US And Canadian Fossil Sites -- Data for NORTHWEST TERRITORY

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Anderson River-NTDevonianBear RockAcanthoid fishNT0001|,
Axel Heiberg IslandFranklin DistrictNTImportant - possibly protected,site.EoceneUnmineralized 40 meters(?) logs,stumps leaf litter,etc.NT0002|,
Cornwallis IslandFranklin DistrictNTDevonianBird FiordTrilobites,corals,sponges,mollusks,abundant brachiopodsNT0003|,
Cornwallis IslandFranklin DistrictNTOrdoviciantrilobites - PseudogygitesNT0004|,
Anderson RiverMacKenzie DistrictNTDevonian LowerBear Rockvertebrates-acanthoid fishNT0005|,
Avalanche LakeMacKenzie DistrictNTOrdovician UpperWhittaker33 genera of trilobites-Bumastoides,Bathyurus,Decoroproetus,Isotelus,Anataphrus,Robergiella,Ampyxina,Cryptolithus,Acanthoparypha,Ceraurinella,Cybeloides,Sceptaspis,CalyptaulaxNT0006|,
Avalanche LakeMacKenzie DistrictNTE on tributary of Thundercloud CreekSilurianDelormevertebrates-AthenaegisNT0007|,
Avalanche LakeMacKenzie DistrictNTMackenzie Mountainsa variety of silicified lichid trilobites http:--|,
Broken Skull RiverMacKenzie DistrictNTon Ridge to NEDevonian LowerDelormeBrachiopods - Aesopomum (20)NT0009|,
Cathedral MountainMacKenzie DistrictNTnear South Nahanni RiverDevonian LowerDelormeBrachiopods - Gypidula (20)NT0010|,
Delorme RangeMacKenzie DistrictNTon EW trending RidgeDevonianDelormeBrachiopods - Atrypoidea,Didymothyris,Gracianella,Spirinella (20)NT0011|,
EnterpriseMacKenzie DistrictNTDevonian UpperHay Rivercorals,Echinoids,brachiopods (Calvinaria,Spinatrypa,Cyrtospirifer),Cephalopods -- ManticocerasNT0012|,
Grizzly Bear LakeMacKenzie DistrictNT15 km S,30 km NW of Avalanche LakeDevonian LowerDelorme|Red RoadBrachiopods - Atrypa (20)NT0013|,
Grizzly Bear LakeMacKenzie DistrictNT20 km SSEDevonian LowerDelorme|Red RoadBrachiopods - Atrypoidea,Delthyris,Dolerorthis,Gracianella,Plicanoplites (20)NT0014|,
Grizzly Bear LakeMacKenzie DistrictNT5 km NW on W flank of MountainDevonian LowerDelormeBrachiopods - Gracianella,Ptychopleurella (20)NT0015|,
June LakeMacKenzie DistrictNTSilurian UpperDelormeBrachiopods - Collarothyris,Gracianella,Notanoplia,Stegerhynchus (20)NT0016June Lake is in MacKenzie Mountains area|,
June LakeMacKenzie DistrictNTSE on E limb of Sekwi anticlineSilurian UpperDelormeBrachiopods - Conchidium (20)NT0017June Lake is in MacKenzie Mountains area|,
Keele RiverMacKenzie DistrictNTin thick shale exposure--possibly at a Shell Oil well site. The Mount Cap formation is noted for extremely well preserved fragments of arthropodsCambrian MiddleMount CapfossilsNT0018The original cites the Shell Keele River in the YT. HA thinks this is probably a Shell Oil drilling site and probably on the Keele River in the NT. The Shell River or Keele Creek in the YT possible but not likely|,
Lac de GrasMacKenzie DistrictNTtertiary lakebed fossils and inclusions with Cretaceous through Devonian marine fossils associated with 13 kimberlite pipes at diamond mines.Wood,fish parts and microfossils are found in inclusions in the pipes.NT0019Near Alymer Lake|,
Lac de GrasMacKenzie DistrictNTtertiary lakebed fossils and inclusions with Cretaceous through Devonian marine fossils associated with 13 kimberlite pipes at diamond mines.Devonian-TertiaryWood,fish parts and microfossils are found IN,inclusions in the pipesNT0020Near Alymer Lake|,
Lac des BoisMacKenzie DistrictNTCretaceousGreat Bear Basinfossil fishNT0021|,
Mackenzie MountainsMacKenzie DistrictNTEdiacaran and Cambrian faunas in thick sedimentary sequenceNeoproterozoic-Cambrian?NT0022|,
Sekwi BrookMacKenzie DistrictNTMacKenzie Mountains-Ediacaran fossils from a number of formationsWindermeria,Hiemalora,CyclomedusaNT0023|,
Trench LakeMacKenzie DistrictNT6.4 km W on E flank of Whittaker AnticlineDevonian LowerDelormebrachiopods - Atrypa (20)NT0024|,
Trench LakeMacKenzie DistrictNTin stream valleys and ridges on E flank of anticline 6.4 km WDevonian LowerDelormeBrachiopods -Ancillotoechia,Mesodouvillina (20)NT0025|,
YellowknifeMacKenzie DistrictNTNearby Pre-CambrianstromatolitesNT0026|,
Enterprise CreekMacKenzie District?NTDevonianmarine fossilsNT0027This would probably be South of the town of Hay River|,
Enterprise CreekMacKenzie District?NTE of Mackenzie Hwy at junction of Creek with Hay Rivercorals,crinoids,brachiopodsNT0028This would be South of the town of Hay River|,
Natala RiverMacKenzie District?NTon EW trending Ridge NNW of riverDevonian LowerDelormeBrachiopods - Acanthocrania,Aesopomum,Ambocoelia,Ancillotoechia,Athyrhynchus,Atrypa,Atrypina,Biconostrophia,Brachyprion,Callispirifer,Carinagypa,Chonetes,Clorinda,Clorindina,Cortezorthis,Craniops,Cryptatrypa,Cymostrophia,Cymostrophia,..NT0029|,
North Nahanni RiverMacKenzie District?NTDevonian LowerDelormeBrachiopods - Hebetoechia (20)NT0030|,

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