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--ARAlong the Mississippi River from Cairo,IL to Baton Rouge,LA in loess (wind blown silt) deposits ranging from 9 to 23 meters in thickness and 50 to 100km in width (thicker in North and better developed on E side of river)Pleistoceneterrestrial and occasional lacustrian gastropods. A few bivalvesAR0001|,
Mountain HomeBaxterARMississippianFossilsAR0002|,
Little Clifty CreekBentonARon E fork in MiddleDevonianClifty LimestoneSpirifer,Tropidoleptus,HomalonotusAR0003|,
-BooneARand areas to E in Cambrian Upper dolomiteCambrian UpperCryptozoon,gastropods,cephalopods.AR000433.83417,83.80972o|,
WarrenBradleyAR5 km E in RR cutMactra,Corbula,Venericardia,abundant Leda.AR0005|,
Eureka Springs quadrangleCarrollARse1/4nw1/4 s25t16nr26w South of bridge over War Eagle Creek. In narrow band of Pitkin Limestone on both banksPennsylvanianPitkinChester age cup corals.AR0006se1/4nw1/4 s25t16nr26w|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR1.6km N of Oklahoma-Hollywood Rd Junction on Widow Cox FarmCretaceousTaylorfish teeth-CretolamnaAR0007|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR1.9 km N in Bluffs along Ouachita River at low tidemollusks,cephalopods,shark teethAR0008|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR12 km SW near the Okolona RdGryphaeaAR0009|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR12.8km WCretaceousMarlbrookIschyodus,IschyrhizaAR0010|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR2.4km W of Caddo River Bridge on AR67CretaceousNacatoshShark Teeth-StephanodusAR0011|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR3 km N from High Bluff on Ouachita RiverInoceramus.AR0012|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR3.2km E on Gaither Bros FarmCretaceousMarlbrookshark teeth-Enchodus,SqualicoraxAR0013|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR800m E on Gaither Bros FarmCretaceousNacatoshShark Teeth-IschyrhizaAR0014|,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR9 km SW in bank of Big Decipher CreekExogyra,large Hemiaster,Inoceramus,Trigonia,AnatimyaAR0015|,
OkolonaClarkARIn a field W of Nacatoch Bluff inCretaceous UpperSaratoga ChalkParanomiaAR0016|,
Caney PtClevelandARIn area exposures of fossiliferous clay.?AR0017|,
Cow FordClevelandAR6 km downstream form Caney PtFossils in cylindrical concretionsAR0018|,
HerbineClevelandAR10 km NW in drainage ditch on AR35 in Rison Clay member of White Bluff FormationEoceneWhite BluffAbundant molds. Also in a second ditch about 200 meters East.AR0019|,
HerbineClevelandAR9 km NWscattered mollusk moldsAR0020|,
KingslandClevelandAR5.5 km N at Cross Roads Church in drainage ditches and road cuts inEoceneWhite BluffFossils in ironstone nodules.AR0021|,
Marks MillClevelandARJust S of the battleground monument at Junction of AR8 and 97 in drainage ditch exposing White Bluff Formation - fossiliferous ironstone nodules. Also about 350 meters East in left bank of small stream,fossiliferous calcareous greensand.EoceneWhite Bluff?AR0022|,
New EdinburgClevelandAR1.3 km NE in road cut in SE corner of S27Caney Point Marlmany species of fossils.AR0023|,
PansyClevelandAR6 km S 1 km E of AR15 in water well mollusk molds and shells.?AR0024|,
RisonClevelandAR10 km SW on E side of Saline River 50 meters upstream from US79 bridge inEoceneWhite Bluffmollusk molds.AR0025|,
RisonClevelandAR400 meters W in road cuts and barrow pit.EoceneWhite BluffMollusks.AR0026|,
RyeClevelandAR4 km NW in ditch beside road from Rye to AR35.Abundant mollusk molds in clayAR0027|,
Saline RiverClevelandAR1.2 km upstream from Vince Bluff accessible at low watermany mollusks Avicula,Leda,Venericardia,Tellina,Cytherea,Corbula and 14 other species.AR0028|,
Saline RiverClevelandAR6 km downstream from mouth of Big CreekFossils in concretionsAR0029|,
Van BurenCrawfordARPennsylvanianfossils -Crinoid fragments,Lophophyllum,Composita,Pleurophorus,Soleniscus,Pleurotomaria.AR0030|,
White RiverDeshaARIsotelus like trilobite in (single specimen 15cm long) in Lower Ordovician Cotter of Jefferson City Formation. In cove about 1 km from town.OrdovicianJefferson City?AR0031|,
MonticelloDrewAR12.5 km NW along AR35 in road cuts and ditchesMollusk MoldsAR0032|,
MonticelloDrewAR5.5 km SW along local road to Green HillMollusk moldsAR0033|,
MontongoDrewAR6 km SW in RR cutspoorly preserved fossils Corbula,Yoldia,TurritellaAR0034|,
JessievilleGarlandARCambrian UpperTrilobitesAR0155|,
GrapevineGrantARIn escarpment above flood plane inEoceneWhite Bluffmollusk moldsAR0036|,
RedfieldGrantAR1 km N in road cut on US65.mollusk molds and fossils in ferruginous concretionsAR0037Redfield is in Jefferson County|,
RedfieldGrantAR5.5 km W in drainage ditch SE of the Orion Crossroadsferruginous concretions with fossilsAR0038Redfield is in Jefferson County|,
SheridanGrantAR6.5 km S in road cutsfossil moldsAR0039|,
SheridanGrantAR700 meters W of town square in road cuts on US270concretions with fossil molds.AR0040|,
White BluffGrantARarea exposures14 species of pelecypods,24 species of gastropods,ScaphopodsAR0041|,
-HempsteadARin 75 meters of Cretaceous brownstone marl along line from Nashville,Howard County to Columbus,Hempstead County.CretaceousBrownstoneAbundant fossils. Exogyra commonAR0059|,
HollywoodHempsteadAR2 km S on Dobyville Road in thin lenses of greenish sand in clayabundant small calcareous fossils.AR0042|,
HollywoodHempsteadAR3 km E on Arkadelphia Road in thin lenses of greenish sand in clayabundant small calcareous fossils.AR0043|,
HollywoodHempsteadAR4 km S in road cuts where road crosses small creek near edge of Terre Noire bottom in sw1/4 s34t7sr21w.Very fossiliferous lenses.AR0044sw1/4 s34t7sr21w|,
McNab StationHempsteadARIn RR cut just W of station.OstreaAR0045|,
NashvilleHempsteadAR6 km S on road to Clowpoorly preserved fossilsAR0046|,
OzanHempsteadAR5 km S of Nashville in roadside ditch,white clayCretaceous UpperTokio claypoorly preserved plant fossils above white Inoceramus bearing Limestone.AR0047|,
OzanHempsteadAR7 km N along Bingen Road in brown sandstone.ExogyraAR0048|,
OzanHempsteadAR7 km S along Bingen Rd in Brownstone marlOstreaAR0049|,
WashingtonHempsteadAR200 meters N or RR stationGryphaeaAR0050|,
WashingtonHempsteadAR4 km NE along old military RoadCapulus,Belemnitella,NostocerasAR0051|,
WashingtonHempsteadAR4.5 km NWOstreaAR0052|,
WashingtonHempsteadAR5 km NEInoceramusAR0053|,
WashingtonHempsteadAR5.3 km N from Ozan roadCapulusAR0054|,
WashingtonHempsteadAR5.5 km N in shell bed along Saratoga RoadExogyraAR0055|,
YancyHempsteadAR1.5 km SW from Columbus RdActaeon,BaculitesAR005633.83417,83.80972o|,
YancyHempsteadAR2.9km SCretaceousAnnona Chalkfish teeth-Enchodus,SqualicoraxAR0057|,
YancyHempsteadAR3 km S from Columbus RdVeniellaAR0058|,
MalvernHot SpringARIn old barrow pit on North I35 Service Rd 1.6km N of Malvern exitcrab carapacesAR0060|,
MalvernHot SpringARS on Ouachita River in small outcrop of Cretaceous rockCretaceousArkadelphiavertebrate remains-mosasaur vertebrae,shark teethAR0061|,
MalvernHot SpringARin beds of lignite/lignitic clayEocene Middleplant fossils,insects in amberAR0062|,
Malvern (near)Hot SpringARin the Acme Brick Co and Malvern Brick Company quarries in Claiborne age ligniteEocene?Claiborneamber with small insect inclusions. Plant fossils are also found in the lignite.AR0063|,
Rockport (Malvern)Hot SpringARmarine fossils in crystalline LimestoneCucullaea,Turritella,VenericardiaAR0064|,
BuckrangeHowardAR2 km SE on dead end road in nw1/4ne1/4 s35t10sr27w in marly fine grained mudphosphatic shell castsAR0065nw1/4ne1/4 s35t10sr27w|,
SaratogaHowardAR1 km E on Columbus road in Yellow Creek ValleyGryphaea and other fossilsAR0066|,
SaratogaHowardAR1.4 km W of town in RR cut in Cretaceous Upper ChalkCretaceous Uppersponges,echinoids,Mollusks.AR0067|,
SaratogaHowardAR2 km EGryphaea,Exogyra,spongesAR0068|,
SaratogaHowardAR500 meters E in gulliesGryphaea,Exogyra,spongesAR0069|,
SaratogaHowardARN along Mineral Springs Road in sandsGryphaea,Inoceramus,gastropodsAR0070|,
SaratogaHowardARin RR cut to WestCretaceous UpperSaratogawell preserved sponges,echinoidsAR0071|,
TolletteHowardAR1 km W in 6 meters of sandShells,phosphatic shell casts,shark teethAR0072|,
TolletteHowardAR2 km W in Ozan Brownstown near the edge of he bottomlandgastropods,Exogyra,OstreaAR0073|,
-IndependenceARis exposures orOrdovician UpperKimmswick LimestoneTrilobites - Illaneus,Goldius,Brachiopods - McEwanella,Algae - Receptaculites.AR0083Illaneus is a Russian trilobite|,
BatesvilleIndependenceARIn gray to Black ShaleMississippian UpperMoorefield ShaleLeiorhynchus,Moorefieldella,87 other speciesAR0074|,
CushmanIndependenceAR9 km NE at Montgomery Mine in clays derived from Manganese Oxide castsSilurianBrassfield LimestoneCyclonema,Triplecia,Girvanella,Cycloceras,OrthocerasAR0075|,
Locust GroveIndependenceAR12 km S on AR21MississippianBoonefossilsAR0076|,
Locust GroveIndependenceAR3 km W on AR14MississippianBoonefossilsAR0077|,
Locust GroveIndependenceAR9 km W on AR14 in road cutMississippianBooneinvertebratesAR0078|,
Locust GroveIndependenceARin 2.4km S on Hwy 21MississippianBooneinvertebratesAR0079|,
Locust GroveIndependenceARin Quarry 3.4km W on Hwy 14MississippianBooneinvertebratesAR0080|,
MarshallIndependenceARNW in gullymany invertebrate speciesAR0081|,
MoorefieldIndependenceARIn gray to Black ShaleMississippian UpperMoorefield ShaleLeiorhynchus,Moorefieldia,87 other speciesAR0082|,
BradfordJacksonARAcross White County line 4 km N on Iron Mountain RR in light-gray LimestoneTurritella,corals Ostrea,CythereaAR0084|,
BradfordJacksonARAcross White County line 5.5 km N on Iron Mountain RR in light-gray LimestoneTurritella,corals Ostrea,CythereaAR0085|,
Grand GlaiseJackson?ARE in RR cuts along the M.O.P. RRPaleoceneMidwaycorals,echinoids,mollusksAR0086|,
Grand GlaiseJackson?ARin RR cutsPaleoceneMidwaycorals,echinoidsAR0087|,
RedfieldJeffersonAR3.5 km N at South Red Bluffmollusk molds - NuculanaAR0088|,
SheridanJeffersonARin regional exposures.mollusksAR0089|,
White BluffJeffersonAR7 km E of Redfield on Arkansas River exposures for 4 km downstream beyond Tar Creek Camp in E1/2S19/30T3SR10W exposures classic localityEoceneRedfieldMany mollusks.AR0090E1/2S19/30T3SR10W|,
SmithvilleLawrenceARGastropods - HelicotomaAR0091|,
CornervilleLincolnAR7 km SE in drainage ditch on E side of local road.Plant fossilsAR0092|,
Star CityLincolnAR2.5 km At AR81 road junctionfossil plants.AR0093|,
Star CityLincolnAR3.5 km NW in drainage ditchfossil plants.AR0094|,
ForemanLittle RiverAR27 km SW at Rocky Comfort in Annona chalk along Laynesport Rd.CretaceousAnnonaEchinoids - Echinocorys,mollusks - Inoceramus,Gryphaea,PectenAR0095|,
ForemanLittle RiverAR9 km N in stream bank near Arkinda road inCretaceous UpperOzan, LowerAmmonites -Mortoniceras,Baculites up to 30cm.AR0096|,
White CliffsLittle RiverAR2 km NWCretaceous UpperOzan, UpperGryphaea,SauvagesiaAR0097The generic name Sauvagesia is also used for a plant known commonly as 'Creole Tea'|,
White CliffsLittle RiverARin quarryInoceramusAR0098|,
Blaylock MountainsMontgomeryARin SW corner of County inSilurianBlaylock SandstonegraptolitesAR0100|,
Crystal SpringsMontgomeryARin roadside shale exposureOrdoviciangraptolites -- Didymograptus,Nemagraptus,Dicellograptus,Climacograptus,Diplograptus,Glyptograptus,Glossograptus,Orthograptus,Cryptograptus,Retiograptus,Lasiograptus,ThamnograptusAR0101|,
Crystal SpringsMontgomeryARto E of Post office on US270 in black,carbonaceousOrdovicianWomble ShaleGraptolites - NemagraptusAR0102|,
JasperNewtonARRed Rock Rd 3 km E of AR7 S of town in road cut and gully se1/4nw1/4s36t15nr21wPennsylvaniancrinoids fragmentsAR0103se1/4nw1/4s36t15nr21w|,
CamdenOuachitaARin ligniteInsects in amberAR0105|,
Antoine CreekPikeARto EGryphaeaAR0106|,
DelightPikeAR1 km SE in a brownstone marlCyprimeriaAR0107|,
OkolonaPikeAR1.5 km N in road cuts and other area exposures in dark gray sandy marlGryphaeaAR0108|,
OkolonaPikeAR4 km N in gullies W of roadfossil casts.AR0109|,
OkolonaPikeARne1/4 s3t8sr21w along Okolona-Arkadelphia rd in dark,sandy marlExogyra,GryphaeaAR0110s3t8sr21w|,
TokioPikeARIn Cretaceous Limestone at Plaster Bluff-Gypsum Bluff on Little Missouri RiverCretaceousGlauconiaAR0111|,
Wolf CreekPikeAR4 km NWCretaceousDierks LimestoneOstreaAR0112|,
Poinsett CountyPoinsettARin lignitesAR0113|,
-PolkAROutcrops of late shale. Black,Fissile,contorted,graphitic shales or slates. Area outcrops in Polk,Montgomery Garland,Saline,Pulaski Counties.OrdovicianPolk Creekabundant graptolitesAR0114|,
Fourche CreekPulaskiARnear mouth of Crooked Creek in s8t15r13wOstrea,Turritella,Enclimatoceras,Cucullaea,Cytherea,Crassatella,Protocardia,Venericardia,Shark teeth,echinoderm spinesAR0115s8t15r13w|,
Little RockPulaskiAR800 meters N of County hospital near old lime kiln on Iron Mountain RR in sandy LimestoneTurritella mortoni.AR0116|,
Ravenden SpringsRandolphARGastropod - CeratopeaAR0117|,
BentonSalineARIn Clay pit in Nw1/4ne1/4s11t2sr15wfossil leaves -- Magnolia,Quercus (Oak)AR0118Nw1/4ne1/4s11t2sr15w|,
BentonSalineARsw1/4se1/4s9t1sr14w in ferruginous SandstoneVenericardia,Turritella mortoniAR0119sw1/4se1/4s9t1sr14w|,
BatesScottARIn mine dumps on the Poteau Mountain Tower Road in thePennsylvanianAtoka SandstonePlants - Calamites,Annularia,AsterophyllitesAR0120|,
BatesScottAROn mine dumps 1.5 km W on mine dumps along Poteau Mt Tower RoadPennsylvanianAtoka Sandstoneferns,Calamites,AsterophyllitesAR0121|,
GilbertSearcyAR0.8 km W on Right side of Dry Creek inSilurianSt Clair LimestoneArticulate brachiopodsAR0122|,
GilbertSearcyAR1 km WSilurianSt Clairlarge BrachiopodsAR0123|,
AshdownSevierAR3.5 km N of Little River Bridge on Ashdown-Ben Lomand road inCretaceous UpperMarlbrook marlExogyraAR0125|,
Ben LomandSevierAR2 km E along Mineral Springs RoadScaphites,HippocrepsisAR0126|,
Ben LomandSevierAR2 km NW on Lockesburg RdCretaceous UpperTokio, UpperInoceramus,Thracia,Cybophora[Cymbophora?],LeptosolenAR0127|,
Ben LomandSevierAR9 km N at intersection of Ben Lomand-Mineral Springs road and Brownstown Road.Corbula.AR0128|,
BrownstoneSevierAR3.5 km NW between Little River and Ozan Creek inCretaceous UpperBuckrange Sandabundant fossils - shell banksAR0129|,
BrownstownSevierAR2km NWCretaceousBrownstoneShark Teeth-Pycnodus,ScapanorhynchusAR0130|,
HollywoodSevierAR2-3km SCretaceousBrownstoneShark Teeth-Ischyrhiza,ScapanorhynchusAR0131|,
White CliffsSevierAR5 km NWCretaceous UpperOzan, UpperExogyraAR0132|,
MadisonSt FrancisARIn outcrop on Crowley's Ridge near Forrest CityEoceneJacksonVertebrate-Pantolestespaleolist 12/18/2007 10:44 AM Secondary ref is JSTOR|,
MadisonSt FrancisARin clays in bed of Crow Creek 1 km W of Madison at AR70 bridgeEoceneJacksonoysters,clams,snails,shark teeth,ray platesAR0133|,
FayettevilleStoneARSandstone in Fayetteville,Eureka Springs,Harrison and Yellville quadranglesMississippianSylamorefish teeth and bones - Ptychodus,DinicthysAR0134|,
El DoradoUnionAR6 km N in cut on E side of RR cut on Camden and Alexandria RRabundant fresh water shells,Unio,ViviparaAR0135|,
El DoradoUnionAR6 km SW on Three Creeks Roadfossil dicotyledonous leaves.AR0136'dicotyledonous' is a adjective for plants with two seed lobes,not a genus.|,
LeslieVan BurenAR8 km SE in Roadcut on AR65 S of Peyton CreekMississippianImoCrinoidsAR0137|,
LeslieVan BurenARSouthMississippianFayetteville (Arkansas) ShalebrachiopodsAR0138|,
LeslieVan BurenARSouthMississippianImobrachiopods,crinoids,corals,cephalopods,mollusks,trilobitesAR0139|,
LeslieVan BurenARSouthMississippianPitkinbryozoa -Archimedes; brachiopods,crinoids,corals,cephalopods,blastoidsAR0140|,
Peyton CreekVan BurenARIn road cutMississippianImobroad invertebrate fauna conodonts,AmmonitesAR0141|,
Peyton CreekVan BurenARin road cut at Peyton CreekMississippianPitkin|Imoconodonts,echinoidsAR0142|,
FayettevilleWashingtonAREast Mountain near Klyce SpringPennsylvanianHalePelecypod-Psuedomontis,M1|,
FayettevilleWashingtonAREast Mountain near water worksPennsylvanianKessler LimestonePelecypod-Psuedomontis,M1|,
FayettevilleWashingtonARNE inPennsylvanianBrentwood Limestonepelecypods - PseudomonotisAR0143|,
FayettevilleWashingtonARNorthEastPennsylvanianBrentwood LimestonePelecypod-Psuedomontis,M1|,
FayettevilleWashingtonARat East MountainCretaceousHalepelecypods - AviculopectenAR0144|,
FayettevilleWashingtonARnear city waterworks on East Mountain inPennsylvanianKessler Limestonepelecypods -PseudomonotisAR0145|,
Pitkin QuarryWashingtonARMississippianPitkinand Pennsylvanian Hale Fm. Girvanella,bryozoa,conodontsAR0146|,
WestforkWashingtonARCarboniferousBryozoa;Brachiopods;Crinoid fragments,Corals,CephalopodsAR0147|,
WestforkWashingtonAR16 km S of Fayetteville in abandoned quarry on US71MississippianPitkinbryozoa - Archimedes;brachiopods,crinoids,corals,cephalopods,blastoidsAR0148|,
WoolseyWashingtonAR400 meters N in roadcutPennsylvanian LowerBrentwoodconodonts,bryozoaAR0149Brentwood Limestone Mbr of Bloyd Shale35.88528,94.16833|,
WoolseyWashingtonARRoadcut 300m N inPennsylvanian LowerBloydCrinoidsAR015035.88528,94.16833|,
BradfordWhiteAR4 km N in old Limestone quarry next to Iron Mountain RR. Turritella mortoni in crystalline Limestone..also 300 meters SW of quarry in boulders of LimestoneOstrea,VenericardiaAR0151|,
Caddo River[?]ARCretaceousNacatoshShark Teeth-Cretolamna,Ischyrhiza,Odontapsis,Pycnodus,Scapanorhynchus,SqualicoraxAR0152|,
S20t1nr8e[?]ARPennsylvanianfish teeth,gastropods -- Schizodus,Allerisma,Pharkidonotus(Bellerophon)AR0153S20t1nr8e|,
nw1/4s24t5nr19w[?]ARplant fossils inPennsylvanianAtoka SandstoneLepidodendron,SigillariaAR0154nw1/4s24t5nr19w|,

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