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Lake Temicouta[?]-NBCambrianfossilsNB0001Can't identify a Lake Temicouta or anything similar in New Brunswick|,
New Brunswick-NBCambrian MiddleManuels River|Porters RoadAgnostid trilobitesNB0002Originally entered as 'Manuels Cove formation'|,
New Brunswick-NBdredging in Bay of FundyHolocene-PleistoceneAbout half a dozen walrus specimensNB0003|,
Monkton BasinAlbertNBArticulated fish skeletons in varved marls on NE side of Monkton BasinDevonianAlbertfish-LatviusNB0031|,
RosevaleAlbertNBArticulated fish skeletons belt of bituminous shales between Rosevale and BelliveauDevonianAlbertfish-paleoniscoids;OstracodsNB0032|,
Bay of ChaleurGloucester?NBon both sides of the Bay of Chaleur?NB0004|,
Caton's IslandKingsNBOn E shore of Caton's Island in St John RiverCambrian Middle?NB0005|,
NortonKingsNBin highway cutsCarboniferousAlbertfish fossilsNB0006|,
Clifton[?]Kings?NB?NB0007Can't exactly identify a Clifton,NB. There is a 'Clifton Royal' in Kings Co|,
SiegasMadawaska?NBnear Sept Isles,MECambrianOldhamia?NB0008Siegas is a few km NW of St Leonard|,
Dalhousie JunctionRestigoucheNBalong shore between Dalhousie and AtholvilleDevonian Lowerplants,rarely arthropods,a few fishNB0010|,
Duck CoveSt JohnNB?NB0011|,
Fossil BrookSt JohnNBIn bed of Porter Rd immediately N of streamFossil BrookAvalonian trilobitesNB0012At a guess,a few km SW of Nauwigewauk,SE of NB100|,
Glen FallsSt JohnNBjust E of St John on Cold Brook downstream of Glenview Ave BridgeCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?NB0013|,
New BrunswickSt JohnNBCambrian MiddleManuels River|Porters RoadAgnostid trilobitesNB0014|,
Ratcliffe BrookSt JohnNBN of Quoddy Rd downstream of fallsCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites-CtenocephalusNB0015|,
St JohnSt JohnNBAlong Mackay HwyCambrianMedusoids -well preservedNB0016|,
St JohnSt JohnNBIN conglomerate near top of road cut on E side of Somerset StCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?NB0017|,
St JohnSt JohnNBIn road ditch on N side Exit 113 from NB100Cambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?NB0018|,
St JohnSt JohnNBW side of junction of Seely St and Gooderich StCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites-Bailiella,CtenocephalusNB0019|,
St JohnSt JohnNBbetween Reversing Falls and Hanford BrookCambrianSt Johnsabundant Cambrian Lower trilobites,trace fossilsNB0020|,
St JohnSt JohnNBin black shalesOrdovicianDictyonemaNB0021|,
St JohnsSt JohnNBPennsylvanianwell preserved plantsNB0022|,
St MartinsSt JohnNBTriassicfootprintsNB0023|,
St MartinsSt JohnNB14 km N just N of Rt I11 In Hanford BrookCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?NB0024|,
St MartinsSt JohnNBN along Hanford BrookEarly Paleozoic fossilsNB0025|,
Fern LedgesSt John?NBCarboniferousThis is a 19th century site on the shore of the Bay of Fundy 'near St John'NB0026plants,insects,trackways|,
Rocky BrookYorkNBIn largely unfossiliferous areaSilurianBrachiopodsNB0027|,
Lower Birch IslandYork?NBIn largely unfossiliferous areaSilurianBrachiopodsNB0028|,
Middle Hayden BrookYork?NBIn largely unfossiliferous areaSilurianBrachiopodsNB0029|,

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