US And Canadian Fossil Sites -- Data for CALIFORNIA

Version 0810 current as of OCT 2008.

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FremontAlamedaCAalong creek bed in Bell QuarryPleistocene?Santa Clara (California)plants,fresh water invertebrates,vertebratesCA0584|,
IrvingtonAlamedaCAin gravel beds?PleistoceneMammal Fossils-Antelope,MammothsCA0585|,
LivermoreAlamedaCA13 km SE on Arroyo del Valle SE1/4t4sr2e.CretaceousHorsetownLytocerasCA0003SE1/4t4sr2e|,
LivermoreAlamedaCAIn creek cut in SE1/4S25T3sr3e near junction of Livermore Rd and Western Pacific RR.Eocene UpperTejonPanopeaCA0004SE1/4S25T3sr3e|,
LivermoreAlamedaCAnear Altamont PassMioceneSan Pablofossil plantsCA0005|,
PleasantonAlamedaCAIn RR cut on Pleasanton-Sunol RoadMioceneBrionesBroad Marine fauna.CA0006|,
Sunol ParkAlamedaCAOff I680 SE of Fremont,CA,In sandstone boulders along visitor trail.Cretaceous?Franciscanabundant fossils.CA0007|,
Bear ValleyAlpineCAMount Reba Fauna 38-31N 120-01WPliocene Lower6+ species of plantsCA000838-31N 120-01W|,
KirkwoodAlpineCACarson Pass Fauna 38-41n 120.34WMiocene Middleplant fossilsCA000938-41n 120.34W|,
MarkleevilleAlpineCAEbetts Pass Fauna 38-32n 119.48WMiocene Middleplant fossilsCA001038-32n 119.48W|,
MarkleevilleAlpineCANiagara Fauna 38-40n 119.48WMiocene Middleplant fossilsCA001138-40n 119.48W|,
-ButteCAat Butte County Hospital 2 km N N1/2s36t20nr3eEoceneTejonNyctilochusCA0019N1/2s36t20nr3e|,
Chico CreekButteCACretaceousammonitesCA0012|,
Feather RiverButteCA1 km S of old Banner Mine on River bank in se1/4s32t20nr4e inJurassicAbundant fossil plantsCA0013Original says Oroville formation, But that probably is meant to indicate similarity to the Monte de Oro formation at Orovillese1/4s32t20nr4e|,
Feather RiverButteCA1.5 km S of old Banner Mine in ravine.fossil plantsCA0014|,
Feather RiverButteCAon dumps of old Banner Mine.fossil plantsCA0015|,
OrovilleButteCACretaceousChico (CA)fish teeth-EnchodusCA0016|,
OrovilleButteCA4 km N n1/2s31t20nr4eEoceneTejonAcmea(Limpet),Cerithiopsis,DrilliaCA0017n1/2s31t20nr4e|,
OrovilleButteCANE In an area of a few square km 4.8kmJurassicMonte de Oro52 plant speciesCA0594|,
Reynolds FerryButteCAAt Botwick's bar in the Stanislaus River inJurassicMariposaOecotraustes,PerisphinctesCA0018|,
MokelumneCalaverasCAValley Spring Fauna 38-19N 120-46WMiocene Middle17 Plant SpeciesCA002038-19N 120-46W|,
Wilbur SpringsColusaCAIn white Cretaceous Limestone on Sulphur CreekCretaceousTurboCA0021|,
WilliamsColusaCAS of road between Williams and the springs in first range of foothills.CretaceousChico (CA)Atresius[?],Ringinella,Liocium,Cordiera,Palaetractus[?]CA0022No citations for 'Atresius (lirata)'/'Palaetractus (crassus)' or anything similar 050522|,
WilliamsColusaCAW on US20 at Hot Sulphur Springs in NW1/4t1nr4wCretaceousKnoxvilleModiolaCA0023NW1/4t1nr4w|,
BerkeleyContra CostaCAAt mouth of Strawberry Canyon inJurassicKnoxvillePectenCA0024|,
BerkeleyContra CostaCAS of I8(?) and E of I5 In hills E of city. In ash beds above pebbly conglomeratePliocenemammal bones and teethCA0025|,
ClaytonContra CostaCA5 km NEEoceneTejonFlabellum,Trochocyathus.CA0026|,
ClaytonContra CostaCA7 meters E abundant fossilsCuspidariaCA0027|,
ClaytonContra CostaCAN of Mt DiabloMioceneSan Pablofossil plantsCA0028|,
HerculesContra CostaCAat Pecten Pt in San Pablo Baylarge number of Pecten at tidal level.CA0029|,
Kirker PassContra CostaCAMioceneSan PabloLittorina,CerithiopsisCA0030|,
Las Trampas RidgeContra CostaCACerithiopsisCA0031|,
MartinezContra CostaCA2 km W in massive LimestoneTrochosmiliaCA0032|,
MartinezContra CostaCAAt bulls head Point in n1/2s82nr2w in gray-green LimestoneEoceneMartinez (California)Aporrhais,Solen,Cinula,Morio,NeptuneaCA0033n1/2s82nr2w|,
MartinezContra CostaCAIn area cutbacks and ravines in gray-green LimestoneEoceneMartinez (California)Aporrhais,Solen,Cinula,Morio,NeptuneaCA0034|,
MartinezContra CostaCAIn sw1/4s23t2nr3wCretaceousChico (CA)Inoceramus,CucullaeaCA0035sw1/4s23t2nr3w|,
MartinezContra CostaCANE,in ne1/4s8t2nr2wCretaceousShastaOlivella,DentaliumCA0036ne1/4s8t2nr2w|,
Mount DiabloContra CostaCAIn Bagley Creek 2 km from summit inJurassicKnoxvilleAucellaCA0037|,
Mount DiabloContra CostaCAIn southernmost foothills it Black Hawk QuarryPliocenewide variety of Pliocene mammals - Mastodon,beaver,dog,Aelurodon,Bassariscus,Pseudaelurus,Merycodus,rabbit,ground squirrel,fox,weasel,raccoon,Smilodon,horse,peccary,camel,OreodontsCA0038|,
Mount DiabloContra CostaCAon S side in se1/4sw1/4s9t1sr1eCretaceousChico (CA)TrochocyathusCA0039se1/4sw1/4s9t1sr1e|,
Muir StationContra CostaCA4 km due SEoceneMartinez (California)Hercoglossa. Nerita. Nautilus,Anchura,Surcula,FissurellaCA0040|,
PachecoContra CostaCA2 km N in ne1/4 s27t2nr2wTellinaCA0041ne1/4 s27t2nr2w|,
PachecoContra CostaCANW in sw1/4s21t2nr1wEocene UpperTejonSpatangus(an urchin)CA0042sw1/4s21t2nr1w|,
PittsburgContra CostaCA5 km S 2 km W of Kirker CreekOligoceneSan LorenzoActaeon,Clavella,ModiolusCA0043|,
RodeoContra CostaCA400 meters EMiocene UpperSan PabloCerithiumCA0044|,
San Pablo BayContra CostaCAs1/2s11t2nr4wMiocene UpperSan PabloMacomaCA0045s1/2s11t2nr4w|,
Sobrante RidgeContra CostaCAN in valley on W fork of Bear Creek.OligoceneTurris,FusinusCA0046|,
StewartsvilleContra CostaCA2 km S in nw1/4s15t1nr1eEoceneMartinez (California)Turritella,AmauropsisCA0047nw1/4s15t1nr1e|,
Walnut CreekContra CostaCA1 km S of town center in road cuts in FormationOligoceneSan LorenzoCancellaria,Turris,Dentalium,Serpula,Pandora,Antigonia[?]CA0048|,
AuburnEl DoradoCA10 km E at Hawver Cave in w1/2s7t12nr9e in cave depositsPleistoceneNototherium,Felis(Cougar)CA0049'Nototherium' is a giant marsupial form from the Pliocene of Australia.w1/2s7t12nr9e|,
CoalingaFresnoCA23.5 km NEoceneTejonSpiroglyphusCA0050|,
CoalingaFresnoCA25.6 km W on branch of Salt Creek s15t18sr13eTurbinolia,Trochocyathus,FlabellumCA0051s15t18sr13e|,
CoalingaFresnoCA7 km WTellina,TritonideaCA0052|,
CoalingaFresnoCAIn Kettleman Hills 12.8 km SE of NW end of hillsPlioceneEtchegoinSismondiaCA0053|,
CoalingaFresnoCAIn small canyons South of TownFossilsCA0054|,
CoalingaFresnoCAJoaquin RidgeCretaceousammonites.CA0055|,
CoalingaFresnoCALos Gatos CreekCretaceousammonites.CA0056|,
CoalingaFresnoCARagged ValleyCretaceousammonites.CA0057|,
CoalingaFresnoCAWarthan CreekCretaceousammonites.CA0058Original says 'Walthan' Creek. There is no such place?|,
CoalingaFresnoCAat Coalinga Oil Filed NW corner s22t19sr15e on hillsideMioceneSanta MargaritaLyropecten,Ostrea,BarnaclesCA0059s22t19sr15e|,
CoalingaFresnoCAon Anticline Ridge,in NE corner S3T20Sr15ePlioceneEtchegoinpelecypods,gastropodsCA0060S3T20Sr15e|,
FresnoFresnoCAFresno Hadrosaur presumably from Coast ranges W of Fresno.CA0061|,
Jacalitos CreekFresnoCAin S26t21sr15eMiocene UpperEtchegoinbarnacle reefCA0062There is a Jacalitos Creek in Fresno County near CoalingaS26t21sr15e|,
Kettleman HillsFresnoCAIn Central part of hillsLittorinaCA0063|,
New IdriaFresnoCA19 km N on San Carlos Creek in nw1/4s29t15sr13eCretaceousChico (CA)BaculitesCA0064nw1/4s29t15sr13e|,
Panoche HillsFresnoCACretaceousammonites.CA0065|,
Panoche HillsFresnoCACretaceous UpperMorenoOphiuroids (brittlestars)CA0066|,
Parson's PeakFresnoCAnw1/4s24t18sr14eEoceneTejonGlycymeris,Phacoides,TurrisCA0067nw1/4s24t18sr14e|,
Salt CreekFresnoCAnw1/4s15t18sr15eEoceneTejonCrassatellites,MetulaCA0068nw1/4s15t18sr15e|,
Wagonwheel MountainFresnoCAS36T25SR18E on west slope of mountainMioceneTemblorfossils in several beds -- mollusks,vertebrate bonesCA0069S36T25SR18E|,
WillowsGlennCA3 km N of Stonyford in large road cutJurassicKnoxvilleBuchia,ammonitesCA0070|,
Anza-BorregoImperialCAArea exposuresPlioceneLatraniaInvertebrates-Shark teeth-Carcharodon,Odontapsis,Isurus,Myliobatis;fish teethCA0071Collecting is not allowed in the State Park|,
Anza-Borrego DesertImperialCAIn Sandstone Canyon and adjacent badlands in Anza Borrego State ParkPliocene LowerHypolagus,Pewelagus,horses,camel tracks.CA0072|,
Coyote MountainsImperialCAon SE side in nw1/4s26t15sr10ePlioceneCarrizo (California)Clypeaster,HipponoeCA0073nw1/4s26t15sr10e|,
Coyote WellsImperialCAN inCretaceousclams,OystersCA0074|,
Plaster CityImperialCA2 km S of Dunaway Rd offramp from I8 in steep bank of washPleistoceneWell preserved fresh water mollusks - Physa,Helisoma,Hydrobia,Amnicola,AnodontaCA0075|,
Salton SeaImperialCAin sand and mud around the shores of the Salton Sea up to Sea Level about 70 meters above current water levels.Recentmollusk shellsCA0076|,
-InyoCAAnother good exposure is found on the Ridge South of the Saline Valley-Death Valley Road as it drops down toward the Eureka Valley 24-32 km East of Big Pine. Those roads are paved and maintained. Many other localities are accessible via dirt roads.CambrianCampito?CA0116|,
Andrews MountainInyoCAPrecambrianReed DolomiteAlgal structures near Middle of Formation{2}CA0077|,
Badger FlatInyoCAIn limestones overlying graptolitic shales South of Badger FlatOrdovicianBadger Flat LimestoneBrachiopods,Receptaculites,pelmatazoa,trilobites,gastropods.CA0078|,
Big PineInyoCARoughly 35 km SE E of summit on Saline Valley road on E slope in se1/4s35t10sr38e Mickwitzia,Holmia (Could be Harkless Formation)CambrianPoleta?CA0079se1/4s35t10sr38e|,
Coso MountainsInyoCAPliocene LowerCosoHorse teethCA0080|,
Cowhorn RidgeInyoCAE of the crest on both sides of the Death Valley road about 35 km East of Big Pine,CACambrianCampito?CA0081|,
DarwinInyoCAPermianLone Pine (CA)abundant Brachiopods,Fusulinids,CoralsCA0082|,
Darwin CanyonInyoCAPermian LowerOwens ValleyFusulinidsCA0083|,
Daylight PassInyoCABetween Grapevine and Funeral MountainsCambrian LowerWood CanyonNevadia,Nevadella{2}CA0084|,
Funeral MountainsInyoCACambrian LowerCarraratrilobites-Olenellus fremontiCA0085|,
Grapevine SpringsInyoCAIn s21t10sr42eOrdovicianPogonipOrthoceras,ClionychiaCA0086s21t10sr42e|,
HarklessInyoCAon divide between flats and Squaw in nw1/4s14t10sr35eCambrianCornfield Springsbrachiopods - Ehmania,Obolus,Pteropoda,Sponges?,Trilobites?CA0087nw1/4s14t10sr35e|,
Hastings SpringsInyoCAE in sw1/4s36t21nr8e inCambrian LowerSilver Peak GroupBillingsellaCA0088sw1/4s36t21nr8e|,
IndependenceInyoCAAt elbow of Mazourka Canyon in Inyo Mountains in SE1/4s31t11sr36e type locality ofOrdovician MiddleMazourkaOrthis,Encrinus,Cybeloides,Ceraurus,PliomeropsCA0089SE1/4s31t11sr36e|,
IndependenceInyoCAAt head of Mazourka Canyon in Inyo Mountains in s34t11sr36eCambrianSilver Peak GroupTrematobolusCA0090s34t11sr36e|,
Inyo MountainsInyoCAIn area exposures of Deep Springs Limestone in the Wyattia zone in recrystallized limestoneEdiacaranDeep Springstubular fossils-Nevadatubulus,Coleoloides,Sinotubulites;hyolithid-SalanythecaCA0586|,
Inyo MountainsInyoCAOn Andrews Mountain above Harkless Flats about 20 km East of Big Pine,CACambrianCampito?CA0091|,
Last Chance RangeInyoCANear Cucomungo Springs in the Last Chance Range in CACambrianCampito?CA0092|,
Lost Burro GapInyoCAAt NW end of gap in quartzite and LimestoneDevonian-MississippianLost Burro|Tin Mountainbrachiopods,coralsCA0093|,
Nopah RangeInyoCAAt Emigrant Pass on Old Spanish TrailCambrian LowerCarraraOlenellus,Bristolia,PeachellaCA0094|,
Nopah RangeInyoCAAt the base of the Cambrian Nopah FormationCambrianNopahtrilobites and brachiopodsCA0095|,
Owens ValleyInyoCAIn Union Wash 4 km NE of ruins of Owenyo Station IN,Inyo Mountains N of road to Cerro Gordo. Much of the exposure is within a wilderness area and is closed to collectingTriassicUnion WashDiverse ammonite fauna - Owenites,Xenodiscus,Anasibirites,Sturia,Lanceolites,Clypeoceras,Lecanites,many others.CA0096|,
Owenyo StationInyoCAIn area of Union Wash-Reward Mine in se1/4s10t14sr36e inPermianOwenyo LimestoneEuphemusCA0097se1/4s10t14sr36e|,
Resting SpringsInyoCA11.5 km Eon E side of Pass inCambrian MiddleCornfield SpringsObolusCA0098sw1/4s10t21nr8e|,
Resting SpringsInyoCAOn Armagosa River in sw1/4s10t21nr8eCambrianSilver Peak SandstonesOlenellusCA0099sw1/4s10t21nr8e|,
Saline ValleyInyoCASE of Waucoba Springs in the Saline ValleyCambrianCampito?CA0100|,
ShoshoneInyoCAE on road to Pahrump,NV,(Old Spanish Trail) 500 meters W of summit in road cuts on S side of road in green and maroon Pyramid shales (N side of road is a wilderness areaCambrianCarraraOlenellus cephalons,rarely complete specimens.CA0101|,
ShoshoneInyoCAIn broad valley to the South of the Valley that the paved road follows over Emigrant PassCambrianCarraratrilobite cephalonsCA0102|,
Slate RangeInyoCA400 meters N or Limestone quarry at N end of rangeMississippianPerdido|Tin Mountainabundant crinoid stemsCA0103|,
Slate RangeInyoCAin 2 to 8 meter thick lacustrian limestonesMiocene-Pliocenetwigs,mollusks-Corteus[?]CA0104No citations for 'Corteus' a mollusk 050522|,
Southern White MountainsInyoCAPrecambrianDeep SpringsWyattia -- a small conical fossil -- near bottom of Formation{2}CA0105|,
Southern White MountainsInyoCAPrecambrianReed DolomiteWyattia near top of Formation{2}CA0106|,
Tecopa LakeInyoCAFrom lacustrian deposits at ancient terminus of the Armagosa RiverPlioceneCamels,other vertebratesCA0107CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permission|,
Union Springs-Inyo MountainsInyoCA2 km E on S side of McAboy[?] trail over Union Wash in se1/4s23t14sr36e in Triassic rocksTriassicUnion WashXenodiscus,Hungarites,Tirolites,PopanocerasCA0108Couldn't identify a Union Spring or McAboy Trail in the Union Wash area. Only 'trail' in the area is a footpath(?) a few km South crossing Inyo range via Forgotten Pass.se1/4s23t14sr36e|,
Union Springs-Inyo MountainsInyoCA3 km E in sw1/4s24t14sr36eTriassicUnion WashProphingites,Danubites,Aspenites,Meekoceras,Lecanites,Inyoites,XenaspisCA0109sw1/4s24t14sr36e|,
Union WashInyoCA250 meters N from town Lone Pine on CA14, Rt on Lone Pine-Narrow Gauge Rd. Rt 5 km E to Lone Pine-Owenyo Rd. Left. N 8.3 km to jeep trail. Rt,2.7 km. Park. Hike down into Union Wash. Parapopanoceras beds are 1 meter black Limestone high on very steep sTriassicUnion Wash?CA0110|,
Union Wash-Inyo MountainsInyoCATriassicUnion WashMany Triassic Cephalopods -- Inyoites,Lanceolites,Pseudosageceras,Nannites,XenaspisCA0111|,
Waucoba SpringsInyoCA1.6km E of Saline Valley Rd 4km ENE of Waucoba Springs, in indurated shalesCambrian LowerBrachiopod fragments-MickwitziaCA0593Walcott-Cambrian Geology and Paleontology P54|,
White MountainsInyoCAPrecambrianDeep SpringsPteridinium in Middle member{2}CA0112|,
White MountainsInyoCAGood exposures of the rocks can be found along the Westgard Pass Road and Bristlecone pine forest access road as they climb 2000m from the desert at the Owens Valley floor to the treeline high up in the White Mountains.CambrianCampito?CA0113|,
White--Inyo MountainsInyoCACambrian LowerHarkless|Campito|PoletaTrilobites - Fallotaspis,Traces fossils - Scolicia ) Harkless fm),Rusophycus (Campito Fm),Skolithos (Poleta fm),Planolites (Harkless Fm),Arthrophycus (Campito Fm).CA0114|,
White-Inyo MountainsInyoCACambrian LowerPoletaHelicoplacus (an Echinoderm){2}CA0115|,
-KernCAEoceneRicardovertebrates-Paracosoryx,ProtolabisCA0140CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permission|,
BakersfieldKernCAIn road cuts in unconsolidated sand on Granite Station Road several km N of China Grade Loop JunctionMiocene LowerPyramid Hill SandMarine Vertebrate Teeth -Myliobatis,Isurus,sawfishCA0117|,
BakersfieldKernCAN and somewhat E on Road to Granite Station in pockets in Road CutsMioceneTemblormarine vertebrate teeth,Myliobatis,Isurus,etc.CA0118|,
BakersfieldKernCAN of Poso Creek in road cut in chalky bed of poorly preserved mollusksMioceneTemblorsmall marine vertebrate teeth and a few bonesCA0119|,
BakersfieldKernCANE,on China Grade Loop as it climbs out of Kern River Canyon. On First small hill on left of road and East along Ridge to Right of road. Vertebrate teeth weathering out of shale. (Note: Well preserved mollusks are exposed 20 meters lower in sandstone bedMioceneTemblorVertebrate teeth,mollusks.CA0120|,
Barker's RanchKernCAs1/2s33t28sr19eMioceneMonterey?marine vertebrates - Paleorhinus,Heptranchias,Agasoma,RhinopteraCA0121'Paleorhinus' is a Mesozoic phytosaur. 'Agasoma' is a gastropod.s1/2s33t28sr19e|,
El Paso MountainsKernCAthick sequencePaleozoicSchwagerinaCA0122|,
Fort TejonKernCAalong Alizos CreekCretaceousTritonium,Olivella,FasciolariaCA0123Can't find an Alizos Creek or anything similar near Fort Tejon,but many of the drainages seem to be unnamed on USGS maps|,
Fort TejonKernCAalong Alizos Creek in ne1/4s16t9nr19w inCretaceous UpperChico (CA)Septifer,Conus,Meretrix,ArchitectonicaCA0124Can't find an Alizos Creek or anything similar near Fort Tejon,but many of the drainages seem to be unnamed on USGS mapsne1/4s16t9nr19w|,
Kern RiverKernCAlow in cliffs on S side of River opposite Hart Memorial Park E of BakersfieldMioceneTemblorAbundant vertebrate teeth in bone bed.CA0125|,
Kettleman HillsKernCAPlioceneSan JoaquinEchinodermsCA0126|,
Kettleman HillsKernCAPlioceneSan JoaquinMollusks - TurritellaCA0127|,
Kettleman HillsKernCAIn Pliocene San Joaquin FormationPlioceneSan JoaquinEchinodermsCA0128|,
Kettleman HillsKernCAIn Pliocene San Joaquin Formation.PlioceneSan JoaquinMollusks - TurritellaCA0129|,
McKittrickKernCAtar pit deposits similar to Rancho La BreaPleistocenemammals,insects,plantsCA0130|,
Oil CityKernCAn1/2s10t29sr28e in shaleMioceneMontereyMyliobatis,SquatinaCA0131n1/2s10t29sr28e|,
Paso CreekKernCAMioceneRound Mountainshark-CetorhinusCA0132|,
Phillips RanchKernCAMiocene (Hemingford)Kinnickvertebrates-Merychippus,MoropusCA0133CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permission|,
RicardoKernCAMioceneDove SpringMammal FossilsCA0134|,
San Emigdio CanyonKernCAon E side in lower bluffs in nw1/4s16t10nr21EOligoceneSan EmigdioSiphonaliaCA0135nw1/4s16t10nr21E|,
Sharktooth HillKernCAIn S25t28sr28e in bedsMioceneTemblorbirds-Puffinis,Moris(Gannet),Presbychen;AllodesmusCA0136S25t28sr28e|,
TehachapiKernCATehachapi Fauna 35-14N 118-14WMiocene Middle70 Species of PlantsCA013735-14N 118-14W|,
Tejon HillsKernCAat S end of San Joaquin ValleyProtohippusCA0138|,
Tejon HillsKernCAon W side of Comanche Creek in nw1/4s13t32sr29wMiocene UpperSanta MargaritaPectenCA0139nw1/4s13t32sr29w|,
AvenalKingsCA8 km E and 2 km S in Arroyo Bifido area SE of s35t21sr17ePlioceneSan Joaquinmollusks,bryozoaCA014136.068N 120.080W|,
AvenalKingsCA8 km E and 2 km S in La Ceja area SW of s35t21sr17ePlioceneSan Joaquinmollusks,microfossilsCA0142s35t21sr17e|,
AvenalKingsCAIn Big Tar Canyon in S7T23SR17EPlioceneEtchegoinabundant sand dollars,bryozoa,Balanus (barnacle)CA0143S7T23SR17E|,
AvenalKingsCAOn first high hill in Big Tar Canyon in S8T23SR17EPlioceneEtchegoinmollusksCA0144S8T23SR17E|,
AvenalKingsCAOn first high hill on left in Big Tar Canyon in S8T23SR17EPlioceneEtchegoinmollusksCA0145S8T23SR17E|,
AvenalKingsCAat Double Hill in NE1/4s2t22sr17E in hill top exposurePlioceneEtchegoinmollusks,echinodermsCA0146NE1/4s2t22sr17|,
Kettleman HillsKingsCAPliocene MiddleSan JoaquinPelecypods,echinoidsCA0147|,
Kettleman HillsKingsCA'Navy Pipeline Locality'. In extensive exposures of 3-6m thick fossil bed Permission required from Chevron Oil Company in BakersfieldPlioceneTulare|San Joaquin|Etchegoinabundant,well preserved mollusks,sand dollars-Dendraster;fish tumors;mammals-beaverCA0148|,
Grizzly Canyon RdLakeCANear divide between Burns Valley and Cache Creek N forkPlioceneAnodonta,ValvataCA0150|,
Herndon CreekLakeCATurritellaCA0151|,
Lower LakeLakeCAEoceneMartinez (California)ModiolusCA0152|,
Lower LakeLakeCA400 meters Ene1/4s11t12Nr7wEoceneMartinez (California)Macrocallista,Tellina,Fusus,Meretrix,Yoldia,Phacoides,Ostrea,Macrocallista,PaphiaCA0153Ene1/4s11t12Nr7w|,
Puta CreekLakeCAtype localityJurassicKnoxvilleAucella,ArcaCA0154|,
SusanvilleLassenCA12 km SW on slope above Gold Creek in Eocene gold bearing gravelsEocenefossil plants Oreodaphne(Sassafras)CA0155|,
SusanvilleLassenCA40-30n 120-40WEocene Middle22 species of plantsCA0156|,
Benedict CanyonLos AngelesCAS27,S34T1NR10WMioceneModeloForams,fish scalesCA0157S27,S34T1NR10W|,
CalabasasLos AngelesCA5 km S along Topanga-Dry Canyon RdMioceneVaqueros?CA0158|,
CalabasasLos AngelesCAOld Topanga Canyon Rd. From Summit down hill in many exposures [This exposure is almost certainly Topanga Formation,not Vaqueros]MioceneVaqueros??CA0159|,
El SerenoLos AngelesCAarea exposuresMiocenePuenteplants -- Willow,Oak,Magnolia. Fish Scales,Invertebrates in diatomite and mudstone.CA0160|,
Elsmere CanyonLos AngelesCAPlioceneTurris,Astrodapsis,Cancellaria,ChioneCA0161|,
Exposition ParkLos AngelesCALA County Museum,Good displays of Rancho La Brea fossilsPleistocene?CA0162|,
GlendoraLos AngelesCAMioceneTopangastomatopod crustaceaCA0587|,
Hancock ParkLos AngelesCAat corner of La Brea Blvd and Wilshire Blvd - La Brea Tar Pits. Pleistocene mammals. Displayed in Museum. No collectingPleistoceneTeratornis,Breameryx,Megalonyx,Nothrotherium,Tremarctotherium,Mammuthus,Mammut,Camelops,Equus,Smilodon,Canis,Felis,Many modern forms.CA0164|,
La Brea Tar PitsLos AngelesCATar bedsPleistoceneInsects - ColeopteraCA0165|,
LomitaLos AngelesCALomita quarry near intersection of Hawthorne Blvd and Wilmington Blvd.PleistoceneCassidulinaCA0166|,
Long BeachLos AngelesCAat Signal HillPleistocenemollusksCA0167|,
Los AngelesLos AngelesCA3rd Street TunnelPlioceneMancallaCA0168|,
Los AngelesLos AngelesCACorner of 4th and BroadwayAstrangia(a coral),Borsonia,Pecten,Siphonalia(a whelk),Turris,CancellariaCA0169|,
Malibu CanyonLos AngelesCAnw1/4 s19tt1sr17WMioceneVaquerosPurpura|TegulaCA0170nw1/4 s19tt1sr17W|,
Mint CanyonLos AngelesCAse1/4s30t5nr14wTertiaryMint CanyonMiolabis(A camel)CA0171se1/4s30t5nr14w|,
NewhallLos AngelesCAElsmere CanyonPliocene?CA0172se1/4s30t5nr14w|,
Newhall RanchLos AngelesCAarea exposuresMioceneModelofish,birds,mollusks,plantsCA0173|,
Newhall RanchLos AngelesCAarea exposuresMiocene-PlioceneTowsleyvertebrates,invertebratesCA0174|,
Pacific PalisadesLos AngelesCAIn Temescal (Long Wharf)Canyon.PleistoceneIschnochiton,LeptochitonCA0175|,
Pacific PalisadesLos AngelesCAin Temescal CanyonPliocene?CA0176|,
Palos Verde HillsLos AngelesCAarea exposuresmarine VertebratesCA0177|,
Palos VerdesLos AngelesCAIn George F Canyon in Sandstone lensMioceneMonterey55 species of mollusksCA0178|,
PasadenaLos AngelesCAIn South PasadenaMioceneTopangastomatopod crustaceaCA0588|,
Pierce CollegeLos AngelesCAShark teeth,marine vertebratesCA0180|,
Playa del ReyLos AngelesCAVertebrate FossilsCA0181|,
Playa del ReyLos AngelesCANo modern references to this site. Presumably lost to development in the 1960s or soPleistoceneShark TeethCA0182|,
Point FerminLos AngelesCACallistochitonCA0183|,
Point FerminLos AngelesCAIn shale exposures above beachwhale bones,petrified woodCA0184|,
Rancho La BreaLos AngelesCAWilshire Blvd,In Pleistocene tar pitsPleistocenemany genera of mammals and birds. Smilodon,Canis,TeratornisCA0185|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAvertebrate fossilsCA0186|,
San PedroLos AngelesCACrayfish Georges's in road cut at intersection of 22nd St and Marina DrivePleistoceneSan Pedrovery diverse mollusks in 30cm bed.CA0187|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAIn bank below Harbor freeway near Gibson BlvdPleistoceneSan Pedro sand |Palos Verdes sandabundant mollusks.CA0188|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAIn lower part of city in Pleistocene exposures in road cutsPleistoceneoysters,clams,scallops,mussels,sand dollarsCA0189|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAat Berth 73 near the intersection of 22nd St and Signal St in San Pedro (Timms Point Silt Member)PleistoceneSan Pedrofossils?CA0190|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAdowntown on 2nd StreetPleistoceneTimms Pointmollusks,68 species of fishCA0191|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAin E San Pedro at Timms PointPleistoceneTimms PointmollusksCA0192|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAin area marine outcropsPleistocene?CA0193|,
San PedroLos AngelesCAnear Bay endCerithiopsisCA0194|,
Santa MonicaLos AngelesCAVertebrate fossilsCA0195|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCACretaceousammonites.CA0196|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCAAlong Dixie Canyon Avenue S34T1NR15W??,CA in very extensive exposuresMioceneModelodiatomsCA0197S34T1NR15W??,CA|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCAAlong Mullholland Drive near Las Virgines Drive in shales and sandstonesMioceneTopangafossilsCA0198|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCAAlong trail W of Tapia ParkMioceneTopangaMollusk molds and fossilsCA0589|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCAIn roadcut on Mulholland Drive just E of I405MioceneMontereyFish fossilsCA0590|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCAIn roadcuts on Mulholland Drive E of I405MioceneTopangaMollusks,marine vertebrate bonesCA0591|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCAOn Mullholland Drive E of San Diego Freeway near Fire StationMiocenefossil fishCA0202|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCAOn North slopes in shalesMioceneModelooccasional well preserved small fishCA0203|,
Santa Monica MountainsLos AngelesCASepulveda Canyon N of Mullholland DriveMioceneModelofish-LampanyctusCA0204|,
Soledad PassLos AngelesCAne1/4s31t5nr12wVertebrates,Etringus,Rogenio[?]CA0205No citations for 'Rogenio (bowersi)' 050522ne1/4s31t5nr12w|,
Spanish Bight San PedroLos AngelesCA14.4 km NE of intersection of Gaffey and Channel.Pleistocene UpperPalos Verdes Sand150 taxa of marine invertebrates.CA0206Surely Spanish Bight was in San Diego Bay and was filled in 1941|,
Timms Point - LA harborLos AngelesCACassidulinaCA0207|,
Topanga CanyonLos AngelesCAin roadcuts on Old Topanga Canyon road E of Mulholland driveMioceneTopangagastropods and pelecypodsCA0208|,
Topanga Canyon VillageLos AngelesCAW on Saddle Peak many fossiliferous exposuresMioceneTopanga?CA0209|,
West CovinaLos AngelesCASan Jose HillsMioceneModelofish-Bathylagus,Ganolytes?,Lampanyctus?,Plectrites?CA0210|,
White's PointLos AngelesCAPleistoceneCerithiopsisCA0211|,
Woodland HillsLos AngelesCAarea road cutsCretaceous?CA0212|,
BolinasMarinCAIn Sea Cliff on beachPlioceneNassaCA0213|,
Bolinas BayMarinCAse1/4s24t1nr8wMioceneMonterey ShaleCarcharodonCA0214se1/4s24t1nr8w|,
Marin HighlandsMarinCANear Golden Gate Bridge termination -- generally unfossiliferous - but ammonites in at least two localitiesMesozoicFranciscanAmmonitesCA0215|,
Millerton PtMarinCAAlong NE shore of Tomales Bay between Millerton Pt and Tom's Pt in sea cliffsPleistoceneMillertonMollusks-47 speciesCA0216|,
-Marin,SonomaCAbetween Santa Rosa Valley and Pacific CoastPliocene UpperMercedmollusksCA0217|,
Merced RiverMariposaCALeft Bank 400 meters below Old Benton Mill Site sw1/2s6t4sr17e - Gold Bearing Jurassic slatesJurassicAucella,Pholadomya,Belemnites,AmusiumCA0218sw1/2s6t4sr17e|,
Round ValleyMendocinoCAs6t21nr12wEoceneCapayTurritellaCA0219s6t21nr12w|,
Wallala[?]MendocinoCAsw1/4s27t11nr15wCretaceousGualala[?]Solarium,CoralliochamaCA0220Original says Wallala|Guala assumed to be 'Valhalla/Gualala' a stream in that areasw1/4s27t11nr15w|,
GustineMercedCAalong hills on W side of San Joaquin Valley in gulliesCretaceousMorenopelecypods,gastropods,Plotosaurus (a mosasaur),Elasmosaurus (plesiosaurs),Pternadon,ProsaurolophusCA0222|,
Pacheco PassMercedCAAt E end in se1/4s21t10sr7eCretaceousChico (CA)LunatiaCA0223se1/4s21t10sr7e|,
Pacheco Pass AreaMercedCACretaceousammonites.CA0224|,
AlturasModocCAAlturas Fauna 41-30n 120-35WMiocene Upper7 species of plantsCA0225|,
CanbyModocCAUpper Cedarville-Pit River Fauna 41-22n 121-4WMiocene Upper21 species of plantsCA0226|,
MontereyMontereyCA300 meters from trail at Jack's PeakLeaves and shellsCA0227|,
MontereyMontereyCAE,At Jacks Peak in Jacks Peak Park on Jacks Peak Rd off CA68. Take Skyline Trail 500m to Coffeyberry Trail. Best exposures on Coffeyberry Trail. No CollectingMioceneAguajitoFossil leaves,fish(rare),Decapods-PinnixaCA0228|,
MontereyMontereyCAIn shales down trail from West parking lot at Jack's PeakShells and leavesCA0229|,
Stone Canyon Coal MineMontereyCA8 km NW in nw1/4s6t22sr13eMioceneVaquerosScutella?CA0230nw1/4s6t22sr13e|,
Vaqueros CanyonMontereyCAAlong Ridge between Vaqueros and Reliz Canyons in nw1/4s26t20sr6eMiocene LowerVaquerosSolenosteira,MytilusCA0231nw1/4s26t20sr6e|,
Vaqueros CanyonMontereyCAN end of road along W side of divideAntigoniaCA0232Antigonia is Antigona in the original|,
KnoxvilleNapaCAOn road from Reed to Royal Quicksilver mine in n1/2s34t11nr5wCretaceousKnoxvilleAptychusCA0234n1/2s34t11nr5w|,
Rag CanyonNapaCACretaceous UpperChico (CA)ArcaCA0235|,
Buckeye Flat DiggingsNevadaCAAuriferous gravelsEocene MiddlePetrified WoodCA0236|,
Nevada CityNevadaCARemington Hill Fauna 39-17n 120-45WMiocene Upper32 species of plantsCA0237|,
Scotts Bluff ReservoirNevadaCAIn a layer of chocolate clay shales at the top of the mother load beds of auriferous gravels at Sailor Flat. The fossils are of real scientific interest and should not be casually collected. Several sites on private land and in Tahoe Natl ForestEoceneChalk Bluff (California)Chalk Bluff flora. unmineralized leaves - Many Species -- Cinnamon,Laurel,Sycamore,petrified wood.CA0238|,
-OrangeCANumerous (at least 19) localitiesMioceneCapistranoAbundant shark teethCA0260|,
-OrangeCAexposed discontinuously along coast from Newport to San Clemente as far inland as El ToroPlioceneCapistranoforams,ostracods,brachiopods,echinoids,mollusksCA0261|,
-OrangeCAin road cuts along the Eastern toll RoadCretaceousfossils from various formationsCA0262|,
-OrangeCAin road cuts along the Eastern toll RoadTertiaryfossils from various formationsCA0263|,
Abalone PtOrangeCA4 km N 21deg E in n1/2s14t7sr9wMioceneVaquerosModiolusCA0239n1/2s14t7sr9w|,
CarbondaleOrangeCAAt the now defunct town of Carbondale at the Mouth of Silverado Canyon in coal bedsPaleoceneSilverado (California)plant fossils (9)CA0240|,
El ToroOrangeCAMiocene-PlioceneCapistranoforams,ostracods,echinoderms,mollusksCA0241|,
El ToroOrangeCAIn Miocene marine vertebrates at Leisure World development. Now built overmarine vertebrates.CA0242|,
Ladd CanyonOrangeCAin Limestone on East ForkJurassicBedford Canyona few ammonitesCA0243|,
Ladd CanyonOrangeCAin gray LimestoneCarboniferous?pelecypods,corals,gastropodsCA0244|,
Lake ForestOrangeCAIn dry washMioceneTopangaPecten reefCA0245|,
McBride CanyonOrangeCAin Limestone near head of canyonJurassicBedford Canyona few ammonitesCA0246|,
Mission ViejoOrangeCAPlioceneNiguelabundant sea shellsCA0247|,
NewportOrangeCAshell beds in ravinesPleistocene?CA0249|,
Newport BayOrangeCAProbable Newport FormationPlioceneNewport (California)?Vertebrate fossilsCA0250|,
Newport BeachOrangeCAIn cliffs along CA1PleistocenePalos Verdes Sandfossils?CA0251|,
Newport BeachOrangeCAon private land not currently accessiblePlioceneNewport (California)seashells,vertebrate and sea bird fossils.CA0252|,
Plano TrabucoOrangeCAW end e1/2s28t6sr7wMiocene LowerVaquerosTurritellaCA0253W end e1/2s28t6sr7w|,
San ClementeOrangeCAN along coastMiocene-PlioceneCapistranoforams,ostracods,echinoderms,mollusksCA0254|,
San Joaquin HillsOrangeCAIn exposures on West side of hillsMioceneTopangaWhale bones,shark teeth,partial shark skeletons,etcCA0592|,
Santa Ana MountainsOrangeCACretaceousammonites.CA0256|,
Santiago CanyonOrangeCAsw1/4s8t5sr7wPectunculus,PholadomyaCA0257sw1/4s8t5sr7w|,
Silverado CanyonOrangeCAleft side in basal conglomerate 300m above Sea Level sw1/4s8t5sr7wTrigonarcaCA0258sw1/4s8t5sr7w|,
Silverado CanyonOrangeCAns1/4s17t5sr7wSchloenbachiaCA0259ns1/4s17t5sr7w|,
ColfaxPlacerCAAt Chalk Bluffs 39-15n 120-52WEocene Lower71 species of plantsCA0264|,
-PlumasCAMohawk Fauna 39-46n 120-38WMiocene Middle13 species of plantsCA0276|,
LaPortePlumasCA39-42n 120WOligocene Lower41 species of plantsCA0265|,
Mount JuraPlumasCAIn Hinchman Ravine N toward Mt JuraTrigoniaCA0266'Papilliceras'='Sonninia'|,
Mount JuraPlumasCAN SlopeLimaCA0267|,
Mount JuraPlumasCANW of Mount Jura near Deadfall LaneGervilliaCA0268|,
Mount JuraPlumasCASW SlopeGlyphaeaCA0269'Glyphaea' is a rare Jurassic Shrimp. The name is suspiciously close to a common fossil mollusk 'Gryphaea'|,
Mount JuraPlumasCASW of Mt Jura on slopes of Indian CreekPinnaCA0270|,
Mount JuraPlumasCASW slope in ravine in SW1/4s36t26nr10eJurassicMormonPapilliceras,OrnithellaCA0271SW1/4s36t26nr10e|,
Mount JuraPlumasCAmany area exposures?CA0272|,
TaylorsvillePlumasCA4 km SSE along banks of Montgomery Creek Sw1/4s11t26nr10eSilurianMontgomery (California) LimestoneStromatopora,Zaphrentis,Heliotis,Syringopora,Halysites,Orthis,OrmocerasCA0273Sw1/4s11t26nr10e|,
TaylorsvillePlumasCA5 km NE in S fork of Foreman's Ravine ne1/4s30t26nr11eJurassicForemanTrigoniaCA0274ne1/4s30t26nr11e|,
TaylorsvillePlumasCAon Mt Jura above County ParkJurassicHardgrave[?] SandstoneMollusks and leavesCA0275There is a county park on the lower slope of Mt Jura about 500m East of Taylorsville. Haven't found a description of the rock sequence there|,
ElsinoreRiversideCAat NW end of San Jacinto MountainsPlioceneMount EdenFossil PlantsCA0277|,
Elsinore QuadrangleRiversideCAsw1/4s24t3sr2wPliocene LowerMount EdenPliohippus,Procamelus,Pliauchenia,Prosthennops,Hypolagus,Hyaenarctos,Trilophodon(a mastodon)CA0278sw1/4s24t3sr2w|,
RiversideRiversideCAMount Edenvertebrates-TexocerosCA0279Formation is said to be well exposed S of Beaumont at West end of San Gorgonio Pass. CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permission|,
San Gorgonio PassRiversideCA2 km W of Thousand Palms CanyonPlioceneImperialfossilsCA0280|,
San JacintoRiversideCABautista Creek areavertebrates,TapirusCA0281CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permission|,
San JacintoRiversideCAsw1/4sw1/4s25t5sr1ePleistoceneBautistaEquusCA0282sw1/4sw1/4s25t5sr1e|,
Whitewater CanyonRiversideCAIn E wall of Canyon near mouthPlioceneImperialfossils?CA0283|,
Willis PalmsRiversideCA2 km W of Thousand Palms CanyonPlioceneImperialfossilsCA0284|,
WinchesterRiversideCASE in magnesite quarry in marbleCarboniferousa single fossilCA0285|,
Alexander HillsSan BernardinoCANannofossils in 12.Ma-1.4Ma stromatolites and algal mats in partially silicified dolomitesPrecambrianBeck Springs DolomiteAlgae-numerous taxa|,
BakerSan BernardinoCAPetrified Palm Wood somewhere in region.CA0286|,
BakerSan BernardinoCASmall hills next to the I15 access roadPermianBird SpringBrachiopodsCA0287|,
Baldwin LakeSan BernardinoCANE in LimestoneMississippianFurnaceDictyoclostus,Spirifer,CaniniaCA0288|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAMioceneBarstowMammal Reference LocationCA0289|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAMiocene UpperBarstowMammal FossilsCA0290|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAMiocene?Barstowmammal FossilsCA0291|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCA15 km NW in e1/2s32t11nr2wMioceneBarstowMerychippusCA0292e1/2s32t11nr2w|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCA18 km N of Black MountainCretaceoustypical fossilsCA0293Unlikely that this is Cretaceous. If marine,is probably Paleozoic or Triassic. If terrestrial,probably Miocene or quaternary.|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCASW1/4s31t11nr1eMioceneMojaveParahippus and other vertebrates.CA0294CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissionSW1/4s31t11nr1e|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAn1/2s33t11nr2wMioceneBarstowMerychippusCA0295CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissionn1/2s33t11nr2w|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAnw1/4s6t11nr1eMioceneMojaveMerycodusCA0296CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissionnw1/4s6t11nr1e|,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAsw1/4s31t11nr1wMioceneMojaveAlticamelusCA0297CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissionsw1/4s31t11nr1w|,
Bassett PointSan BernardinoCAIn extensive badlands exposed below point. I15 to Harvard off Ramp,East 5.3 km,Right across tracks,Straight 500 meters,Left 3.2 km,Left 650 meters to Parking area. Collecting is by BLM permit only.Pleistocene UpperManixFossils include 21 species of mammals including camels,horses,sloths,several carnivores and mammoth. There are 5 species of ostracods,11 mollusks,2 fish,a turtle,and 25 species of birds.CA0298Collecting is by BLM permit only.|,
CadizSan BernardinoCA2 km N 28 degrees E on N side of Canyon in green-gray shaleCambrianLathamPaedeumiasCA0299|,
CadizSan BernardinoCA3 km ENE in SE extremity of Marble MountainsCambrianCadiz ShaleCorynexochus,Bathyuriscus,Anomocarella,AcrocephalitesCA0300|,
CadizSan BernardinoCAA small hill North of the Ship Mountains SE of Cadiz CAPermianBird SpringBrachiopodsCA0301|,
Cady MountainsSan BernardinoCASW side of range 24 km E of NewberryMioceneOreodonts,Camels,Mustelids,CarnivoresCA0302|,
Cajon PassSan BernardinoCAin marine bedsCretaceous UpperPlesiosaur bonesCA0303|,
ChamblessSan BernardinoCA5 km NE S Slope in buff LimestoneCambrianDolichometopusCA0304|,
ChamblessSan BernardinoCA5 km NE in Limestone Ridge W side ne1/4s20t6nr14eCambrianLathamMesonacisCA0305'Mesonacis' is apparently a synonym for 'Olenellus'ne1/4s20t6nr14e|,
HectorSan BernardinoCA6.5 km N on SW side of Cady Mountainsvertebrates - camels,carnivores,OreodontsCA0306CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permission|,
HinkleySan BernardinoCA18 km NE in nw1/4s4t10nr1wMiocene UpperBarstowEutamias(chipmunk),Peromyscus(deer mouse)CA0307nw1/4s4t10nr1w|,
KelsoSan BernardinoCA6 km E on trail from Tough Nut Mine to mine WorkingsCambrian LowerMesonacisCA0308|,
KelsoSan BernardinoCANorthwestCambrianLatham?CA0309|,
Kingston RangeSan BernardinoCANannofossils in 12.Ma-1.4Ma stromatolites and algal mats in partially silicified dolomitesPrecambrianBeck Springs DolomiteAlgae-numerous taxa|,
Kingston Range?San BernardinoCAIn a chert layerProterozoicBeck Springs DolomiteBacteriaCA0310|,
Marble MountainsSan BernardinoCA16 km East of Amboy. East side of Range at the Southern tipCambrian LowerChamblesstrilobites,other fossilsCA0311|,
Marble MountainsSan BernardinoCA16 km East of Amboy. East side of Range at the Southern tipCambrian LowerLathamtrilobites,other fossilsCA0312|,
Marble MountainsSan BernardinoCA16 km East of Amboy. East side of Range at the Southern tipCambrian MiddleCadiz Shaletrilobites,other fossilsCA0313|,
Marble MountainsSan BernardinoCAEast of Amboy,North of old US 66 below highest peak in rangeCambrian?CA0314|,
Marble MountainsSan BernardinoCAEast of Amboy,West side of Range about 1 km N of South end of rangeCambrianLatham?CA0315|,
Mojave DesertSan BernardinoCAA various locations-Barstow-North End,Black Hill,Camp Quarry,Chert Ridge,Deep Quarry,Hidden Hollow,Leader Quarry,May Day Quarry,Ness Quarry,New Hope Quarry,New Years Quarry,Old Mill Quarry ...Miocene (Barstow)Barstowvertebrates--bird bones,many mammal taxaCA0316CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissionSee Barstow sites at for more details.|,
Mojave DesertSan BernardinoCAin nodules deposited in 125 sites along 480 km of ancient lakes.MioceneBriones|Cierboplants and silicified insectsCA0317|,
Mountain PassSan BernardinoCAJurassicAztecDinosaur tracksCA0318|,
NewberrySan BernardinoCA22.4 km E in Hector Fm on SW side of Cady Mountains,6.4 km N of Hector siding on AT+SF RROreodonts,Camelids,Mustelids,carnivores.CA0319|,
Providence MountainsSan BernardinoCAAt Providence Mine in se1/2s17t11nr14wCambrian LowerPaedeumiasCA0320se1/2s17t11nr14w|,
Providence MountainsSan BernardinoCAEast of Kelso,In strip along W side of rangeCambrian?CA0321|,
Rainbow BasinSan BernardinoCAMioceneBarstowHorse bones,camel tracksCA0322|,
Salt Spring HillsSan BernardinoCACambrian LowerWood CanyonVolborthellaCA0323|,
Salt Spring HillsSan BernardinoCANorth of Baker,CACambrianLatham?CA0324|,
San Gorgonio PassSan BernardinoCAto EastPleistoceneMammuthus bones and teethCA0325|,
VictorvilleSan BernardinoCAE in Limestone ConglomeratePennsylvanian-Permianbrachiopod-Meekela;mollusk-Heritschia;gastropod-Omphalotrochus?CA0326|,
YermoSan BernardinoCA8 km N in SE part of Calico Mountains 500 meters E of Mule Canyon Road. Disk shaped concretions (button beds) in petroliferous LimestoneMiocenesmall silicified insects,spiders,fairy shrimp,etc.CA0327|,
YermoSan BernardinoCA8km EMiocene (Barstow)Barstowbird bones,Aepycamelinae,Merriamoceros,Merychenia,Merychippus,Pliolabis,Pseudaelurus,RakomeryxCA0328See Barstow sites at for more details.|,
-San DiegoCACretaceous Uppermollusks,brachiopods,forams. ammonites: W and S ends of Pt LomaCA0414|,
Chula VistaSan DiegoCA5 km E in fossil canyonPlioceneSan Diego?CA0329|,
Cockatoo GroveSan DiegoCAjust WPlioceneSan DiegoPecten,DendrasterCA0330|,
CoronadoSan DiegoCAat Spanish BightPleistocenePecten,Arca,shark teethCA0331|,
Coyote MountainSan DiegoCAnear Dos Cabezos SpringsPlioceneCarrizo (California)Coral-Madrepora[?]CA0332'Madrippora' in the original|,
Del MarSan DiegoCAin isolated outcrops NE and SE of townJurassicBedford CanyonBuchia piochiiCA0333|,
False PtSan DiegoCAat S end of La Jolla business districtCretaceous?CA0334|,
GrantvilleSan DiegoCAnearby in bank of San Diego RiverEoceneexcellent vertebrate fossilsCA0335|,
La JollaSan DiegoCApelecypod PitarCA0336|,
La JollaSan DiegoCA1 km N of Scripps Institute near top of Sea CliffEoceneArdath|ScrippsFossilsCA0337|,
La JollaSan DiegoCAN side of Mt SoledadCretaceous?CA0338|,
La JollaSan DiegoCAat beachPleistocenePecten,Arca,shark teethCA0339|,
La MesaSan DiegoCAto North in area excavationsEocenePoway Conglomeratevertebrate fossilsCA0340|,
Mount SoledadSan DiegoCANorth sideCretaceousmollusks,brachiopods,forams,ammonitesCA0341|,
Murray CanyonSan DiegoCAOld Fenton Materials Company QuarryEoceneexcellent foraminifersCA0342|,
OceansideSan DiegoCAAt Ocean Ranch industrial park in marine and non-marine bedsEoceneSantiagoCrustacea-shrimp,crabs;sand dollars,mollusks,fossil fish,shark and ray teeth,gastropods,mammal bones-MetarhinusCA0343Material is probably inaccessible,but future development may expose similar beds in area|,
OceansideSan DiegoCAIn Road Cuts on S side of San Luis Rey River just E of I5 at Hill Street Off Ramp. One shark tooth Isurus found in float. Possibly eroded from overlying San Mateo Creek Formation when area was actively quarried.MioceneSan Onofre Brecciashark toothCA0344The Hill Street ramp was removed in the 1980s. CA78 was subsequently run through this general area|,
PT LomaSan DiegoCAat a locality on S end of point other than the southern tipCretaceouscephalopodsCA0345|,
Pacific BeachSan DiegoCAin Canyon 500 meters W of mouth of Rose CanyonPlioceneSan DiegoPectenCA0346|,
Pacific BeachSan DiegoCAin concretions in exposures N of Tourmaline St Surfing ParkEocenefossilsCA0347|,
Poway Pipeline TwoSan DiegoCAEoceneFriarsMammal FossilsCA0348|,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCAIn crevices and holes along the West side of the Pt Loma Peninsula in San DiegoRecentmany genera of mollusksCA0349|,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCASouthern and Western shoreCretaceousmollusks,brachiopods,forams,ammonitesCA0350|,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCAat NE end of peninsulaEoceneRose Canyona few fossilsCA0351|,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCAin gray shale at base of cliffs at extreme South end of the pointCretaceousBaculites,plants,forams,pelecypods,gastropods,cephalopods,brachiopodsCA0352|,
Rose CanyonSan DiegoCAEocenemollusksCA0353|,
Rose CanyonSan DiegoCASE of Mt Soledad and N of Ladrillo RR Station nw1/4s30t15sr3wEoceneRose Canyon ShaleLucina,MitraCA0354Ladrillo RR Station no longer existsnw1/4s30t15sr3w|,
Rose CanyonSan DiegoCASE of Mt Soledad and N of Ladrillo RR Station sw1/2s30t15sr3wEoceneRose Canyon ShalePecten,Fusinus,Natica,CorbulaCA0355Ladrillo RR Station no longer existssw1/2s30t15sr3w|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAPlioceneSan DiegoMollusksCA0356|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCA1 km E of I5 in S wall of Tecalote Creek NW of University of San DiegofossilsCA0357|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCA100 meters N of Friars Road in lower part of cliffs about 1 km E of San Diego Union High SchoolEoceneFriarsfossilsCA0358|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt Curtis St and also at Dumas StreetPleistoceneOstrea bedCA0359|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt Sunset Cliffs park along top of sea cliffPleistoceneBay Pointtide pool mollusksCA0360|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt base of bluff at foot of 26th St (reportedly now buried by dredging operationsPleistocenemollusksCA0361|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt intersection of 34th St and Tompkins StPlioceneSan DiegoOstreaCA0362|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt low elevations around Mission Bay and in the low lying area between Old Town and the Pt Loma Peninsula at San DiegoRecentmollusk shellsCA0363|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn S wall of Los Penasquitos Canyon just E of I5 near base and also near topEoceneArdathfossilsCA0364|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn W wall of Soledad Canyon 1 km S of Los Penasquitos Canyon just W of I5 near topEoceneArdath|ScrippsfossilsCA0365|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn banks of San Diego River near Friars Road and Ulric StreetEoceneExcellent vertebrate fossilsCA0366|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn cliffs on Reagents-Claremont Mesa RoadEoceneScrippsfossilsCA0367|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn lower part of cliffs about 300 meters S of San Diego Union High SchoolEoceneScrippsfossilsCA0368|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn silt at bottom of ravine in Kate Sessions Botanical Park (in Balboa Park?)Pliocene?San Diego?PectenCA0369|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAOn Market Street 200 meters E of Euclid AvenuePlioceneSan DiegoPectenCA0370|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAS of West end of Cabrillo Bridge in Balboa ParkPlioceneSan DiegoDosiniaCA0371|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAUpper Section of Sea Cliffs from Imperial Beach to Pacific BeachPleistoceneLivermore?MollusksCA0372|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat top of mesa at N end of Mt Carol StEoceneFriarsfossilsCA0373|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat Balboa ParkPleistocenePecten,Arca,shark teethCA0374|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat Pt LomaCretaceousprimitive abaloneCA0375|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat Pt Loma on terrace about 13 meters above modern sea level in two bedsPleistocene Upperabalone,other mollusksCA0376|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat government jetty PleistocenePleistoceneCerithiopsisCA0377|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat top of mesa at N end of Mt Carol StEoceneFriarsFossilsCA0378|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Cabrillo Canyon in Balboa ParkPlioceneSan DiegoMerrimasterCA0379|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Cabrillo Heights Park near N end of Murray Canyon about 700 meters S of I15 - Aero Drive junctionEoceneMission ValleyfossilsCA0380|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Ocean bluff partially buriedPleistocenediverse mollusks,crustaceaCA0381|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Pliocene San Diego FmPlioceneSan DiegoMollusksCA0382|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin cliff in S wall of wash 1 km NW of Linda Vista SchoolEoceneScrippsFossilsCA0383|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin excavations at corner of India and Upas StreetsPlioceneSan DiegoPectenCA0384|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin low RR cut E of Mission Bay between Moreno Blvd and I5PleistoceneBay Point?CA0385|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin low RR cuts adjacent to I5 in Pacific Beach area.Pleistocene UpperBay PointLarge and abundant invertebratesCA0386|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin road cut below Mercy HospitalPlioceneSan DiegofossilsCA0387|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin roadcut 300 meters SW of junction of Alamo Dr and Center StPlioceneSan DiegoEchinoids-Dendraster;Gastropods-AcanthinaCA0388|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin terrace deposits at S ends of grounds of Pt Loma CollegePleistocene50 or so species of mollusks,ChitonCA0389|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin upper part of cliffs along Pacific and Imperial BeachesPleistocenemollusksCA0390|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin walls of Rose Canyon S of Ardath Road overpass over I5EoceneArdathfossilsCA0391|,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAnear top of mesa 400 meters S of end of Murray Ridge RoadEoceneMission ValleyFossilsCA0392|,
San MarcosSan DiegoCAroadcut on CA78 5.5 km NW of San MarcosEocenemollusks,ostracodsCA0393|,
San YsidroSan DiegoCAW of exposure of conglomerate in wall of tributary to Tia Juana River Canyon just N of Mexican borderPlioceneSan DiegofossilsCA0394|,
San YsidroSan DiegoCAin various localities close to the Mexican border starting at the beach and running EastPlioceneSan DiegofossilsCA0395|,
Solana BeachSan DiegoCAin debris S of parking area on Southbound I5.EoceneTorrey (California) SandstoneOystersCA0396|,
South Las Choyas ValleySan DiegoCAPlioceneSan DiegofossilsCA0397|,
Tecolote CreekSan DiegoCAEocenefossilsCA0398|,
Tecolote CreekSan DiegoCAPlioceneShark Teeth;mammal bones;GlottidiaCA0399|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAPleistocenePecten,Arca,shark teethCA0400|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCA2 km S of Carmel Valley about 50 meters above baseEoceneArdathfossilsCA0401|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCA3.5 km S of Carmel Valley near top of sea cliffEoceneArdathfossilsCA0402|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCA4.5 km S of Carmel Valley about 70 meters above baseEoceneScrippsfossilsCA0403|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAAlong base of sea cliffs for about 2 km starting just S of Carmel ValleyEoceneDel MarfossilsCA0404|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAOyster beds in sandstones in canyons to EastEoceneTorrey (California) SandstoneOystersCA0405|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAat base of beach bluffEoceneRose Canyonlignitic coalCA0406|,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAin shaley bed along base of cliffsEoceneTorrey (California) Sandstonepoorly preserved mollusksCA0407|,
Torrey Pines State ParkSan DiegoCAEocenemollusksCA0408|,
Torrey Pines State ParkSan DiegoCANo collectingEoceneabundant mollusksCA0409|,
VallecitoSan DiegoCA4 km below at Parrot's Ferry road nw1/4s32t3nr14e in gold bearing tertiary gravelsStylemysCA0410'Stylemys' is a Oligocene tortoisenw1/4s32t3nr14e|,
Vallecito WashSan DiegoCAPleistocenePalm SpringsTurtles-GeocheloneCA0411|,
VistaSan DiegoCA5.2 km SE in roadcut on S side CA78Eoceneabundant invertebratesCA0412|,
VistaSan DiegoCA5.2 km SE of Vista, 4.8 km NE of San Marcos on SW side of CA78Eocenecorals,bryozoa,mollusks,ostracodsCA0413|,
OcotilloSan Diego?CAExit off I8. up Painted Gorge RoadPlioceneImperialabundant fossils in biohermsCA0415'Ocatillo' is a fairly common alternative spelling|,
Alcatraz IslandSan FranciscoCACretaceousFranciscanclamsCA0416|,
Alcatraz IslandSan FranciscoCAMesozoicFranciscanbivalve mollusksCA0417|,
San FranciscoSan FranciscoCACretaceousammonites.CA0418|,
San FranciscoSan FranciscoCAAt Baker BeachMesozoicFranciscana few fossilsCA0419|,
Alamos CreekSan Luis ObispoCAHeadwaters of Creek (a tributary of Cuyama River, w1/2s16t31sr17eJurassic UpperFranciscanCephalopod-ProtothurmanniaCA0420w1/2s16t31sr17e|,
Anderson CreekSan Luis ObispoCALa Panza Mountains,at transition to Temblor FormationOligocene-MioceneVaquerosCardiumCA0421|,
Caliente MountainsSan Luis ObispoCAMioceneCalienteVertebrate teethCA0422|,
Carrizo CreekSan Luis ObispoCAat E end E-W Ridge S of road near bend in Creekcoral - OculinaCA0423|,
La Panza MountainsSan Luis ObispoCAIn E part of County in s1/2s4t31sr18eMiocene LowerVaquerosThaisCA0424s1/2s4t31sr18e|,
Oceanic MineSan Luis ObispoCAs15t27nr9e-s21t27nr9eFossils replaced with cinnabarCA0425s15t27nr9e-s21t27nr9e|,
San Luis ObispoSan Luis ObispoCA8 km E in Canyon de PiedraDosiniaCA0426|,
Santa MargaritaSan Luis ObispoCAN in s1/2s17t29sr13eMiocene UpperTurritellaCA0427s1/2s17t29sr13e|,
-San MateoCA1.6 km above junction of Mindego Creek and Alpine Creek in ne1/4s24t7sr42Oligocene-MioceneVaquerosCardiumCA0436ne1/4s24t7sr42|,
Balsa PtSan MateoCA4 km NTurritellaCA0428|,
Daly CitySan MateoCAAt Mussel Rock in cliffs in interbeds in mudstone and siltstone. CA1 to Skyline Blvd to Westmoor to Skyline Drive to unnamed road along seacliff to parking area. Collecting area near parking, 2nd 800m NPliocene UpperMerced LowerEchinoderms-Scutellaster,Gastropods-Neptunea,Bivalves,petrified wood,pine conesCA0429|,
Moss BeachSan MateoCAIn brown-orange shale in sea cliffs at N end of exposure. In Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Collecting prohibitedPliocene UpperPurisimabivalves-Pecten;gastropodsCA0430|,
Pigeon PtSan MateoCA2 km N NE1/4s33t8sr5w in Blue-Gray SandstoneArchaeopusCA0431NE1/4s33t8sr5w|,
Pillar PointSan MateoCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossilsCA0432|,
San Gregorio CreekSan MateoCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossilsCA0433|,
San Lorenzo RiverSan MateoCAse1/4s14t8sr3wEocene LowerMartinez (California)Fissurella,Patella,Hipponyx,Tritonium,Semele,CidarisCA0434se1/4s14t8sr3w|,
Tunitas CreekSan MateoCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossilsCA0435|,
-San Mateo,Santa ClaraCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossilsCA0437The original source does not indicate a County. 'Purisima Creek' is listed in both San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties|,
BuelltonSanta BarbaraCA5 km SW along West Nojoqui CreekMioceneVaquerosTurritella,Tritonia,Olivella,XenophoraCA0438|,
CarpinteriaSanta BarbaraCAFossilsCA0439|,
CarpinteriaSanta BarbaraCAIn road cuts between US101 and CA150PleistoceneGastropodsCA0440|,
Cuyama ValleySanta BarbaraCAMioceneNerolyEchinodermsCA0441|,
Cuyama ValleySanta BarbaraCAIn extensive badlandsMioceneCalienteVertebrate teethCA0442|,
Gaviota Beach State ParkSanta BarbaraCAIn steeply tilted tar soaked shales S of Fishing pierwhales,fishCA0443|,
GaviotitoSanta BarbaraCAat Santa Anita DivideEocene-OligoceneMatilija Sandstonepelecypods,Macrocallista,Gari,Nemocardium,Pitar,Schedocardia; Gastropods,Turritella,Ficopsis,Ficus,Galeodea,Olequahia,Seraphs,Ectinochilus,AmaurellinaCA0444There doesn't seem to be a place called Gaviotito,but there is a Gaviotito Creek in Santa Barbara County|,
GaviotitoSanta BarbaraCAat Santa Rosa HillsEocene-OligoceneMatilija Sandstonepelecypods,Macrocallista,Gari,Nemocardium,Pitar,Schedocardia; Gastropods,Turritella,Ficopsis,Ficus,Galeodea,Olequahia,Seraphs,Ectinochilus,AmaurellinaCA0445|,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCA4 km SW at Coal Oil Pt (W of Camino Majorca Rd)Pleistocene Upper116 species of invertebratesCA0446|,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCA5.5 km SW in sea cliffs100 speciesCA0447|,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCAAlong sea cliffs between Goleta pt and Coal Oil Pt in 70 cm thick bedPleistocenewell over 100 species of invertebratesCA0448|,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCAIn Sea Cliffs East of Coal Oil Point to (and past) Camino Majorca RoadPleistocene Upper116 species of marine invertebrates.CA0449|,
Isla VistaSanta BarbaraCAIn ocean bluffsPleistocenemollusksCA0450|,
Isla VistaSanta BarbaraCAat Coal PointPleistocenemollusks in sea cliffCA0451|,
Isla VistaSanta BarbaraCAwave terrace to westPleistocene UppermollusksCA0452|,
Jalama CanyonSanta BarbaraCACretaceous Upperabundant fossils -- abundant fossils; Calva,Glycymeris,Inoceramus,Trigonia,Volutoderma,BaculitesCA0453|,
Las CrucesSanta BarbaraCAWestEocene-OligoceneGaviotaPelecypods; Crassatella,Ostrea,Pecten. Tivela,Venericardia,Cardium; Gastropods Turritella,FicusCA0454|,
Las CrucesSanta BarbaraCAnear San Julian Ranch houseEocene-OligoceneGaviotaPelecypods; Crassatella,Ostrea,Pecten. Tivela,Venericardia,Cardium; Gastropods Turritella,FicusCA0455|,
LompocSanta BarbaraCAsw1/4s31t7nr34wMioceneEvesthes(a flounder)CA0456sw1/4s31t7nr34w|,
Los OlivosSanta BarbaraCAarea exposuresfossils and minerals - jade and silica mineralsCA0457|,
New CuyamaSanta BarbaraCAin Branch CanyonMioceneBranch Canyonpelecypods,gastropods,echinoderms,vertebrate teethCA0458|,
Rincon PointSanta BarbaraCAat CA150 off ramp from CA101Pliocene-PleistoceneSanta BarbaraMarine fossils.CA0459|,
Rincon PtSanta BarbaraCAPleistocene LowerSanta BarbaraBryozoa,Gastropods,PectenCA0460|,
San Miguel IslandSanta BarbaraCASouth partMiocene LowerVaquerosPecten OstreaCA0461|,
Santa Anita CanyonSanta BarbaraCACretaceous Upperabundant fossils; Calva,Glycymeris,Inoceramus,Trigonia,Volutoderma,BaculitesCA0462|,
Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCASW of top of Packard HillPleistocenePectenCA0463|,
Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCAmarine fossils in mud flat sediments elevated 3 to 10 meters above modern beach levels. Widely exposed in region.PleistoceneTresus,Macoma,Penitella,Clinocardium,Platyodon,Saxidomus,Polynices,Prothaca,Chione,Ostrea,Acmaea,Calyptraea and many other mollusks.CA0464'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices,the modern 'moon snail'|,
Santa Rosa IslandSanta BarbaraCAFossils along coastCA0465|,
Santa Rosa IslandSanta BarbaraCAPectenCA0466|,
Santa YnezSanta BarbaraCA2 km N in RR cutPlioceneFernandoBittiumCA0467|,
Santa YnezSanta BarbaraCAIn small canyon below mission in Sandstone near shale boundaryMioceneOstrea,PectenCA0468|,
Santa Ynez MountainsSanta BarbaraCAEocene UpperColdwater (California) Sandstone[?]OystersCA0469USGS knows nothing of an Eocene Coldwater Sandstone.|,
VentucopaSanta BarbaraCAIn Quatal QuarryMioceneCalienteVertebrate teethCA0470|,
VenturaSanta BarbaraCAat Rincon Point in road cut at CA150 northbound offramp from US101Pliocene-Pleistocenemarine fossilsCA0471|,
Del Puerte CanyonSanta ClaraCACretaceousMorenowood fragments,plantsCA0472|,
Diablo HillsSanta ClaraCAS of San FranciscoDinosaurs - as many as 5 specimens.CA0473|,
MilpitasSanta ClaraCA4 km NE at base of foothillsPectenCA0474|,
Palo AltoSanta ClaraCAin excavations for Stanford Linear AcceleratorMiocene Middlemammals - Paleoparadoxia,shark teethCA0475|,
San JoseSanta ClaraCAto E in Alum Rock Canyon 500 meters up canyon above fallsMioceneMontereyChioneCA0476|,
CapitolaSanta CruzCA9 km S of US1 CA17 junction in sea cliff S of New Brighton State BeachPliocenePurisima55 species of mollusksCA0477|,
CapitolaSanta CruzCAIn ocean bluffsPliocenemollusks,sand dollarsCA0478|,
CapitolaSanta CruzCAon beachPlioceneclams,snails,sand dollarsCA0479|,
OlympiaSanta CruzCAMioceneSanta MargaritaMarine mammal-ImagotariaCA0480|,
Scotts ValleySanta CruzCACA 17 to Mt Hermon Rd. W 1/6km to Scotts Valley Dr. 1st left onto Bean Creek Rd. 3.6km to exposureMioceneSanta Margaritaabundant echinoderms-Astrodapsis;gastropods-Thais; occasional shark teethCA0481|,
Scotts ValleySanta CruzCAMount Harmon exit from CA17 proceed NW 2.1km. Rt at Lockhart Gulch. 300m and park. Fossil bed is a bit over 20m above road level. Site reported closedMioceneSanta MargaritaShark Teeth-Isurus,Carcharodon; Mammal bonesCA0482Reported as developed and closed to collecting. But also reported as possibly open with permission and that adjacent,unposted,exposures are accessible|,
-ShastaCAIn regional cavesPleistoceneTremarctotherium,Euceratherium,OreamnosCA0508|,
-ShastaCAregional Lower Triassic limestonesTriassicIcthyosaurus,Thalattosaurus,ammonites,gastropods,pelecypods.CA0509|,
Brock MountainShastaCAN end between Squad Creek and Pit River se1/4s32t35nr2wTriassic UpperHosselkusSpiriferina,Poisidonia,Nautiloids - CosmonautilusCA0483se1/4s32t35nr2w|,
Brock MountainShastaCAarea exposuresTriassic UpperHosselkusAmmonites Trachyceras,Nautiloids-CosmonautilusCA0484|,
Cottonwood CreekShastaCAalong the creekCretaceousHorsetownmany invertebratesCA0485|,
Cow CreekShastaCAnws3t31nr2wCretaceous UpperChico (CA)Neptunea,Ringicula{4}CA0486nws3t31nr2w|,
Devil RockShastaCATriassic Uppercoral - Isatrea{4}CA0487|,
Devil RockShastaCATriassic Uppercoral - Isatrea{4}CA0488|,
HorsetownShastaCACottonwood Creek, se1/4s36t31nr5wCretaceousChico (CA)AmmonitesCA0490se1/4s36t31nr5w|,
HorsetownShastaCACottonwood Creek,at sw1/4se1/4s2t30nr7wCretaceousHorsetownLunatia(moon snail),Ammonites,Helicaulax,Arca,Meretrix,PectenCA0489sw1/4se1/4s2t30nr7w|,
HorsetownShastaCAon Cottonwood Creek SE of old Horsetown along N fork of the creekCretaceousBelemnitesCA0491|,
HorsetownShastaCAon Cottonwood Creek at old Horsetown along N fork of the creekCretaceousabundant cephalopodsCA0492|,
Huling CreekShastaCAPecten{4}CA0493|,
KennettShastaCA10 km NW on road to Mammoth Mine s18t34nr5wDevonianKennettAulopora,Alveolites{4}CA0494s18t34nr5w|,
KennettShastaCA6.4 km W between Squaw and Backbone Creeks s6t33nr5wDevonianKennettvertebrates -Cyathophyllum{4}CA0495s6t33nr5w|,
Little Cow CreekShastaCA1 km E of Cedar Creek junction ne1/4s8t34nr2wTriassic UpperHosselkusSpongiomorpha{4}CA0496ne1/4s8t34nr2w|,
Madison's RanchShastaCA5 km E,2 km N of road to Brock Ranch sw1/4s9t34nr2wTriassicHosselkusOrthoceras,Cosmonautilus,Mojsvaroceras,Polycyclus,Sandlingites,SirenitesCA0497sw1/4s9t34nr2w|,
McCloud RiverShastaCAAt Bear Cave, s1/2s8t34nr5wPleistocenevertebrates - Procyon{4}CA0498CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissions1/2s8t34nr5w|,
Mill CreekShastaCAFrom Red Bluff on CA36,40km to Paynes Creek. Rt on Plum Creek Rd 11.2km. Rt on Ponderosa Way,30.4km to Black Rock Campground. Follow trail 1600m downstream to beach on creek with large purple rock. Fossils in gray-green material eroded from cliff upCretaceousAmmonites,Mollusks,large clams in concretionsCA0499|,
OnoShastaCA40 km NW of Redding in creeks and roadcuts in Budden Canyon (aka Ono) Formation. 2000 to 7000 meters of Cretaceous sediments in Klamath Mountain foothills. 61 genera of ammonites in sediments and concretionsCretaceousOnoammonites -Aspinoceras,Cheloniceras,Puzosia,Brewericeras,Douvilleiceras,Desmoceras,Pseudohelicoceras,Cymatoceras; gastropods,belemnites,brachiopods-- See Fossils Quarterly SpSum 1983CA0500|,
OnoShastaCAat Byron Gulch sw1/4s2t30nr7wAcaciaephyllum,other plantsCA0501sw1/4s2t30nr7w|,
Ono areaShastaCACretaceousammonites.CA0502|,
Potter Creek CaveShastaCAse1/4s23t34nr4w in LimestonePleistoceneCatharistaCA0503'Catharista' is a vulture. Presumably,the fossils are found in the cave floor debris.se1/4s23t34nr4w|,
ReddingShastaCA3 km E of Shasta Lake City in gullies near abandoned road bridgeCretaceousMarine mollusks.CA0504|,
ReddingShastaCAarea exposuresCretaceousammonitesCA0505|,
Samwell CaveShastaCAse1/4s29t36nr3wPleistoceneVertebrates - Scirus,Preptoceras,GymnogypsCA0506CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissionse1/4s29t36nr3w|,
Squaw CreekShastaCASe1/4s31t36nr2wTriassicHosselkusVertebrate - ThalattosaurusCA0507Se1/4s31t36nr2w|,
-SierraCAForest Fauna 39-30n 125-52WMiocene Upper9 species of plantsCA0510|,
GazelleSiskiyouCADuzel RockSilurianGazelleConchidium,Heliolites,Encrinurus,Illaenid trilobites,crinoid stems,favositid corals,stromatoporoids,Orthoceroids,brachiopods -Leptaena,Atrypa,Chonetes{4}CA0511|,
GazelleSiskiyouCALovers Leap SW of Gazelle Mt peakSilurianGazelleConchidium,Heliolites,Encrinurus,Illaenid trilobites,crinoid stems,favositid corals,stromatoporoids,Orthoceroids,brachiopods - Leptaena,Atrypa,Chonetes{4}CA0512|,
GazelleSiskiyouCAW from 3 to 11 km W on Callahan RdSilurianGazelleConchidium,Heliolites,Encrinurus,Illaenid trilobites,crinoid stems,favositid corals,stromatoporoids,Orthoceroids,brachiopods - Leptaena,Atrypa,Chonetes{4}CA0513|,
HenleySiskiyouCAsw1/4s20t47nr6wCretaceousChico (CA) MiddleFagesia,Mortoniceras,Hamites[?],MactraCA0514Hamites was 'Hemites' in the originalsw1/4s20t47nr6w|,
Hornbrook-YrekaSiskiyouCAarea exposuresCretaceousammonitesCA0516|,
MontagueSiskiyouCAon N side of Black Butte in draws and gulliesMiocenecephalopods{4}CA0517|,
MontagueSiskiyouCAon Richardson Ranch nw1/4s22t45nr6wCretaceousChico (CA)Desmoceras,Pachydesmoceras,Puzosia{4}CA0518Pachydesmoceras is 'Pachysiskiyouensis' in the original 'Pachydesmoceras' is a guessnw1/4s22t45nr6w|,
Scott ValleySiskiyouCAEtna-Fort Jones near summit on Yreka road in SandstoneTurritella{4}CA0519|,
Scott ValleySiskiyouCALimestone gulches (especially McConaughy Gulch) in Mountains on E side of ValleySilurianstarfish,brachiopods{4}CA0520spelled 'McConnehue' in original notes|,
Shasta ValleySiskiyouCAN partScaphites {4}CA0521|,
Shasta ValleySiskiyouCAscattered outcropsCretaceousChico (CA)Scaphites {4}CA0522|,
Willow CreekSiskiyouCAIn w1/2s31t47nr5wCretaceousChico (CA)Inoceramus{4}CA0523w1/2s31t47nr5w|,
YrekaSiskiyouCAto N in Shasta Canyon 6.5 km N of Highway Bridge in se1/4s18t46nr6wPrinotropisCA0524se1/4s18t46nr6w|,
YrekaSiskiyouCAto N on Cottonwood CreekCretaceousFusus{4}CA0525|,
YrekaSiskiyouCAto N on Cottonwood Creek in ne1/4s22t45nr7wCretaceousChico (CA)Ostrea{4}CA0526ne1/4s22t45nr7w|,
BeniciaSolanoCA3 km N in ne1/4s25t3nr3wCretaceousShastaActeonina{4}CA0527ne1/4s25t3nr3w|,
BeniciaSolanoCA3 km W in ne1/4s1t2nr2wCretaceousChico (CA)Venus,Cardium,MargaritellaCA0528ne1/4s1t2nr2w|,
EldridgeSonomaCAPetrified Palm Wood at Keekay No 1 Mine?CA0529|,
Santa RosaSonomaCAE from US101 on Mark West Springs Rd for 12.8km. Left on Petrified Forest Rd several km to Petrified Forest. No collecting. Tours availablePleistocene?Petrified tree trunks to 30m in lengthCA0530|,
OakdaleStanislausCAOakdale Fauna 27-47N 120-42WPliocene Lower16 species of plantsCA053227-47N 120-42W|,
South ButteSutterCA4 km W ne1/4s28t16nr1eEoceneTejonDrillia,Galeoda,Fusina[?],Monodonta,Architectonia,Cordiera,Surcula.CA0533No citations for 'Fusina (merriami)' 050522. HA thinks Fusina is probably a valid gastropod genus. That's good enough for me-DJKne1/4s28t16nr1e|,
West ButteSutterCANE,in SE1/4s28t16nr1eEoceneTrochosmilia,CarditaCA0534SE1/4s28t16nr1e|,
Marysville ButtesSutter?CAPaleocene-EoceneLlajasechinodermsCA0535'Marysville Buttes' = 'Sutter Buttes'|,
Cottonwood CreekTehamaCA1 km up small ravine in e1/2s25t7nr8wCretaceousKnoxvilleCorbula,Dentalium,Helcion,Fissurella,Opis,Astarte,Pectundulus,Myoconcha,Lima,Spondylus{4}CA0536e1/2s25t7nr8w|,
PaskentaTehamaCA3 km W on Paskenta-Lowrey road at McCarthy Creek sw1/4s19t24nr6wAucella{4}CA0537sw1/4s19t24nr6w|,
PaskentaTehamaCA5 km NW is s20t24nr6wCretaceousKnoxvilleLucina,Turbo,Corbula,Nucula,Astarte{4}CA0538s20t24nr6w|,
PaskentaTehamaCA8 km N on small hillOlcostephanus,Arca{4}CA0539|,
PaskentaTehamaCAOn bald hills between Paskenta and Lowrey's ne1/4s8t24nr6wCretaceousKnoxvilleCrioceras{4}CA0540ne1/4s8t24nr6w|,
S Fork Elder CreekTehamaCA2 km NW of Cooper's S36t25nr7wCretaceousKnoxvilleHoplites{4}CA0541S36t25nr7w|,
S Fork Elder CreekTehamaCAne1/4s6t29nr6wCretaceousKnoxvilleBelemnites{4}CA0542ne1/4s6t29nr6w|,
Tuscan SpringsTehamaCA16 km NE of Red Bluff on Little Salt Creek, nw1/4s32t28nr2wFusus,Ficus,Turritella{4}CA0543nw1/4s32t28nr2w|,
Tuscan SpringsTehamaCANw1/4s32t28nr2wCretaceous UpperChico (CA)Turritella{4}CA0544Nw1/4s32t28nr2w|,
Tuscan SpringsTehamaCAarea exposuresCretaceousmany fossil species{4}CA0545|,
Watson CreekTehamaCACretaceousKnoxvilleBelemnitesCA0546|,
Big Bar-Trinity RiverTrinityCAat Pattison and Wilshire Mines in ne1/4s5t33nr12wPecten,Mytilus,Aucella,Cyprina,plants.{4}CA0547ne1/4s5t33nr12w|,
Rattlesnake CreekTrinityCA12 km SW of Peanut in sw1/4s20t1sr8e in Sandstone-shale conglomerateJurassicshells,plants -- Unio,Cyclopitys,Taeniopteris{4}CA0548sw1/4s20t1sr8e|,
WeavervilleTrinityCAalong Trinity RiverOligoceneWeavervillefossil plantsCA0549|,
WeavervilleTrinityCAalong Trinity River,CACretaceous UpperHorsetownCrioceras{4}CA0550|,
Owen's LakeTulareCA21 km N on E side of valleyTriassicammonitesCA0551|,
ColumbiaTuolumneCATable Mountain Fauna 39-02n 120-23WMiocene Upper28 species of plantsCA055239-02n 120-23W|,
Stanislaus RiverTuolumneCAnear canyon opposite mouth of Bear Creek ne1/4 s11t1nr13eJurassicForemanabundant fossil plants.{4}CA0553ne1/4 s11t1nr13e|,
-VenturaCAIn se1/4s13t3nr21wEocene-MioceneSespeLeptauchenia? (an oreodont){4}CA0576se1/4s13t3nr21w|,
Apache CanyonVenturaCAIn nearby ravine in S2+11t8nr23wvertebrates - Hypolagus,Perognathus{4}CA0554CAUTION:Collecting vertebrate material in the US requires landowner or government permissionS2+11t8nr23w|,
Gas Plant CanyonVenturaCAne1/4s18t3nr20wEocene-MioceneSespePromerychoerusCA0555ne1/4s18t3nr20w|,
Grimes canyonVenturaCA2 km E on long spur NW of Oak RidgeMioceneAnomia{4}CA0556|,
Little Sespe CreekVenturaCA2 km above Sespe CreekMiocenePotamides(4)CA0557|,
Los Posas HillsVenturaCAKew QuarryEocene-MioceneSespeNimravus,Mesocyon,Hoplophoneus(a sabertooth cat),Subhyracodon{4}CA0558|,
McCray Wells[?]VenturaCAN side of Simi Valley,sw1/4 s33t3nr17wEoceneLlajasIsocardia,Cucullaea PinnaCA0559No citation for McCray Wells on Google or USGS 050522. The PLSS location appears to be a steep hillside just North of White Oaks Park at roughly 34.2963N 118.6615W. USGS shows no wells or springs in the area34.2963N 118.6615W|,
Pearson Ranch QuarryVenturaCAEocene (Duchesnean)SespeMammals-Chumashius,Griphomys,Hyaenodon,Pareumys,SespedectesCA0560|,
Quatal CanyonVenturaCAIn s1/2s27t9nr23wMioceneMontereyVertebrate - Citellus{4}CA0561There does not seem to be a Quatel Canyon in California--perhaps Quatals1/2s27t9nr23w|,
Rincon HillVenturaCAin road cuts at the interchange of US101 and CA150 in 17 distinct bedsPleistocenePico|Santa Barbara|San Pedrodiverse fossils,mostly mollusksCA0562|,
Santa PaulaVenturaCAdue S along base of cliffsMiocene LowerSolenosteira,Solen,Scutaster(4)CA0563|,
Santa SusanaVenturaCA1 km E on RR in Se1/4s7t2nr17wLeda.(4)CA0564Se1/4s7t2nr17w|,
Santa SusanaVenturaCAIn Arroyo Simi on S side of town inEoceneLlajasmollusksCA0565|,
Sespe CreekVenturaCAN side on N-S RidgeMioceneTurritella(4)CA0566|,
Simi HillsVenturaCACretaceousammonites.CA0567|,
Simi ValleyVenturaCAat the Simi Valley LandfillEocene-MioceneSespe?CA0568|,
Simi ValleyVenturaCAin W bank of Simi ArroyoPaleocene-EoceneLlajasmollusks,echinodermsCA0569|,
Simi Valley NorthVenturaCAEocene (Duchesnean)SespeMammals-TapochoerusCA0570|,
Tapo RanchVenturaCAEocene (Uintan)SespeMammals-Dyseolemur,Miacis,Procynodictis,Tapochoerus,TapocyonCA0571|,
Topatopa BluffVenturaCAIn Mt Pinos quad se1/4s18t5nr22w in black shalesCretaceousChico (CA)Cyclammina{4}CA0572se1/4s18t5nr22w|,
Ventura RiverVenturaCAW along S side of Ridge N of Coyote CreekMiocene LowerVaquerosOstrea {4}CA0573|,
Wheeler SpringsVenturaCAEoceneCozydellStarfish-AsteropectenCA0574|,
Wiley CanyonVenturaCAalong NE-SW Ridge W of mouthMiocene LowerVaquerosArca,Pinna {4}CA0575|,
-Ventura,Santa BarbaraCACretaceousammonites.CA0577|,
Capay ValleyYoloCAs1/2s28t11nr3wEoceneCapayGemmula,Lacinia,Turritella,Trochocyathus,Fusinus,Spiroglyphus{4}CA0578s1/2s28t11nr3w|,
-[?]CAMammal Reference LocationMioceneRicardo?CA0581|,
Fruto--Lodoga quadrangles[?]CAN to Rumsey HillsCretaceousammonites.CA0579|,
Lobetus[?][?]CAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossilsCA0580Can't identify a Lobetus,CA -- Lobetus might be a family of wasps|,
extreme Northern[?]CATriassicHosselkusEchinoid spinesCA0582|,
near Sutter Buttes[?]CACretaceousammonites.CA0583|,

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