|,
HanoverYorkPAAt Codorus State Park on shore of Marburg LakefossilsPA0279This site seems unlikely to be valid|,
Manchester TownshipYorkPAon Locust Lane West from PA181 where Locust Lane crosses I83Cambrian LowerKinzerstrilobitesPA0280|,
Mount WolfYorkPAAlong RR tracks 3.2km NNE of Mount Wolf (York Co,PA)Triassic-JurassicNewarkferns and Calamites.PA0281|,
New CumberlandYorkPA1934 - in a roadcut on Rt 111TriassicGettysburgA single footprint-and some poorly preserved plant stemsPA0282|,
Trostle's QuarryYorkPA1937 -Haile. In limestone quarry on Bermudian Creek in siltstonesTriassicGettysburgfootprints-Atreipus,Anchisauripus,Otozoum,reptile tracksPA0283|,
YocumtownYorkPADinosaur tracksPA0284|,
Yocumtown QuarryYorkPAHickok,Hayes,Willard 1932 -- Now under housing developmentTriassicGettysburgTracks-Grallator,AtreipusPA0285|,
York HavenYorkPATriassicpetrified woodPA0286|,
York HavenYorkPAferns in sandstonesTriassicS of townPA0287|,
Zion's View SiteYorkPAvisited by Hoff in 1910 and Stahle in 1972TriassicNew OxfordRutiodon,Buettneria,ostracods,fishPA0288|,
-[?]PAThree 'Humble Oil and Refining Company' beds in weathered shale somewhere in SouthEast Pennsylvania 10m below the Ledger Formation contactCambrianKinzerstrilobites-Bathyuriscus,Elrathina,Ogygopsis,Olenoides,OryctocephalusPA0294|,
Darlington[?]PAPennsylvanianfish scalesPA0289There are Darlingtons in both Beaver and Westmoreland Counties|,
Good Springs[?]PAArea exposures 13-16km S of St ClairePennsylvanianGood plant material in spoil pilesPA0290Can't identify a Good Springs or Goodsprings in PA|,
New Salem[?]PA2 km S at junction of US22 and PA66 on NE sideMississippianAmes LimestoneBrachiopods - Chonetes,Crurithyris,Dechya[?],Rhipidomella; Coral - Lophophyllidium; mollusks; crinoid columnalsPA0291HA thinks,and I agree that 'Dechya' (no citations) should be 'Derbyia' which is the correct age and is often associated with Chonetes and Crurithyris. There are New Salems in Armstrong,Fayette and York Counties|,
Witmer[?][?]PAon lower bench of B and O RR cut opposite Glenshaw,PAPennsylvanianBrush Creek LimestoneWitmer,PA is in Lancaster County but would be an unlikely location for Ames Limestone exposuresPA0292|,
York Springs[?]PATriassicNewarkdinosaur tracksPA0293|,

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