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--MSAlong the Mississippi River from Cairo,IL to Baton Rouge,LA in loess (wind blown silt) deposits ranging from 9 to 23 meters in thickness and 50 to 100km in width (thicker in North and better developed on E side of river)Pleistoceneterrestrial and occasional lacustrian gastropods. A few bivalvesMS0001|,
CorinthAlcornMS4 km NW in cut on Southern RRCretaceous UpperSelma chalkExogyraMS0002|,
HoulkaChickasawMS8 km E on upper slope of hillCretaceousRipleyExogyraMS0003|,
HoustonChickasawMS3 km SE in cut on MS8CretaceousRipleyExogyraMS0004|,
OkolonaChickasawMS3 km WCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkExogyraMS0005|,
OkolonaChickasawMS5 km WCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkExogyraMS0006|,
OkolonaChickasawMS7 km W along Houston RoadCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkExogyraMS0007|,
EnterpriseClarkeMS1 km below in bed and banks of Chickasawhay RiverScutella,Ostrea,Sharks Teeth,Sea UrchinsMS0008|,
EnterpriseClarkeMS16km S at Wautubbee Cut on the Northeastern RREoceneClaiborneAstarte,othersMS0009|,
EnterpriseClarkeMS6.5 km NW at Dunn's Water MillEoceneClaiborneClaiborne faunasMS0010|,
ShubutaClarkeMS6.5 km NE in gorge of Garland CreekEoceneMoodys BranchPleurotomaMS0011|,
Barton's BluffClayMSon Tombigbee River 16 km NW of Columbus in Lowndes Countynumerous fossilsMS0012|,
Carradine StoreClayMS4 km SE in bald spots adjacent to West Point-Houston RdCretaceousSelmaExogyra,DiploschizaMS0013Carradine's Store seems to have been a landmark in the mid 19th Century. It was a collection point for supplies for the Confederate Army.|,
Cedar BluffClayMS2 km E on MS10 near W end of Line Creek bridgeCretaceousSelmainvertebrates,vertebrates,plantsMS0014|,
Vinton BluffClayMSCretaceousEutawShark teeth - Pseudothryptodus[?],IschyrhizaMS0015'Pseudothryptodus' is 'Pseudohypolopus' (No citations found) in original|,
CynthiaHindsMS7 km NW on US49 in quarrygastropods,shark teeth,vertebratesMS0016|,
CynthiaHindsMSin Miss-Lite aggregate Plant pit 9 km NW of US49EoceneYazoo ClayGastropods,bivalves,shark teeth,fragments of BasilosaurusMS0017|,
JacksonHindsMSEoceneMoodys BranchMollusks -TurritellaMS0018|,
JacksonHindsMSCoral Flabellum?MS0019|,
JacksonHindsMSPelecypod Bathytormus?MS0020|,
JacksonHindsMSat Dry CreekPleurotomaMS0021|,
JacksonHindsMSwithin city on Moodys Branch which is a small tributary of the Pearl River in green sandsEoceneMoodys BranchDentalium,mollusks - Leda,Kelliella,gastropods - Pleurotoma,echinoids,crabs. shark teeth,etc.MS0022|,
DorseyItawambaMSat W edge on N side of US78CretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0023|,
FultonItawambaMSSE at site of Maxey's MillCretaceous UpperTuscaloosaleaves,mollusk moldsMS0024|,
MoorevilleItawambaMS3 km E on US78CretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0025|,
MoorevilleItawambaMS8 km NE along Mantachie RdExogyraMS0026|,
RatliffItawambaMS4 km E on East facing slope in calcareous micaceous sandCretaceousEutawExogyraMS0027|,
ScoobaKemperMS10 km N on US6 on hill S of Wahalak CreekCretaceousSelmaExogyra,DiploschizaMS0028|,
ScoobaKemperMS6 km NE on N slope of hillCretaceousSelmaExogyra,DiploschizaMS0029|,
LauderdaleLauderdaleMSAt top of bluff behind Red Hot TruckstopEoceneBashiAsillahyllos,Archaeomanta,Burnhamia,Galeus,Heterodontus,Meridiania,Microscyliorhinus,Platyrhina,ScyliorhinusMS0030|,
MeridianLauderdaleMS25.9km N of Tom Bailey Drive (I59) in Road cuts on MS19EoceneBashimollusks,shark teeth,snake vertebraeMS0031|,
MeridianLauderdaleMS3 km S in RR cutTertiaryWoods Bluffabundant fossils : mollusks,pelecypods,cephalopodsMS0032|,
MeridianLauderdaleMSin roadcuts on MS19vertebrates,mollusks,shark teethMS0033|,
NewtonLauderdaleMSIn area outcropsEoceneOstrea,PleurotomaMS0034|,
TuscahomaLauderdaleMSat Red Hot Plaza truck stop in glauconitic greensandEoceneWilcoxCarcharias,Dasyatis,Galeorhinus,Lepisosteus,Mustelus,Odontapsis,Physogaleus,RhinopteraMS0035References indicate that Tuscahoma no longer exists. It may have been at - lon=89.9931 Lat=33.7772|,
BethanyLeeMS400 meters W in area exposures on the W side of Tishomingo Creek ValleyCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0036|,
SaltilloLeeMS2 km WNW on US45CretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0037|,
ShannonLeeMS13 km W in gully S of Troy rdCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0038|,
TupeloLeeMS2 km W of the Waverly along Tibbee CreekCretaceousEutawHadrosaurs,ammonites,crabs,fish,mollusksMS0039|,
TupeloLeeMS2.5 km W along Chesterville RdCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0040|,
TupeloLeeMS5 km W along Chesterville RdCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0041|,
TupeloLeeMS5 km W along Pontotoc RdCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0042|,
TupeloLeeMS6 km W along Pontotoc RdCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0043|,
TupeloLeeMS6 km W on Pontotoc Road (MS6) inCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkEchinoids,Mollusk casts,large bivalves.MS0044|,
TupeloLeeMS9 km S in bed of Coonewar Creek at US6 crossingCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0045|,
TupeloLeeMSIn roadcuts on US78 between Mileposts 79 and 82CretaceousSelmaExogyra,Gryphaea,mollusk moldsMS0046|,
WaverlyLeeMSin Cretaceous Eutaw Formation on the Tombigbee River 2 km West Hadrosaur fragments and mollusks. The overlying Selma chalk with abundant mollusksCretaceousEutawfish,crabs,ammonites,dinosaur bones and a large microfaunaMS0047|,
ColumbusLowndesMS11 km ESEnumerous vertebrate,plant,and invertebrate fossilsMS0048|,
ColumbusLowndesMS7-8 km NW at Plymouth Buff on Tombigbee Rivernumerous vertebrate,plant,and invertebrate fossilsMS0049|,
ColumbusLowndesMSIn bluff a few hundred meters above RR bridgenumerous vertebrate,plant,and invertebrate fossilsMS0050|,
ColumbusLowndesMSat Columbus Lock and Dam inCretaceousEutawCephalopods - Baculites,rays -PtychodusMS0051|,
Early GroveMarshallMS2 km SE of Wellborns[?] on E of road in numerous gulliesWilcoxExcellent leaf fossils of many species.MS0052Can't find a Wellborns,MS. Possibly Wellborns is the name of a store or farm rather than a formal place name.|,
AberdeenMonroeMS5 km upstream at Blue Buff on E bank of riverabundant invertebrates,some vertebrates.MS0053|,
AberdeenMonroeMSbelow RR bridge on Tombigbee Riverabundant invertebrates,some vertebrates.MS0054|,
AmoryMonroeMS6 km W on E slope of Tombigbee River valleyabundant invertebrates. A few vertebrates.MS0055|,
GarlandvilleNewtonMSon Suanlovy[?] Creek?MS0056Garlandville (such as it is) is at 32.2196N,89.1226W in Jasper County a few hundred meters S of the Newton County Line. Unable to identify a Suanlovy Creek in the area.32.2196N,89.1226W approximate|,
MaconNoxubeeMS13 km S on Macon-DeKalb roadEoceneClaytonGryphaeostrea,corals,Turritella,Cucullaea,Venericardia,OstreaMS0057|,
MaconNoxubeeMS19-20 km NW in bluff on Horse Creek on Macon-Louisville Rdcoral,Cylichna?,Turris,Turritella,Natica,Xenophora,Cucullaea,OstreaMS0058|,
New AlbanyNoxubeeMS6 km S information on Northward facing slope of Kings Creek Valley.Cretaceous UpperOwl CreekMollusks,Baculites,sharks teeth,mosasaur teeth,mosasaur vertebraMS0059|,
New AlbanyNoxubeeMSAt Agricultural Farm N at city limits W of US45Cretaceous UpperExogyra,mollusksMS0060|,
New AlbanyNoxubeeMSIn Agriculture farm on N limits W of US45. Exogyra.Cretaceous UpperDemopolis ChalkCasts of mollusksMS0061|,
StarkvilleOktibbehaMS4 km N on farmExogyraMS0062|,
StarkvilleOktibbehaMS5 km NWExogyraMS0063|,
StarkvilleOktibbehaMSIn gullies on State College campusCretaceous UpperPrairie BluffExogyraMS0064|,
PontotocPontotocMS1 km S in RR cut in sand just above Cretaceous contactCretaceousRipleyabundant fossilsMS0065|,
PontotocPontotocMS2 km W on the Toccopola Rd at top of steep descentfossilsMS0066|,
PontotocPontotocMS3 km SE at base of hill at fork in Houston road in Limestone ledgeExogyra,GryphaeaMS0067|,
PontotocPontotocMS4 km S in quarry in100 meters SE of crossing of N fork of Chiwapa Creek by old MS15.CretaceousRipleyMicrabacia,Hardouinia,Ostrea,Exogyra,Pecten,etcMS0068|,
PontotocPontotocMSIn on both sides of MS6 3.5 km ECretaceous UpperPrairie Bluff Chalkechinoids Hardouinia,Hemiaster,mollusks,vertebrates.MS0069|,
PontotocPontotocMSin cuts on MS6echinoids,gastropods,shark teethMS0070|,
TupeloPontotocMS10 km W on MS6 in gullies on N sideCretaceousSelmaExogyraMS0071|,
TupeloPontotocMSin Cretaceous Eutaw Formation on Tibbee Creek -Hadrosaur fragments and mollusks. The overlying Selma chalk with abundant mollusks,fish,crabs,ammonites,and a large microfauna is present at some Eutaw localitiesCretaceousEutaw?MS0072|,
BoonevillePrentissMS12 km SE on NE slope of Youngs Creek Valleinvertebrates,and few vertebrate fragmentsMS0073|,
BoonevillePrentissMS14 km E on Big Brown Creek near Hare's Mill siteinvertebrates and a few vertebratesMS0074|,
MariettaPrentissMS400 meters W on Baldwyn Roadinvertebrates,fish remainsMS0075|,
BrandonRankinMS3 km S in quarryOligoceneinvertebratesMS0076|,
BrandonRankinMS3.2km SW in Marquette Cement Co QuarryOligoceneMint Spring Marlmollusks Chlamys.MS0077|,
SylvarenaSmithMS1.2 km S near Leaf River in greenish marl exposuresOligoceneVicksburgVery large Oysters (30cm long)MS0078|,
SylvarenaSmithMS3 km E in lime quarry a E side of W Tallahala Creek on MS18?MS0079|,
SylvarenaSmithMS3.2km E of County Lime Quarry and E of West Tallahala Creek on MS18OligoceneMint Spring Marlmollusks ChlamysMS0080|,
RipleyTippahMS5 km NE along Owl Creek bluffsCretaceous UpperOwl Creek Marlfriable,well preserved fossils - Ostrea,Exogyra,Gryphaea,Trigonia,Baculites,Scaphites,Sea Urchins,fish teethMS0081|,
RipleyTippahMSarea exposuresCretaceousRipleynumerous fossilsMS0083|,
RipleyTippahMSexposures between Pontotoc and TN lineCretaceous UpperOwl Creek Marlfriable,well preserved fossils - Ostrea,Exogyra,Gryphaea,Trigonia,Baculites,Scaphites,Sea Urchins,fish teethMS0082|,
Big SpringsTishomingoMSIn area cuts and quarriesDevonianIukaCup corals,blastoids,crinoid stems,bryozoa,brachiopodsMS0084|,
CherokeeTishomingoMS6 km W 2 km W of Bear CreekDevoniancup corals,crinoid stems. bryozoa,brachiopods,pelecypods,gastropods,trilobite fragments - Lithostrotion masses abundantMS0085|,
CherokeeTishomingoMSIn quarry of John A Denie and Sons as well as adjacent hillDevoniancup corals,crinoid stems,bryozoa,brachiopods,pelecypods,gastropods,trilobite fragments -Lithostrotion masses abundantMS0086|,
EastportTishomingoMS3 km away at Bear Creek Estuary in shale in banksDevoniantrilobites,brachiopodsMS0087|,
Island HillTishomingoMSon Yellow Creek in limestonesDevonianNew Scotlandabundant brachiopods,gastropods,fish plates,crustacea,crinoid stems,bryozoa,pelecypodsMS0088|,
IukaTishomingoMSIn area outcropsDevonianIukabryozoa,brachiopods,pelecypods,crustacea,blastoidsMS0089|,
IukaTishomingoMSalong sw1/4 s17t2sr11eDevonianIukabryozoa,brachiopods,pelecypods,crustacea,blastoidsMS0090s17t2sr11e|,
IukaTishomingoMSmidway to Tishomingo City in regional exposuresMississippianTuscumbiaPlatycrinus,crinoids,corals,trilobites,mollusksMS0091|,
Yellow Creek ValleyTishomingoMSarea outcrops throughout countyDevonianNew Scotlandwell preserved Leptaena,Stropheodonta,Tentaculites,Spirifer,Anoplotheca,Dalmanites fragmentsMS0092|,
Yellow Creek ValleyTishomingoMSbluffs and ravines near Tennessee RiverDevonianNew Scotlandwell preserved Leptaena,Stropheodonta,Tentaculites,Spirifer,Anoplotheca,Dalmanites fragmentsMS0093|,
Yellow Creek ValleyTishomingoMSon E side in cliffs about 5 km from stream mouthDevonianNew Scotlandwell preserved Leptaena,Stropheodonta,Tentaculites,Spirifer,Anoplotheca,Dalmanites fragmentsMS0094|,
Blue SpringsUnionMS4 km NW at RR cut at bridge over branch of Cherry CreekCretaceousRipleyExogyra.MS0095|,
KeownvilleUnionMS2 km NE at Lees mill site on headwater branch of Tallahatchie RiverCretaceousRipleyExogyraMS0096|,
MolinoUnionMS5 km S in bluff on small streamCretaceousRipleyExogyraMS0097|,
New AlbanyUnionMS3 km E in RR cuts along Frisco RRPaleoceneClaytonTurritella mortoni very abundant.MS0098|,
New AlbanyUnionMS5 km S on Hwy 15Cretaceous UpperOwl Creekmollusks,sea urchin - Linthia,Idonearca,TrigoniaMS0099|,
New AlbanyUnionMS5.5 km S in road cuts on MS15Cretaceous UpperfossilsMS0100|,
New AlbanyUnionMSin cut on St Louis-San Francisco RR 7 km S.PaleoceneClaytonHamulus,Lima,HalymenitesMS0101|,
WallervilleUnionMS6 km NE in roadside ditch on local road on NE slope of tributary of Brown's CreekCretaceousRipleyExogyraMS0102|,
VicksburgWarrenMSCoral Oculina?MS0104|,
VicksburgWarrenMSIn Mississippi City bluffs in marine limestones in marlEocene-Oligoceneabundant marine fossils - Dentalium,pteropods - Styliola,LucinaMS0105|,
VicksburgWarrenMSIn gorges of small streams in cityEocene-Oligoceneabundant marine fossils-Dentalium;pteropods-Styliola,LucinaMS0106|,
VicksburgWarrenMSnear city cemetery in road cuts in Pliocene Loess bluffsPlioceneabundant land snails of many species. A few vertebrates - tigers,sloth,tapir,horses. deer,bison,elephant,mastodonMS0107|,
Wayne CountyWayneMSIn area Limestone outcropsOligoceneVicksburgTeredoMS0108|,
SartariaYazooMS2.5 km S on Locust Grove Plantation in deep ravinesEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bonesMS0109|,
SartariaYazooMSIn area Eocene outcropsEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bonesMS0110|,
Thompson CreekYazooMSEoceneChadron Age Mammal Reference LocationMS0111|,
Yazoo CityYazooMSIn marls in bluffsEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bones and teethMS0112|,
-[?]MSIn marls from Yazoo City through Madison County,Northern Hinds County to Scott,Jasper,Smith and Clarke countiesEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bones and teethMS0113|,
-[?]MSIn outcropsEoceneWhales -- Zeuglodon,Zygorhiza usually found in association with shark teeth --CarcharodonMS0114|,

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