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Black IslandEasternMBIn Limestone beds in cliffs at North end. Possibly also exposed in abandoned quarries in the areaOrdovicianmicrofossils,small fossils.MB0001|,
Black IslandEasternMBIn two abandoned quarriesOrdovicianWorm burrows weathering out.MB0002|,
Grand RapidsInterlakeMBN or Grand Rapids off Hwy 6 in abandoned channelSilurianInterlakeStromatolitesMB0003|,
InwoodInterlakeMBN on Hwy 17SilurianInterlake GroupfossilsMB0004|,
LundarInterlakeMB20 km NW,E of Lake Manitoba at Lily Bay Quarry. On E side of Hwy 418 in limestones and shales.DevonianElm Point|AshernfossilsMB0005|,
LundarInterlakeMBin dolomite outcropsSilurianCedar Lake (MB)fossilsMB0006|,
The Narrows (Lake Manitoba)InterlakeMBoff Hwy 68 in quarry and roadside exposures.Devonian UpperDawson BayfossilsMB0007|,
Lake WinnipegInterlake?MBin area exposuresOrdovicianAlgaeMB0008|,
ChurchillNorth of 53MBOrdovicianfossilsMB0009|,
Grass River Provincial ParkNorth of 53MBOn Hwy 39 2 km E of Tramping Lake just E of park between The Pas and ThompsonOrdovicianRed River (MB)fossilsMB0010|,
Clearwater LakeNorth of 53?MBon S shore at 'The Caves' Nature TrailSilurianEast ArmfossilsMB0011|,
Dawson BayParkland-WesternMBLake Winnipegosis off Pelican Rapids Rd 11 km W of Pelican Rapids in road cutsDevonianSouris RiverBrachiopodsMB0012|,
Red River Bridge ParkParkland-WesternMBIn road cut on Hwy 10 8 km N of Pelican Rapids Road.DevonianDawson BayfossilsMB0013|,
Lake WinnipegosisParkland-Western?MBSilurianClear Lake (MB)TrilobitesMB0015|,
WinnipegosisParkland-Western?MB10 km SE off Hwy 269. at Paradise Beach on Lake Winnipegosis in beach,shore,quarry exposuresDevonianVermillion RiverBrachiopods,corals,stromatolitesMB0016|,
WinnipegosisParkland-Western?MBS of town on Hwy20 in quarry and roadside ditch.Devonian UpperSouris RiverfossilsMB0017|,
MiamiPembina Valley-Central PlainsMB15 km SW off Hwy 338 near Morden.Cretaceous UpperVermillion Rivermosasaurs,plesiosaursMB0018|,
MiamiPembina Valley-Central PlainsMB5 km SW off Hwy 338.Cretaceous UpperVermillion Rivermosasaurs,plesiosaursMB0019|,
WawanesaWesternMBN of Hwy2 in concretions in bank of River.Cretaceous UpperMillwood Shalepelecypods,ammonites?MB0020|,
GarsonWinnipeg?MBin 'Tyndall Stone' quarriesOrdovicianRed River (MB)Abundant Ordovician Fossils,brachiopods,mollusks,trilobites,etcMB0021|,
GarsonWinnipeg?MBin Quarry of Hwy 44 near townOrdovicianRed River (MB)corals,gastropods,Receptaculites,trilobitesMB0022|,
Garson--LockportWinnipeg?MBOrdovicianGastropods - MacluritesMB0023|,
StonewallWinnipeg?MBon NE corner of junction of Hwy67 and Hwy236. (Entrance Fee)OrdovicianStony MountainfossilsMB0024|,
Stony MountainWinnipeg?MBOrdovicianfossilsMB0025|,
Stony MountainWinnipeg?MBQuarry NE of townOrdovicianStony Mountainbrachiopods and coralsMB0026|,

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