US And Canadian Fossil Sites -- Data for NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR

Version 0810 current as of OCT 2008.

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Grand Banks-NLMesozoicDinosaur bones found during oil explorationsNL0001|,
Great Northern Peninsula-NLPaleozoicfossilsNL0002|,
Western Newfoundland-NLCambrianBlow Me Down BrookOldhamiaNL0003|,
Bell IslandAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLOrdovicianFossilsNL0004|,
Bell IslandAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLCambrian brachiopods and Trilobites in oolitic hematite extensively mined on E side of island.Cambrianbrachiopods,trilobitesNL0005|,
Bell IslandAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLIn cliffs of cross bedded sandstone in back of ferry terminalOrdovicianshell fragments-ichnofossilsNL0006|,
Conception BayAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLgastropod ScenellaNL0007|,
Conception BayAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLNewfoundlandCambrian LowerManuels RiverCambrian Lower Avalonian fossils are found in Shales along the banks of the Manuels River near its mouth at Conception Bay. Collecting is permitted (as of 1995) but discouraged. Suggestion: Examine the rocks and fossils here,then seek other exposuresNL0008|,
Kelly's IslandAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLtrace fossils -CruzianaNL0009|,
KilligrewsAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLIn abandoned quarries 7-8km down Red Bridge Rd from junction of routes 2 and 60.Cambrian MiddleManuels RiverAbundant trilobitesNL0010|,
KilligrewsAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLIn abandoned quarries in black shaleCambriantrilobites,plantlike fossilsNL0011|,
KilligrewsAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLIn shale -- site reported closed to collectingCambrianChamberlains BrookBadulesiaNL0012|,
Manuels RiverAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLIn black shales at Route 60 Bridge over Manuels River and downstream for a kilometer in various beds-- No collectingCambrian MiddleManuels RiverAbundant trilobitesNL0013|,
Manuels RiverAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNLIn exposures 8.5km NE of Killigrew. Nature Preserve-no collectingCambrian MiddleChamberlains Brook|Fossil Brook|Manuels RiverAvalonian trilobitesNL0014|,
Red Bridge RoadAvalon South-Conception Bay SouthNL8.5km SW of Manuels RiverCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites-BailiaspisNL0015|,
St John BayAvalon South-St JohnsNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0016|,
BranchAvalon South-St Marys BayNLIn black shales 1km along shore toward Branch HeadtrilobitesNL0017|,
BranchAvalon South-St Marys BayNLIn green shales along shore about 300m from roadtrilobitesNL0018|,
BranchAvalon South-St Marys BayNLOn Avalon Peninsula in green,red,and black shales in cliffsCambriantrilobitesNL0019|,
Branch CoveAvalon South-St Marys BayNLWell known Cambrian section accessible at Low TideCambrian MiddleAvalonian trilobites - ParadoxidesNL0020|,
GaskiersAvalon South-St Marys BayNLIn limestonesCambrianCrinoid fragments,ArcheocyathidsNL0021|,
Bonavista PeninsulaBonavista Bay-Bonavista PeninsulaNLAvalonian fossilsNL0022|,
Burin PeninsulaBurin Peninsula-Grand BankNLAvalonian fossilsNL0023|,
Burin PeninsulaBurin Peninsula-Grand BankNLat Snooks Brook in red limestoneCambrian MiddleFossil Brookdistorted Avalonian trilobites?NL0024|,
Fortune HeadBurin Peninsula-Grand BankNLType exposure for Pre-Cambrian-Lower Cambrian Boundary in E North AmericaCambrian LowerChapel IslandTrichophycus pedum,small shelly fauna{10}NL0025|,
Little Dantzig CoveBurin Peninsula-Grand BankNLin heavily indurated phosphatic limestoneCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?NL0026|,
Little Dantzig Cove BrookBurin Peninsula-Grand BankNLcalcareous rockPrecambrianBrigusSmall Shelly fossils{10}NL0027|,
Little Dantzig Cove BrookBurin Peninsula-Grand BankNLsandstonesCambrianBrigusrare trilobite fragments{10}NL0028|,
Anguille MountainsLabrador-Central and WestNLFish fossilsNL0029|,
Deer Lake BasinLabrador-Central and WestNLfish fossilsNL0030|,
Knob LakeLabrador-Central and WestNLin Redmond Iron depositsCretaceousPlants--InsectsNL0031|,
Marion LakeLabrador-Central and WestNLProterozoicDenaultStromatolitesNL0032|,
Northern LabradorLabrador-North CoastNLProterozoicMugford GroupMicrofossils,coal of bacterial originNL0033|,
West BayLabrador-North CoastNLCenter QuarryOrdovicianTable Head|Goose Tickle GroupGraptolitesNL0034|,
L'Anse-ArmourLabrador-StraitsNLnear lighthouse 4 km along L'Anse-Armour turnoff between Forteau and L'Anse-au-Loop - Reef fossils in sea cliffsCambrianSalterella?.NL0035|,
St Pauls InletNorthern Peninsula-Bonne BayNLOrdovicianCow Headdiverse graptolitesNL0036|,
Western Brook PondNorthern Peninsula-Bonne BayNLOrdovicianCow Headdiverse graptolitesNL0037|,
The TablelandsNorthern Peninsula-Bonne Bay?NLfossilsNL0038|,
Boat HarborNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovicianCatochethrombolites,algae,coral,trilobites,cephalopods,gastropodsNL0039|,
Boat HarbourNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunasNL0040|,
Boat HarbourNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovician LowerBoat HarbourCatocheNL0041|,
Cape NormanNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovicianCatochethrombolites,algae,coral,trilobites,cephalopods,gastropodsNL0042|,
Cape NormanNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0043|,
Hare BayNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovicianCatochethrombolites,algae,coral,trilobites,cephalopods,gastropodsNL0044|,
Hare BayNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0045|,
Hare BayNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLat Brent IslandsOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas,Isoteloides,Strigigenalis{5}NL0046|,
Pistolet BayNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovicianCatochethrombolites,algae,coral,trilobites,cephalopods,gastropodsNL0047|,
Pistolet BayNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0048|,
Pistolet BayNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLat Schooner Island and Burnt IslandOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas,Isoteloides,Strigigenalis,Kawina{5}NL0049|,
Spudgels CoveNorthern Peninsula-St AnthonyNLOrdovicianAmerican TickleGraptolitesNL0050|,
Barbace PtNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLPort au Choix peninsulaOrdovician LowerBoat Harbour|CatocheTrilobitesNL0051|,
Brig BayNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0052|,
Catoche PtNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLPort au Choix peninsulaOrdovician LowerCatocheTrilobite faunas - Isoteloides,Strigigenalis{5}NL0053|,
Eddies Cove WestNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas,Isoteloides,Strigigenalis{5}NL0054|,
Eddies Cove WestNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLOrdovician LowerBoat HarbourCatocheNL0055|,
Flowers CoveNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLS of Flowers Cove exits on small road at Straits Elementary - in dolostone at Seal LedgesCambrianThrombolitesNL0056|,
Hawkes BayNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0057|,
Hawkes BayNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLSeaward side of Hwy just N of Cambrian algae and other fossils in Limestone expose in closed zinc mine.Cambrian?NL0058|,
Ingornachoix BayNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0059|,
Mount Saint Margaret quarryNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe NorthNL8.8 km S of rt430-432 junction 1.9 km on road to Three Mile Pond Provincial Park on left in 12 meters shale faceCambrianOlenellus to 3cmNL0060|,
Eddies PointNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe North[?]NLIn local exposures to WestCambrian Middle-UpperMarch PointOccasional trilobitesNL0061Can't actually identify Eddies Pt,but assume it is adjacent to Eddies geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
Daniel's HarborNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe SouthNLOrdovicianCatochethrombolites,algae,coral,trilobites,cephalopods,gastropodsNL0062|,
Table HeadNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe SouthNLComplete section of Table Head Group at Ecological Preserve 14km NE of Daniels HarborOrdovicianTable Headdiverse GraptolitesNL0063|,
Table HeadNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe SouthNLPortland Creek in Chazy age Ordovician sedimentsOrdovicianTrilobite CeraurusNL0064|,
Table MountainNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe SouthNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0065|,
Table PointNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe SouthNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0066|,
GreenheadNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe South?NLPort au PortCephalopods -LecanospiraNL0067|,
Red IslandNorthern Peninsula-St Barbe South?NLOn Red Island off the Port au Port Peninsula in sandstone near the top of 300m of Devonian terrestrial rockDevonian UpperRed Island Roadsome primitive branched plants;25 species of spores-Emphanisporites,Dictyotriletes,DibolisporitesNL0094|,
Burnt IslandNotre Dame Bay-ExploitsNLin limestones and shales at Ecological preserveOrdovician40 species of trilobitesNL0068|,
Lushes BightNotre Dame Bay-NDB WestNLOrdoviciangraptolitesNL0069|,
New World IslandNotre Dame Bay-TwillingateNLPaleozoic Lowerabundant fossilsNL0070|,
New World IslandNotre Dame Bay-TwillingateNLSilurian-DevonianfossilsNL0071|,
Trinity IslandTrinity Bay-Trinity NorthNLAt Fosters Point in limestonesCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?NL0072|,
Random IslandTrinity Bay-Upper Trinity NorthNLAvalonian fossilsNL0073|,
Hopeall HeadTrinity Bay-Upper Trinity SouthNLOn East and West sides of Trinity Bay in heavily indurated limestonesCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian TrilobitesNL0074|,
StephenvilleWest Coast-Bay St GeorgeNLN in outcrops in Phillips Brook and North Brook AnticlinesCambriantrilobites and geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
Bay of IslandsWest Coast-Bay of IslandsNLIn regional sand and shale sequences at 20 localitiesCambrian LowerBlow Me Down BrookFour species of OldhamiaNL0076|,
Goose ArmWest Coast-Bay of IslandsNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0077|,
Black coveWest Coast-Port au PortNLOrdovicianTable Head|Goose Tickle GroupGraptolitesNL0078|,
Campbell's CoveWest Coast-Port au PortNLArea exposures at Campbell's Cove (19km E of Marches Point) and East past Felix CoveCambrianPetit geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
Cape St GeorgeWest Coast-Port au PortNL1.1km ECambrianPetit geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
Man_O_War CoveWest Coast-Port au PortNL1km ECambrianPetit geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
Marches PointWest Coast-Port au PortNLIn local exposures to WestCambrian Middle-UpperMarch PointOccasional geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
Port Au Port PeninsulaWest Coast-Port au PortNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas{5}NL0083|,
Port Au Port PeninsulaWest Coast-Port au PortNLat The GravelsOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas - Isoteloides,Strigigenalis{5}NL0084|,
Port-au-PortWest Coast-Port au PortNLNewfoundland,Port-au-Port (West of Stephenville on hwy 480). Fossils including Conularia are reported from the Aguathuna Quarry.Ordovician?NL0085|,
Canada BayWhite Bay-Northern Peninsula EastNLOrdovician LowerTrilobite faunas - Kawina{5}NL0086|,
Canada BayWhite Bay-Northern Peninsula EastNLIn local exposures to West,at Cloud Rapids,and Chimney ArmCambrian MiddleMarch PointOccasional geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
-[?]NLDevonian plants reported from unknown location in NewfoundlandDevonian?NL0092|,
-[?]NLIn fossilized reef in Western Newfoundland with large colonial animalsOrdovicianLong Point (NL)Bryozoa-Monotrypa,DiplotrypaNL0093|,
Caribou Creek[?]NLOrdovicianTable Point|Cape CormorantsGraptolitesNL0088Probably on the West Coast of Newfoundland,but can't identify where|,
Isle La Motte[?]NLCephalopods -EndocerasNL0089There may be an Isle La Motte near St Johns but likely this is a misplaced reference to Vermont.|,
Petite Jardin[?]NLIn local exposures to WestCambrian Middle-UpperPetit Jardintrilobites,inarticulate geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,
Youngs Brook[?]NL0.2km ECambrianPetit geosurvey/publications/cr2005/boyce.pdf|,

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